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SportFrom highest highs to lowest lows, sports stars must start talking

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Consumers plan to save tax refunds as confidence drops, Westpac survey shows

Consumers plan to save tax refunds as confidence drops, Westpac survey shows Hopes of a tax cut-led retail recovery appear dented as Westpac's regular consumer sentiment survey shows the majority of people plan to save most of their refund rather than spend it. Hopes of a tax cut-led retail recovery appear dented as Westpac's regular consumer sentiment survey shows the majority of people plan to save most of thei The bank and Melbourne Institute added extra questions to their monthly questionnaire of consumers, asking people about the tax offset payments that came through from July 1 in tax returns.

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From highest highs to lowest lows, sports stars must start talking© Greg White Former Kangaroo Peter Jackson during his playing days.

What then, when the carnival is over?

The tragic case of Danny Frawley the former AFL champion who lost his life on Mondayis a case in point of one-time football stars who struggle badly later in life.

At 56, Frawley was a man who had done it all on the football field, had followed up by carving out an all but equally brilliant media career, had a fabulous family of a wife and three daughters, was loved by the whole of the AFL community only to ... finish his life in desperately horrible circumstances.

It will be for the coroner to decide the root cause of his death, but the least that can be said for now is that Frawley is far from alone as a former footballer suffering from such severe depression that his family feared for him – and in many cases that fear proved to be on good grounds.

Blazing 'heat spike' to hit Australia's east coast as temperatures soar nine degrees above the spring average

Blazing 'heat spike' to hit Australia's east coast as temperatures soar nine degrees above the spring average A blazing 'heat spike' is set to hit cities along Australia's east coast during the first month of spring . How To Get A Home Loan With 5% Deposit Find out more on Finder Ad Weather forecasters are predicting temperatures to climb in Sydney and Brisbane this week as the entire country steers towards an unseasonably warm spring. Brisbane can expect maximums to climb above 30C later this week, nine degrees above average. While Sydney's CBD is forecast to reach a high of 24C, some parts of the city will top 30C, with Penrith rising to 29C on Wednesday.

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Blue Star Sports CEO Rob Wechsler's buying spree includes a number of companies with technology to fully digitize youth sports . When nobody will step up to coach or manage a team, parents must volunteer. Busy, conflicting schedules make it difficult for leagues and teams to stay organized.

Early in 2017, rugby union lost Wallabies second-rower Dan Vickerman, also a family man, when he took his life – a case that still confounds and upsets so many of his former teammates, haunted like so many are in such cases by the fear that they could have done more to help if only they’d known.

"My Reason For Doing It Is Not to Change Perceptions of Me": Roxy Jacenko on Her New Show

It's no exaggeration to say Roxy Jacenko is one of the most talked about people in Australian media. As a hugely successful businesswoman whose personal life has also played out in the spotlight, she certainly knows a thing or two about making headlines. But, as she explains below, that was not the reason she decided to invite a production crew behind the scenes of her day-to-day life for new reality show I Am. . .Roxy. Ahead of the show's premiere as part of Network Ten's Pilot Week, Roxy chats the 'reality' of her success, how she deals with public scrutiny and what viewers can expect from the show.

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In rugby league, the most famous case was a charismatic and extremely popular Kangaroo by the name of Peter Jackson, who, after his stunning football career was over, prospered in the media and seemed to be going well, only to die young of a heroin overdose alone in a Sydney hotel room. In his case, suicide was never confirmed, but certainly depression – likely stemming from sexual abuse in his youth – was judged a factor in his abuse of strong drugs.

In more recent times, Roosters and Eels player Chad Robinson, also a father, was found dead in his car in 2016 at the age of 36. He had been missing for a month in a case police said had "no suspicious circumstances".

In Australian rules football, just last Saturday the accomplished writer Richard Guilliatt wrote a piece in The Australian, where, after reeling off several high-profile cases of AFL players who had suffered severe depression, at least one of whom had attempted suicide, called on the code "to explore how mental health became the No.1 crisis issue in the nation’s most popular sporting spectacle".

