Sport Swimming around Moreton Island a massive endurance feat through shark-infested waters

02:35  15 february  2020
02:35  15 february  2020 Source:   abc.net.au

Wallaby rescued from sea off North Stradbroke Island

  Wallaby rescued from sea off North Stradbroke Island The fatigued wallaby, nicknamed Dawny, is found swimming in circles by Queensland Water Police, who pluck her from the sea off North Stradbroke Island. Water Police have rescued a wallaby from the sea, found fatigued and swimming in circles 6.2 kilometres off South-East Queensland.A member of the public called for help last Wednesday morning when they spotted the female animal, nicknamed Dawny, in distress west off North Stradbroke Island.Police said it appeared it had decided to go for a swim and got into some difficulty.

Did you know over 470 species of sharks exist and they have been swimming around in the First of all, when you take a chance on swimming in the ocean, try to remember that the waters you If you plan on staying away from the most shark infested places in the world, try paying attention this article.

Started off the day swimming with dolphins. Then took a three hour wave runner ride around the island which finished off with an unexpected swim with sharks and sting rays! You could even see the sharks through the water circling the wave runners and swimming right up next to us!

a woman wearing a hat and sunglasses posing for the camera: Open water swimmer Jessica Evans has been training on the Gold Coast. (ABC News: Michael Rennie)© Provided by ABC Grandstand Open water swimmer Jessica Evans has been training on the Gold Coast. (ABC News: Michael Rennie)

Sharks, menacing tides and poor water visibility are some of the dangers Jessica Evans' will face when she attempts to swim around Moreton Island later this month in a bid to draw attention to mental health issues.

The open water competitor said she believes she will become the first person to complete the 100-kilometre journey around the world's third largest sand island off the coast of South East Queensland.

In preparation, Evans has undertaken a brutal, non-stop and unforgiving training program.

Whale shark spotted off Fraser Island in what experts call an 'unusual' encounter

  Whale shark spotted off Fraser Island in what experts call an 'unusual' encounter Whale shark experts say sightings are becoming more frequent on Australia's east coast, as one boatie can confirm after being bumped by one off Fraser Island.Bundaberg farmer Danny Gapp had anchored his boat near Rooney Point, on the northern end of Fraser Island, on Saturday night when he spotted something swimming in the water.

Swimming with massive sharks , hiking The Stairway to Heaven, and cliff jumping at Spitting Cave was quite a wild adventure. Music: First Song- Geoxor - You & I NCS Release Second Song - IZECOLD - Close ( feat . Molly Ann) Brooks RemixNCS x FHM Release Third Song- Smokn Beats

Swimming in shark infested water !! Today me and Ashkan went snorkeling even though there was a strong possibility we would be swimming Part of our excursion was to hold an actual shark but the weather was too rough so we couldnt sail to that part, but we still got to snorkel on the coast.

But the 32-year-old is willing to suffer through the weekly torture sessions in a bid to honour her uncle, whose long, silent struggle with depression ended when he took his own life last year.

"Sadly, a few months ago we lost my uncle Barry," Evans said.

"He was having this fight with depression and none of us really knew how deep and how severe that was.

"He was the light of the room more often than not, and to have that taken away from you, I really think the family is struggling — everyone's looking for answers."

Evans said she searched for an explanation by researching mental health issues, which led her to the Black Dog Institute.

"I thought, 'I want to do something big and I want to do something that hasn't been done before to raise money for that charity'."

Scared residents slam fishermen for releasing huge sharks just metres away from swimmers at popular beach - and there's NOTHING authorities can do to stop them

  Scared residents slam fishermen for releasing huge sharks just metres away from swimmers at popular beach - and there's NOTHING authorities can do to stop them Residents say that teenagers are tagging sharks at Queens Beach, north of Brisbane, before releasing them close to the popular beach.Residents say that young fisherman are tagging and releasing hammerheads and bull sharks at Queens Beach, north of Brisbane and there is no legal restriction on them doing so.

“I thought I would have to swim for Cape Upstart and spend a lot of time in the water ,” he told ABC TV. “I know there are a lot of sharks in Cape Upstart Bay A friend who knew of his dive plans raised the alarm when he failed to return, prompting a massive air and sea search. He was found by a rescue

Unprovoked shark bites are infrequent in the waters of Réunion Island , a French island off the coast of Madagascar, but there’s been a noticeable increase The shallow waters just off of La Jolla Shores in San Diego County, California is a perfect spot to swim with docile leopard sharks who swarm the

Evans will not be swimming in a shark cage.

