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16:35  26 march  2020
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Just days after the NRL announced that the 2020 season was postponed, Richardson became the first major casualty of the coronavirus shutdown when he made the choice to forgo his salary and stand down to The ' scary ' problems that could ruin NRL stars during coronavirus layoff. Most Popular.

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Brad Fittler wearing a suit and tie: Fittler is concerned by how the NRL players will mentally deal with the long-term layoff without games © Getty Fittler is concerned by how the NRL players will mentally deal with the long-term layoff without games Rugby league great Brad Fittler has warned of the "scary" social problems that could arise for NRL players if Australia is forced into a full lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the NRL season put on hold until at least July, players will be forced to train in their lonesome, without the strict guidelines they're usually surrounded by at their respective clubs.

According to Fittler, Australians are still "disillusioned" with how the country could look under a full lockdown, and the result could see some NRL players fall by the wayside.

Former Real Madrid president dies from coronavirus

  Former Real Madrid president dies from coronavirus Former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz died Saturday from the new coronavirus, his family said. Sanz had been in intensive care since the beginning of the week while being treated for the virus.

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Pictures: People involved in sport who have tested positive for coronavirus

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Kevin Durant wearing a black shirt: People involved in sport who have tested positive for coronavirus

"At the moment it's not full isolation. I went and bought a paper this morning and people are everywhere. I think people are a bit disillusioned about what's going to happen," he told Wide World of Sports' Freddy and the Eighth.

"We're nowhere near the reality of what's going to happen in a couple of weeks when you literally can't leave your house, that's when we're going to have some problems.

"The mental strength is the most important. The only way to do it is to set some routines, have some discipline and just dig into it. You've just got to find your way through it because once you lose that routine you're gone.

"You gravitate towards team things because you need to be around people and you love that connection and interaction. That's all gone.

"The social problems that come out of this if we end up in full isolation are scary."

Both Fittler and NRL Immortal Andrew Johns agreed that the layoff could result in the gap between the NRL's best teams and the lower-level teams being widened.

Coalition forms new coronavirus commission

  Coalition forms new coronavirus commission Prime Minister Scott Morrison has formed a new coronavirus commission designed to feed the right advice to policy makers.“I want to give Australians confidence that we've got the best people in this country working to solve the problems and the challenges that are going to confront us, so we all get through to the other side,” Mr Morrison said.

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Cameron Smith holding a football ball: Johns fears that the gap between the NRL's best and worst players could get larger due to the layoff © Getty Johns fears that the gap between the NRL's best and worst players could get larger due to the layoff

"I say it all the time, in these situations the strong will get stronger, whether you're talking about clubs and individuals, and then the weaker guys (when) you give them an excuse not to train, they won't train," Johns told Freddy and the Eighth.

"The guys who have got their head on and are driven and determined to make sacrifices, they'll continue training on their own without that prod from a coach or a trainer.

"The worrying thing is the other guys who don't love playing and don't really love training, what happens to them?"

"The motivated ones will come out very strong," Fittler added. "They'll get up at four or five in the morning and do some jogging or whatever they can and find some ways to put structure into their day."

Andrew Johns looking at the camera: Johns warned that NRL stars could potentially turn to alcohol as an escape from reality without games © Getty Johns warned that NRL stars could potentially turn to alcohol as an escape from reality without games

Johns is worried that players who aren't being held accountable by their coaches could turn to alcohol as a means to deal with the problems that arise due to isolation.

Amanda Keller talks the DWTS finale

  Amanda Keller talks the DWTS finale Amanda Keller opens up about how the coronavirus has affected the Dancing With The Stars finale and why the show is bringing joy in such uncertain, unprecedented times. While the world continues to reel from the widespread effects of the Coronavirus, Channel Ten's Dancing With The Stars has managed to soldier on."As a live show, we're one of the few entertainment shows that are still on, we haven't had to stop production like The Voice or Big Brother," explains host, Amanda Keller.

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"The easy thing is to get right on the piss to tap out and escape and take your mind somewhere else," he said.

"During the year when you're playing, you have these little windows where you can let your hair down. In this (situation), there's no one telling you that you can and can't do something.

"In the off-season they train for three or four months, so that's around 10-12 weeks of head-down discipline and training your backside off and then they've had a taste for two weeks and it's all taken away."

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