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05:50  17 february  2020
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Older unemployed and underemployed workers struggling to find roles due to ageism in recruiting

  Older unemployed and underemployed workers struggling to find roles due to ageism in recruiting Many unemployed and underemployed older workers are struggling to find roles, and recruiters say that is partly because ageism is alive and well when companies look for new staff.It may seem like a strange question, but that's a benchmark some companies are using to decide who to hire, one Sydney-based recruiter tells us, and the assumption is that older Australians won't know what to say to their younger colleagues.

As you may know Chester had a large family and had sons and daughters. One of his daughters Lily asked her mum yesterday a heartbreaking question and

A MUM has written a poignant open letter about the reality of caring from her critically ill seven-year-old - and revealed the heartbreaking question he asks her every night. Little Harry Addy suffers from tumours on his spine and each evening asks his mum , Melanie, from Stalham, Norfolk, "Mummy, why

a close up of Wendell Sailor wearing glasses and looking at the camera: Wendell Sailor.© Getty Wendell Sailor. Wendell Sailor has revealed his pain at an enormous question never asked of his mother: why she gave him up for adoption at just two days old.

Sailor's birth mother, Penny, died last year. The former NRL and rugby star made the revelation on Triple M's Dead Set Legends program, speaking with Gus Worland.

"You want to know why but ... I haven't been brave enough to ask the questions. I never got to ask my mum, my birth mum, why she gave me up," Sailor said.

"What hurts me now, I found out six months ago that she passed away, of a heart attack and she had cancer. No one sort of told me, because I didn't really reach out to her and I think she just didn't want to sort of put that on me.

Senators’ handwritten notes offer a new view of President Trump's impeachment trial

  Senators’ handwritten notes offer a new view of President Trump's impeachment trial Seven senators shared with us some of their notes from the impeachment trial of Trump. What they provided offers a new glimpse of the proceedings.For 13 days, 100 senators absorbed the arguments during the impeachment trial – and ultimate acquittal – of President Donald Trump. They weren't allowed to speak but they had a lot to say.

A GRIEVING mum has written a heartbreaking open letter to the bullies who drove her son to suicide - after he was teased because he "People who had never even met Felix were abusing him. "He was however so badly damaged by the abuse, isolation and unkindness he had experienced, that he was

She asked him, even begged him to be there, ( THINK ) he might just say yes but then not turn up. ‘I promise you, Michelle. I’ll be sitting in the front row from the This is (E)SPECIALLY true for children who grow up in cities and never have much of a chance to experience nature aside from public parks.

"That was hard. No one really knows this, but that's sort of stuff that I've dealt with in the last six months and it's been tough, because I know my kids can see that hurt in me.

"Sometimes I just wish I would have asked why she gave me up for adoption - that's the hard one.

"I'm sure she's got a great explanation ... it's one of those things that I'm never going to know now. And I've never met my real birth dad. There's a little bit of some hollow things in my life."

a group of people posing for the camera: Wendell Sailor with son and rising Dragons star Tristan.© Getty Wendell Sailor with son and rising Dragons star Tristan. 'Big Dell' was adopted by his biological mother's neighbours, Daniel and Alison Sailor, after being born in Royal Brisbane Hospital in 1974. He met Penny a few times when he was young; she was introduced as an 'aunty'.

Alison told him at around age 12 that he was adopted.

'Shame on you': Govt slams Labor for 'politicising' bushfire crisis

  'Shame on you': Govt slams Labor for 'politicising' bushfire crisis A Question from Senator Murray Watt has ended with Linda Reynolds declaring the opposition should be "ashamed of itself" for politicising the bushfire crisis. The Queensland Labor senator had been asking the defence minister why the government ignored advice from former fire commissioners and National Aerial Firefighting Centre on boosting Australia’s aerial firefighting fleet. Senator Reynolds rejected the premise of the question and told Mr Watt the question was “beneath” him.

A HEARTBROKEN mum has opened up about the crushing moment her daughter died in front of her. "I asked if she was breathing, joking. Until I put my hand on her little chest and I felt no movement. I had always had these nightmares but it was never supposed to happen, not to me.

A DEVASTATED lad penned a heartbreaking letter to his mum after she was murdered then stuffed in a Mum -of-one Ellia had been missing since October 28 when her body discovered on the motorway in Ellesmere He has taken a mother away from a nine-year-old child who will never see her again.

"It was a tough one, because I just thought that was my mum and dad the whole way," Sailor said.

"And then I got to meet my birth mum when I was 15, 16. I met her two or three times. I didn't really have a really good relationship with her, because once I heard what she had gone through to get there I didn't really feel sorry for her or [have any] empathy.

"The older I got the more angry I got, because I didn't really ask her all the questions. She had six kids to four different guys and for me, I was second or third child and it's about breaking that cycle, I suppose. For me, there was a bit of resentment there.

"I went to a beautiful home and I think the parents that I had, they did a really good job; or the best job that they could do with me. I had everything I wanted as a kid; went to school, wasn't really a naughty boy, didn't drink, didn't do anything really bad when I was young. Sport was my vehicle. I just loved being with my mates and playing sport.

"It was tough, because I never actually dealt with it [being adopted out]. For me and my mental health, that's something I always go back to - abandonment.

"Sometimes the showman and the lairiness (sic), the bravado, it masks probably the pain beneath sometimes."

Sailor's adoptive father died in 2001. The winger was a Queensland and Australian team mainstay by then and buried his first Maroons Origin jersey with Daniel.

Sailor, a Broncos and Dragons star as well as a 37-cap Wallaby in rugby union, announced in 2013 that he was an adopted child. He is now a proud dad of three, including to exciting Dragons prospect Tristan Sailor.

'I want to be brave like you': A 9-year-old boy asked Pete Buttigieg how to tell people he is gay .
Pete Buttigieg counseled a nine-year old boy who wanted advice on coming out as gay to everyone. "Would you help me tell the world I'm gay, too? I want to be brave like you," Zachary Ro asked Buttigieg at a campaign rally in Colorado. "I don't think you need a lot of advice from me on bravery, you seem pretty strong," Buttigieg responded. Then the former mayor lauded the nine-year-old and said others would benefit from his courage to come out.Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg had an emotional moment on Saturday night with a nine-year old boy who asked him for help to come out as gay.

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