Sport Helmut Marko: Red Bull was due to offense for a fallen grid line

18:30  02 july  2020
18:30  02 july  2020 Source:   motorsport-total.com

Djokovic tests positive for COVID-19 - statement

  Djokovic tests positive for COVID-19 - statement Djokovic tests positive for COVID-19 - statementBELGRADE (Reuters) - Novak Djokovic, the men's world number one tennis player, has tested positive for COVID-19, the Serbian said in a statement on Tuesday.

Wer überholt besser? Lewis Hamilton oder Max Verstappen? © Motorsport Images Who overtakes better? Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen?

"If you want to do something like this, then now," says Helmut Marko. "It's all messed up anyway." In his opinion, Formula 1 could have dared to experiment in the 2020 season, which was shortened due to the corona crisis, and could try an overturned grid . However, this proposal failed due to the veto by Mercedes .

Red Bull sports director Marko can understand the Mercedes attitude and says with 'auto motor und sport' : "I knew that Mercedes was against it. Your strategy is to drive in front. You have that under control. Fighting from behind would have been new territory for them. "

Big Tesla battery expansion set to go online within weeks, boosting power output by 50 per cent

  Big Tesla battery expansion set to go online within weeks, boosting power output by 50 per cent Final testing is underway on a project that would boost the capacity of South Australia's big Tesla battery. The State Government says an extra 50 megawatts of power could be available to the market "within a matter of weeks".The State Government says the expansion at Jamestown, in the state's Mid North, will make an extra 50 megawatts of power available to the market.

He, on the other hand, would have clearly spoken out in favor of the new measure, on the basis of Max Verstappen . "I think he overtakes better than Hamilton," says Marko. "He's used to something like that. That's why we voted for it."

Spielberg as a role model for the entire Formula 1 season

With a falling grid position or without, Formula 1 will make headlines this weekend with its race track comeback, Marko continues: "The two races in Austria are the model event for the Rest of the season. It has to work. "

Other organizers would take a very close look at whether the security concept on the Red Bull Ring worked. "If it works for us, there is a good chance that the season will make ends meet," says Marko. "If we hadn't got this right, the rest of the season would have been in question."

"Was a great adventure": KTM comments farewell to Pol Espargaro

 KTM Motorsport Director Pit Beirer comments Pol Espargaro's decision to leave the team - you had to accept that he had other offers With the announcement of the four drivers for 2021 it is finally certain that Pol Espargaro will leave KTM. With his intentions to switch to Honda, the Spaniard got the ball rolling. Although Espargaro has become a spearhead at KTM in the past three years, he personally sees greater chances of success with a change.

The scenario in Spielberg is always unusual, according to the Red Bull sports director. For example, he couldn't just go home and spend the night in Graz, but "I have to stay in the hotel in Spielberg," as he says.

"I can't even speak to our drivers from Formula 2 and Formula 3 because they have to live in a different 'bubble'." At least direct contact is prohibited.

gallery: The 10 most terrible curves in the Formula 1 calendar (Motorsport-Total.com)

Folie 1 von 10 1/10 SLIDES © Motorsport Images # 10 Bus stop chicane (Spa-Francorchamps): Admittedly, as a passing point it is still well suited, but the famous bus stop chicane no longer exudes the same flair as before after several renovations. A mistake is hardly punished, the narrow and strangely lying pit entrance is all the more problematic. Folie 2 von 10 2/10 IMAGES © LAT # 9 Every 90-degree curve in Azerbaijan (Baku): the section around the castle is unique, most other curves are not. Most of the curves consist of 90-degree corners with run-out zones that are as interchangeable as they are boring. But this is usually not possible on city circuits. Folie 3 von 10 3/10 SLIDES © LAT # 8 Jochen-Rindt-curve (Spielberg): Formerly an exciting downhill section with a natural run-off zone, today curve 8 of the Red Bull Ring is only discussed when the drivers are Complain about the high curb sausages because they break the cars if they drive too far over them. Folie 4 von 10 4/10 IMAGES © Motorsport Images # 7 Curve 18 (Abu Dhabi): Thanks to the hotel, the curve delivers good pictures, but in terms of sport, it offers no added value at all. Overtaking at this point is not possible thanks to the curves in front of it, and the slow pace makes it no challenge. If so, it just pulls the field apart and makes overtaking even more difficult.   Helmut Marko: Red Bull war wegen Verstappen für gestürzte Startaufstellung Limitless possibilities with the HUAWEI MateBooks. To the shop display Huawei The slide show is continued on the next slide # 6 curve 10 (Singapore): At the beginning, the Singapore sling was a wild triple chicane that has thrown off numerous rodeo-style drivers, For some years now, however, it has only been an interchangeable left turn, as in many other places. That took Singapore's challenge away. Folie 5 von 10 5/10 IMAGES © Motorsport Images # 5 Turn 14/15 (Barcelona): No one needs this chicane! Once a courage curve, the last curve in Spain is full today, which is mainly due to the chicane before it. This totally breaks the rhythm of the track, is a single compromise for the drivers and ensures that overtaking maneuvers become scarce at the end of the start / finish. Folie 6 von 10 6/10 IMAGES © LAT # 4 Curve 8/9 (Le Castellet): Many fans would like Formula 1 to drive the Mistral straight at full throttle. But the premier class put the chicane in the way of this project - also because there are stands and the cars can be seen longer. And the viewer? The lack of transparency in all the variants. Folie 7 von 10 7/10 IMAGES © LAT # 3 Swimming pool chicane (Monte Carlo): When the site was still provided with crash barriers, the pilots knew how far they could go. The conversion has made the chicane worse for driving, because it works like a single compromise. The drivers are always looking for the best shortcut - which often ends in disaster. Folie 8 von 10 8/10 SLIDES © Sutton # 2 Curve 19 (Austin): There is nothing wrong with the curve itself, but the rules take it so far up. Track limits are irrelevant here, so drivers can drive wherever they want. The pack goes through the wide run-out zone - actually unworthy of the premier class of motorsport. Folie 9 von 10 9/10 PICTURES © LAT # 1 Curve 2 (Sochi): When half the field at the start usually feels like driving through the run-out zone and then rushing back onto the track through some provisional Styrofoam baffles, something can go wrong with the curve be. Especially when these situations often end in chaos. It would look different with a gravel bed ... Secure   Helmut Marko: Red Bull war wegen Verstappen für gestürzte Startaufstellung Ford Kuga SUV. Without deposit. Available now! display MeinAuto.de The slideshow is continued on the next slide Folie 10 von 10 10/10 SLIDES © Motorsport Images

Red Bull seeking clarification on Mercedes steering system .
UK-MOTOR-F1-AUSTRIA-REDBULL-MERCEDES:Red Bull seeking clarification on Mercedes steering systemMercedes confirmed they were running the system at the Red Bull Ring.

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