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SportComment: With No Argument on Substance, Critics Take Aim at U.S.’s Style

17:15  07 july  2019
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Dark web drug raid 'uncovers one of Australia's largest ever hauls of LSD' - as a teenager is charged with trafficking 20,000 tabs of the hallucinogen

Dark web drug raid 'uncovers one of Australia's largest ever hauls of LSD' - as a teenager is charged with trafficking 20,000 tabs of the hallucinogen The man, from Marion in Adelaide's south, allegedly attempted to traffic 20,000 tabs of LSD, which were bought from the dark web. Police allege the man had organised to have the $300,000 haul, purchased from the Netherlands, mailed to an address in Adelaide's CBD. He was arrested after he allegedly arrived to collect the parcel, which was not addressed to him, and he was charged with trafficking a large commercial quantity of a controlled substance.

LYON, France — There was just enough edge in Ellen White’ s voice to suggest she meant it. It was only a few minutes after the United States had eliminated White’ s England team from the World Cup, though that is too simple a description of what she was going through.

With No Argument on Substance , Critics Take Aim at U . S .’ s Style .

Comment: With No Argument on Substance, Critics Take Aim at U.S.’s Style
Comment: With No Argument on Substance, Critics Take Aim at U.S.’s Style
Comment: With No Argument on Substance, Critics Take Aim at U.S.’s Style

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LYON, France — There was just enough edge in Ellen White’s voice to suggest she meant it. It was only a few minutes after the United States had eliminated White’s England team from the World Cup, though that is too simple a description of what she was going through.

'We've got to find another way'

'We've got to find another way' The parents of a Brisbane boy lost to drugs at a music festival want pill testing introduced nationwide. Josh Tam died after taking an unknown substance six months to the day, at the Lost Paradise event on the NSW Central Coast. Speaking publicly for the first time about the tragedy to 9News, his parents John and Julie are still struggling to come to terms with their loss. © 9News Julie and John Tam have spoken for the first time about their son's death. "Wish he could be here physically with us, but I know it's not gonna happen," a teary Mr Tam said.

With No Argument on Substance , Critics Take Aim at U . S .’ s Style .

It also takes one country, Iraq, off the banned list, in hopes of avoiding a fight with a key ally in the war against the Islamic State group. In exchange, Iraq agreed to co-operate more closely with U . S . officials to vet travellers. The new order also rolls back the apparent favouritism for Christians, with a section

She was still trying to process all that had happened, everything that had transpired in the previous two hours: the goal that was, and then was not; the penalty that appeared from nowhere and then went back the same way. White’s eyes were still rimmed red; her breath was still short. She kept worrying that she was going to cry, again.

Journalists are not (always) monsters. There had been enough questions asking her to go through all of her emotions, to list them so that our descriptions might be more accurate, to describe in great detail what had happened on the field. A kindly soul decided a more positive note might help.

There was still plenty to play for, she was told — a sympathizing statement dressed up as an inquiry. She could, after all, still leave France with the golden boot awarded to the tournament’s leading scorer; she was even with the United States’ Alex Morgan, and had a third-place match in which to add to her tally. White looked down. “Yeah,” she said, ruefully. “I’d quite like to take that off them.”

Goodwin plays down Demons defender scrap

Goodwin plays down Demons defender scrap Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin has no issue with the heated discussion between defenders Steven May and Sam Frost during Sunday's AFL clash with Brisbane.

In the U . S ., climate critics have trained their critiques on the Next Generation Science Standards, a set of guidelines for kindergarten through high school In Wyoming, the Republican-controlled legislature, after taking criticism for its ban, is considering a measure to undo the move. The bill’ s author

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It has not been hard, these last few weeks in France, to find admiration for the United States women’s soccer team. Phil Neville, the England coach, admitted after his team’s defeat in the semifinals that he saw the United States as “the best” there is. His side’s aspiration, he said, was to reach the same level.

Corinne Diacre, the France coach, said that “playing the U.S.A. in the quarterfinal is not exactly a gift.” Several of the Dutch players who will face Coach Jill Ellis’s team in the final on Sunday described it as a “dream” to share a field with them. The Americans’ vanquished opponents from around the world, from Thailand and Chile and Sweden and Spain, all have said something similar: The United States’ women’s soccer program is a team, and perhaps a concept, that inspires something not far off awe.