Her only protection will be an electronic shark shield designed to keep them away.

Her support crew will also act as spotters from the boat and in kayaks, and several of her open water swimming buddies have promised to jump in the water during the swim.

Like three English Channels

Evans will tackle the swim in four stages, covering more than three times the distance of most people who have swum the English Channel.

The starting point is Cape Moreton, on the north coast of the island and from there she'll swim in an anti-clockwise direction.

"At the moment I'm training eight times a week," she said.

"I definitely like to enter an event and know that I am well prepared, so we swim eight times a week and then we gym three times a week.

"Generally, the swim on the weekend will be a four, or a six-hour open water swim down on the Gold Coast.

"There are nights when I come home and I'm exhausted, like we've spent five hours in the pool that day and I've gone to work, and we've done an hour in the gym."

Wallaby rescued after 6km ocean swim

  Wallaby rescued after 6km ocean swim Water police were called on to carry out a different kind of rescue off Brisbane's coast last week when a wallaby was spotted in the ocean off North Stradbroke Island. The game little jill had made it 6.2km out to sea before officers caught up with her. © Queensland Police A wallaby was found swimming in the ocean 6.2km off North Stradbroke Island. © Queensland Police The wallaby was rescued and returned home. They found her in a very fatigued, disoriented state and swimming in circles.Police wrapped her up in a tarp and took her back home to North Stradbroke Island.

Moreton Island "The Gem of South East Queensland" is one of the best experiences that Australia has to offer. Take the big blue watery road across Moreton Bay and come explore the beaches, starry night skies, unique adventures and accommodation of Brisbane's little Island paradise.

He had just completed his swim around the island on November 9 and was on the side of it near the large white tanks in Voorbaai, when he was White Shark Africa runs shark cage excursions in the bay. They throw mashed pilchards in the water to attract the sharks and then let down a cage with

Coach David Proud said the gruelling training program was vital.

"You've got to be able to swim at a fairly low heart rate, but swim for a long, long amount of time," he said.

"In the pool, when you're training for the distance swims in the 1,500 metres, you're actually swimming at a pretty high heart rate.

"The biggest focus is we've been trying to swim with a lower stroke rate and swim with 30 to 32 strokes per minute.

"She's (Evans) been getting down to swimming one-hour-one-minute for her 5-kilometre swim at that 32 (stroke) rate and holding that lower heart rate, so we've seen a big shift in that over the last three or four months.

"It takes a really special athlete to be able to swim for six hours at a time without really stopping too much."

Evans took up open water swimming with her partner Scott Newman, who will assist in her epic adventure.

"Begrudgingly, I've been dragged into a few [swims]," Mr Newman said.

"I've done a couple of longer swims, but I haven't been able to keep up with Jess on any of them.

"It's a draining sport. She does a lot of kilometres every week, there's a lot of training that goes into it, a lot of preparation that goes into these kinds of events.

Pink manta ray named Inspector Clouseau could be unique to Great Barrier Reef

  Pink manta ray named Inspector Clouseau could be unique to Great Barrier Reef A sighting of a rare pink manta ray in the Great Barrier Reef has spurred researchers to unlock the mystery of what triggered its unique colourings.The three-metre manta ray has only been seen seven times since it was discovered in 2015, and much remains a mystery about this mutant creature.

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Moreton Island is the third largest sand island in the world and located only 40 kilometres north-east of Brisbane. The Island consists entirely of sand, apart from a small area Moreton Island is one of the least polluted and least disturbed coastal environments along the Queensland/New South Wales coast.

"It amazes me how fast she can do things and how easy it looks, but how long she can do that for is beyond amazing.

"I just can't even fathom being able to do that."

Evans said the benefits of open water swimming went beyond health and fitness.

"The open water is such an unknown," she said.

"You can have the wind going one way, the sweep going the other way, you face blue bottles and jellyfish and everyone's always afraid of sharks.

"Time you might do in the pool doesn't necessarily correlate to the open water — you're dealing with the wind and the sun in your eyes, it's just a different kettle of fish.

"In Australia, we have some of the best beaches, the best open water you can find in the world."

Evans plans to begin her Black Dog Lap around Moreton Island on February 27 and hopes to raise $10,000 for the Black Dog Institute.

Little penguins get nesting boxes made by Albany Men's Shed in study first .
An island off WA's south coast may be a panacea for the state's dwindling little penguin population, with a little help from their friends.Timber nesting boxes have been installed on Breaksea Island, about 12 kilometres off Albany by University of WA researchers as part of a first-of-its-kind study into the population.

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