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Sport CrossFit competitor Darcia Ondrovcik says the sport helped her overcome the trauma of domestic violence

23:35  08 november  2019
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One of the participants is a domestic violence survivor and gave a description of how trauma I love the part in my presentation about neurobiology and trauma responses, the principles of “I can give her the hotline number,” says Susie when she calls back later. “And I can recommend a shelter where

Domestic violence perpetrated by male athletes upon their intimate partners or family members is one of the most common off-field crimes that affects sports administration. There is an ongoing struggle among sporting leagues, governments

a woman smiling and posing for the camera: Darcia Ondrovcik (R), pictured here with her mother, grew up in the shadow of domestic violence. (Supplied)© Provided by Australian Broadcasting Corporation Darcia Ondrovcik (R), pictured here with her mother, grew up in the shadow of domestic violence. (Supplied)

Darcia Ondrovcik survived a childhood of horrific family violence to become the first Indigenous Australian to compete at the CrossFit Games.

The coach and mentor said the sport saved her from a life of drugs and alcohol and also helped her break the cycle of domestic violence in her family by giving her a positive focus.

"My father was very abusive, and he nearly took my mum's life in front of myself and my sister," Ms Ondrovcik said.

Outrage as activist links rise in domestic violence to firefighters

  Outrage as activist links rise in domestic violence to firefighters Women's rights activist Sherele Moody has triggered outrage for saying some firefighters battling the devastating bushfires in NSW and Queensland may return home and inflict violence on their partners. Ms Moody, a News Corp journalist whose work on domestic violence has won her Clarion, Walkley and Our Watch awards, first made the comments at a press conference on Wednesday alongside Greens Senator Larissa Waters. The Greens quickly distanced itself from the comments. "After a cataclysmic event like this, domestic violence peaks," she said.

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People who escape domestic violence often deal with post- traumatic stress disorder afterward. PTSD is different for each person, but like Sophia, many survivors have triggers that evoke memories of the trauma they Having an unbiased yet invested person to talk to helped her move past what she calls "the Dr. Warshaw says happiness after domestic violence isn’t out of reach by any means

"If it wasn't for my sister pulling his hands off her neck then she may not have been here today.

"I saw my mum get hit in the face, a knife being held at her throat and going through that as a child, I had a vision from a young age that I wanted my future to be better."

As a child, Ondrovcik would use her natural athletic ability as an escape from the trauma she was experiencing at home.

"Athletics was the one thing that I did really well at and Cathy Freeman was my idol," she said.

"The 400-metre race was my race."

But witnessing the abuse had a profound impact on her that she still deals with today.

"A lot of isolation, lack of confidence, not knowing how to love. Not trusting males, not trusting people in general," she said.

"There's a lot of insecurity around men in general, and I've had to overcome all that stuff and work through to be able to live the life that I am today."

NSW gamer spared jail for domestic assault

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Many women who free themselves from violent domestic situations experience symptoms of post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) long after they achieve physical and emotional safety. Healing the Trauma of Dom has been added to your Cart.

In her late teens, Ondrovcik left home in a bid to start a better life for herself, by moving from her hometown of Dubbo to Port Macquarie.

"I started working in bars, hanging out with a lot of older people that were maybe 10 years older," she said.

"I started taking drugs, drinking a lot, and it was a coping mechanism to deal with all the emotional trauma."

"Rock bottom for me would have been, I was living Port Macquarie, I [had] just come out of a relationship. I didn't have anywhere to live.

"I stayed in my car down on the beach in Port Macquarie, and I'm just sitting there going, 'what has my life come to?'.

"I was 18 by this stage, I just turned 18 I'm sleeping in my car.

"My decision was I can either live in my car and stay in Port Macquarie, or go back to Dubbo, my hometown, and just give off on it all."

Training to push yourself through adversity

She ultimately decided to stay in Port Macquarie and credits CrossFit with helping her cope with her trauma.