Admiration is one thing; as White rather neatly demonstrated, affection is quite another. Scarcely a week has gone by without the Americans transgressing some theoretical, and often invisible, boundary; there has been little outright hostility, but over the last month it has been impossible not to notice an undercurrent of something approaching opprobrium, a sense that while the United States must be praised for winning, it can be condemned for not winning, somehow, in the right way.

Breaking news… Loud fart gives away suspect's hiding place and police arrest him

Breaking news… Loud fart gives away suspect's hiding place and police arrest him Law enforcement officers in Missouri caught a hidden man wanted for possession of a controlled substance when he farted loudly. 'If you've got a felony warrant for your arrest, the cops are looking for you and you pass gas so loud it gives up your hiding spot, you're definitely having a [poop emoji] day '#ItHappened the Clay County Sheriff's Office wrote in a Facebook post. © Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited The Sheriff's office added: 'The person was arrested over the weekend on a Clay County warrant for Possession of a Controlled Substance.

At the core of the argument is whether France’ s school-to-university transition is up to scratch. The government argues that poor specialisation at high school and the inability to select students leads to a higher education dropout rate of about 60 per cent.

Energy and Resources Critics take aim at U . S . crude-by-rail plans. The broad issue of shipping resources from the U . S . West Coast – whether that be coal, oil or liquefied natural gas – raises an "identity question," said Eric de Place, with the Seattle-based think-tank Sightline Institute.

It started, of course, with that rampage against Thailand, a team of world champions running up the score against a group of semiprofessionals, celebrating each and every one of their 13 goals with something approaching delirium. Some indistinct border of decency had been crossed, it was decided, even if the team had no idea whatsoever what the problem could possibly be.

A few days later, Ellis’s decision to rotate nearly her entire side against Chile was interpreted as an act rooted in presumption, an impression cemented when defender Ali Krieger declared afterward that the United States had not only the best team in the world, but the second-best, too.

The knockout stages brought yet more focus on how the players chose to celebrate. Piers Morgan’s objections to Megan Rapinoe’s striking a pose after scoring against France can probably be written off as a transparent attempt to ingratiate himself with President Trump. The response to Morgan’s tea-sipping celebration against England might easily be seen as confected outrage, that most valuable of currencies in the modern news media climate.

Chris Scott: The MCG Grand Final contract is a 'travesty'

Chris Scott: The MCG Grand Final contract is a 'travesty' Geelong coach Chris Scott has lamented the fact that the AFL Grand Final will be held at the MCG until 2057, calling the decision a "travesty." How To Get A Home Loan With 5% Deposit Find out more on Finder Ad The deal, worth around $225 million, was made last year between the AFL, the Victorian government and the MCC, ensuring the Grand Final stays at the MCG for the next four decades. The decision by the AFL was met with heavy criticism at the time, with the argument being made that the grand final of a national competition should not be played at the one venue every year.

More than 100 comments from people such as physicians, nursing-home and hospital executives and family members were sent to the federal government American Academy of Family Physicians board Chairman John Megis said in his written comments on the proposal that Medicaid reimburses

But critics here say the Yeltsin arms-control policy is a seriously flawed and contradictory combination of old- style Soviet arms- control and untested radical ideas. The entire arms-control process has been put in jeopardy by the continuing inability of the members of the Commonwealth of Independent

In between those two incidents, though, the English news media took exception to the news that the United States had scouted out the hotel England was using before the semifinal as a possible base for the final: the sort of forward-planning that pretty much every team in the world would undertake, but interpreted as yet more proof of the unthinking arrogance of the U.S. (Such was the paranoia, at that point, that a further minor storm brewed when it was briefly thought that the Americans had sent someone to spy on an England training session; it turned out — thankfully, for the sake of moral decency — that it was just a confused passer-by).

Individually, all of these incidents fall somewhere on the border between trivial and laughable. Taken together, though, they indicate a pattern; their frequency suggests a trend toward the policing of the behavior — and particularly the joy — of the American players. There is no question that this United States team is revered for its efficacy, its talent, its history; nobody would deny its claim to be the best in the world. It does not, though, seem to be especially well-liked.