Top lawyer lashes religious freedom laws

Top lawyer lashes religious freedom laws The president of the Law Council of Australia has struck out at religious freedom laws he believes are being drafted on the run.

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And beyond such well-documented cases, of course, there are dozens, and indeed hundreds of others where current and former sportspeople lose their way, sometimes in life-threatening manner.

What to do if you are one of those players, or you have a family member who answers that description?

Obviously, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Someone once said, "If you have seen one case of Multiple Sclerosis, you have seen ... one case of Multiple Sceloris". While suicidal depression among sportspeople, particularly former ones, is not quite so varied in nature, there is obviously not just one glib answer to it.

Nevertheless, specifically on former sportspeople, Sydney clinical psychologist Dr Emmanuella Murray notes: "Depression among highly regarded sportspeople who retire is very common, and sometimes gets to dangerous levels. They are people who have achieved elite status by pouring their energy into perfecting key skills and they often measure their own worth by their sporting achievements. And so often they can go from being super-confident people, who are adored, to feeling forgotten and doubting themselves. The have rated their worth on one criteria, their career, and when that career is over, they feel so too is their worth."

Wallabies coach Cheika reveals threats over Folau stance

Wallabies coach Cheika reveals threats over Folau stance Wallabies coach Michael Cheika has said he was personally threatened by fans after vowing not to select Israel Folau over his "disrespectful" anti-gay comments. 

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From highest highs to lowest lows, sports stars must start talking© Getty Images Danny Frawley in 2017.

Often it comes on, straight after retirement.

"Depression," Dr Murray said, "is often triggered by major life changes and finishing a sporting career can be one of those, particularly the loss of identity that comes with it. We feel great when we are playing, and someone. We can feel worthless when it stops, and no one."

Getting professional help is the starting point, and from there the expertise of those professionals is helping their patients get meaning in their lives beyond the sporting arena.

"Staying connected with the people you used to know in sport is important," she said, "but so, too, is making new connections in the world beyond sport you may now be living in."

Lately, however, there has been growing awareness of another kind of depression often specifically linked to former footballers in contact sports, those who suffered many concussions or at least repetitive brain trauma that leads to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, the progressive degenerative disease of the brain. This often leads – particularly men in their 50s – to such things as wild mood swings, deep depression, outbursts of anger, early dementia and attempts at suicide.

CTE is something I have written about many times, and feel passionately about. If former players or their families feel that this description fits them, then again the starting point is getting professional help. My go-to bloke on the subject is Dr Adrian Cohen of the organisation Headsafe – devoted to dealing with the fallout from concussions – and he is firm on that point.

"You can get help," he said. "You are not alone. And even if you have suffered damage in your sporting career, there are many things that can be done to help you retain what you have got, and help you cope. But the first thing is to be professionally assessed. Once it is established to the best of the professional’s knowledge the type of damage you have suffered, and its degree, they can work with you from there. Ideally, make your first port of call doctors and psychologists versed in sports-related concussion."

Generally, Cohen’s advice also centres on living as socially and healthily as possible.

"Don’t be afraid to ask for help ... you’re not alone. Discuss your symptoms openly with your friends and family. Be informed. Quit ciggies, drugs and heavy drinking. Stay as healthy as you can. Stay socially and mentally engaged."

Got it, you blokes?

Get help.

■ If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression, call Lifeline on 13 11 14, Beyondblue on 1300 22 4636, or Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.

Sweden's Tallest Peak Has Lost Its Title, Thanks To Climate Change.
The heat waves that baked Europe over the past two summers have been directly linked to climate change, and this year’s had the added oomph of coming amidst the hottest month in recorded history for the planet. While there were obviously more serious impacts from the record heat, such as the deaths of roughly 1,500 people in France or billions of tons of ice falling into the ocean off Greenland, Sweden’s shrinking mountain is a reminder that climate change means everything changes. And it highlights the plight of mountain ice everywhere, as meltwaters go from a trickle into a raging river.

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