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Domestic Violence Prevention Centre is a non-government community based organisation that provides specialist domestic violence support Take on a leadership role in your community, e.g. sports club, university, neighbourhood association or church group, and use this opportunity to speak

In households where domestic violence is occurring there is an overwhelming chance that it will be passed on to the kids. Girls on the other hand who witness domestic violence are often more tolerant of it from the men in their adult relationships. Despite what some may say , I truly believe

"I found CrossFit when I was about 20 [and] I got hooked straight away because athletics was one thing that I wanted to do," she said.

"I also love lifting weights, and CrossFit combined those two together.

"I found out that there was CrossFit competitions, so I did the CrossFit Open in 2011."

From there Ms Ondrovcik rapidly progressed in the sport of CrossFit and competed in the team events at the 2016 CrossFit Games.

"It just made a huge impact in my life because I used the sport to deal with my emotional trauma," she said.

"It helped me live a happier, healthier, positive life that put me in a positive environment."

Ms Ondrovcik met her husband through CrossFit and now has a two-year-old daughter.

She is also the manager of CrossFit Torian, one of the biggest CrossFit gyms in Australia, and works as a mentor with men and women wanting to overcome emotional trauma.

This weekend Ms Ondrovcik will be mentoring and working with athletes competing in a major CrossFit competition at Pat Rafter Arena, where Australia's Tia-Clair Toomey and another of the sport's greats, Rich Froning, will be working out alongside around 500 other competitors.

Amazing Race star Sidney Pierrucci is hit with an AVO after an alleged domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend and co-contestant Ashley Ruscoe

  Amazing Race star Sidney Pierrucci is hit with an AVO after an alleged domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend and co-contestant Ashley Ruscoe Police took out the AVO on behalf of Ms Ruscoe following an incident at the couple's Bellvue Hill apartment last month. Pierucci has been charged over the incident and is on the NSW court list to appear on 6 November at Downing Centre Local Court.'Police have charged a 27-year-old man following a domestic-related incident at Bellevue Hill,' police said in a statement to Daily Mail Australia.

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Domestic violence physically, psychologically and socially affects women, men and their families. Initially, the abuse usually is an attempt by one partner to exert control through intimidation, fear, verbal abuse or threats of violence .

Ten-thousand spectators are tipped to attend the event and Ondrovcik says the sport was attracting big crowds because of the unique community it has been able to cultivate.

"You've experienced something hard together. It's like any adversity in life, you experience a bit of adversity in life, you have a different perspective," she said.

"All our members are experiencing a bit of adversity through their workout, because what's up here is the biggest challenge.

"They grow through their mindset, and then being able to experience that together.

"You put everyone together in a colosseum or in a massive grandstand to watch a CrossFit competition, you're there for the same reasons, because you love it and you know every athlete out on the floor had to start somewhere."

Ondrovcik's father Dennis died in a car accident in Dubbo four years ago and, despite all the heartache he put her family through, she has been able to forgive him.

"My dad passed away in 2015 and I was 25 years old then — that would have to be the first time in my life that I lived without fear," she said.

"Even though I moved out of home [and] my father wasn't in my life, there was still stuff going on, and I still feared for my life. I feared for the safety of my sisters.

"It wasn't until he passed away that that fear just left me and I started to speak openly about what I experienced as a child."

Gamer, 26, who accidentally live-streamed himself slapping his pregnant girlfriend in the face while playing Fortnite avoids jail .
Luke Munday in September pleaded guilty to assaulting his partner Grace Campbell while live-streaming a Fortnite game at their Oran Park home, in Sydney's south west, in December 2018. She was heard asking him to come to dinner with their family, and after Munday repeatedly refused, she became frustrated and threw several objects at him.In response he stood up, slapped her on the left side of her face and pulled her to the ground.While the assault was not captured on video, numerous witnesses, who were watching via video streaming site Twitch, heard a loud slapping noise and reported it to police.

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