Morgan, when asked to explain her celebration against England, offered a compelling explanation for why that might be: that women, unlike men, are expected to restrain themselves in celebration, in particular, to maintain a standard foisted upon them by others. “There is some sort of double standard for females in sports,” she said. They are encouraged “to feel like we have to be humble in our successes; we have to celebrate, but not too much; we have to do something, but in a limited fashion.” Such self-containment, she said, is not asked of men.

Elections regulator criticised for 'withholding' Brexit papers

Elections regulator criticised for 'withholding' Brexit papers The Electoral Commission has been accused of withholding documents from the Metropolitan Police about the conduct the Leave campaign during the 2016 referendum, prompting an extraordinary spat between the two organisations. © Getty A Leave.EU official and two figures from Vote Leave were referred to police The Met has been challenged by MPs and campaigners over why it has not yet charged anyone in connection with the wrongdoing uncovered by the elections regulator into two of the organisations which campaigned for Brexit. A Leave.

Redfield published a lengthy criticism on her blog, RRResearch, which generated tens of thousands of hits and dozens of comments from other scientists At that time, NASA said Wolfe-Simon would not be responding to those criticisms , as the U . S . space agency did not feel it was appropriate to debate

Substance by Adobe is a complete suite with everything artists need to create 3D digital materials. Originally developed for the game and film industries, where it is the reference solution for 3D texturing, Substance is now expanding its presence to industries such as apparel and footwear, retail

She is doubtless right to suggest that women’s behavior is monitored far more than men’s, but it is worth noting that it is only American women who have been criticized for going too far in their moments of euphoria in this tournament. Nobody has suggested White or Sam Kerr or Vivianne Miedema might like to tone it down. Kerr was broadly praised, indeed, for her bluntness in telling off her critics after Australia defeated Brazil in the group stage. That indicates that nationality, as well as gender, is a relevant factor in the censure.

It is not satisfactory, either, to put it down to the Americans’ penchant for preplanned celebrations. Choreographed routines are not, it is fair to say, universally popular — it is a personal view that they feel too contrived to be genuine expressions of joy — but, again, non-American players with trademark routines, like White and her goggles, have gone largely unremarked.

What, then, might be at the root of it? Morgan also suggested that female athletes are expected to greet their triumphs demurely, diffidently, in a way that would not be expected of men.

That is not, though, this American team’s style, and nor should it be. Morgan and her teammates regard themselves — with abundant supporting evidence — as the best in the world. That they are willing to say so publicly speaks volumes not only of the standards they expect of themselves, but of their awareness that they are role models as much as athletes. They have a platform for empowerment, and do not intend to be discouraged from using it.

A woman is accused of leaving a $5,000 'revenge tip' on a $60 check with her boyfriend's credit card

A woman is accused of leaving a $5,000 'revenge tip' on a $60 check with her boyfriend's credit card Serina Wolfe, 24, of Buffalo, New York, faces charges of grand theft after authorities say she left the huge tip at a Clearwater, Florida, restaurant.

Obama has been getting sharp criticism from the right for allegedly not being pro-Israel enough and from When President Obama steps to the podium at the U .N. General Assembly later this morning, he'll have a chance to explain why the U . S . opposes the bid by Palestinians to join that world body.

Members of a pro-government group known as the Red Shirts have assaulted and threatened critics of the government, as Prime Minister Najib Razak seeks to This feature video takes a look at the Red Shirts, a group that has disrupted several antigovernment protests and assaulted activists, as seen in

By the same token, though, it is perhaps understandable that opposing players, and opposing fans, might not especially appreciate finding themselves in the audience for a display of American greatness. This United States is the dominant force in women’s soccer, and has been for a decade or more; it has the air of a dynasty about it, an overweening, immutable empire. That comes with the inevitable consequence that rivals and challengers and usurpers tend to want to see it fall, to take pleasure in its perceived failings, to start to feel resentment alongside their reverence.

Perhaps, then, there is a compliment hidden in the criticism: If it is only the manner of the American victories that people can take issue with, some nebulous sense of a line being crossed, then that is proof of the scale of their dominance. Or perhaps not; perhaps it is cultural, that old trope of Europeans defining their own refinement through the prism of American brashness.

Either way, one thing has become increasingly clear over the last month in France. This United States team does not, when it comes down to it, care what other people think of it. It is here to win games, to claim a prize, to conquer the world. Whether it makes friends along the way is secondary. It is not in the business of inspiring affection. It is here to inspire awe, and it has done that rather nicely.

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