Sport Despite DEB hygiene concept: Long way to the season with fans

16:15  16 july  2020
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From hygiene concept to game plan: HBL advises on the future

 From hygiene concept to game plan: HBL advises on the future After the season has ended due to the Corona crisis, the 39 clubs of the handball federal leagues advise on the restart at the general meeting. Surprisingly, the originally canceled DHB Cup is also on the agenda.

Despite skepticism among some fans , the DFL will motor ahead with its plans to start the new season on September 18 and has already distributed guidelines to Schalke, for example, told DW that while they are not in favor of fans returning at any cost, they are exploring different ways of ensuring that

Wearing masks and offered sanitising hand gel before they enter the store, shoppers in Paris look happy as they rush through the doors to snap up bargains at the 'Printemps' department store, as sales season officially begins in the French capital.

Das Logo des Deutschen Eishockey-Bundes (DEB). © picture alliance / dpa The logo of the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB).

With a hygiene concept, the German Ice Hockey Federation has set the framework for the new season with spectators. It is still unclear whether this will also succeed in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL).

«Now the clubs are challenged. The crucial thing must now happen on site, »said DEL game manager Jörg von Ameln, who was involved in the concept presented. On the basis of the plan developed by DEB and DEL, the professional clubs should now each create their own concept, which will ultimately be decided by the regional health authorities.

Reforms in professional football: a lot of understanding - and what to do?

 Reforms in professional football: a lot of understanding - and what to do? The Bundesliga season in Corona times has ended, but the struggle for another professional football continues. © Photo: Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images Europe / Pool / dpa In Corona times (almost) a familiar picture: football in front of empty ranks. The strongest drivers of the discussion about system reforms are of all those who were recently banned from the stadiums: the fans. «We don't want to go back to a broken system.

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Unlike in football, the professional leagues of the other three major team sports, ice hockey, handball and basketball, are absolutely dependent on spectators. Ghost games are not economically feasible and only conceivable for a limited time.

Regardless of the ice hockey concept presented, which is primarily intended to enable a general return to training and game operations, representatives of the professional ice hockey, handball and basketball leagues are currently working together to enable the coming season with spectators. In order to gain time, all leagues postponed their season starts. The handball Bundesliga is scheduled to start on October 1st, while the DEL and basketball leagues will only start in November. "We need viewers," said DEB President Franz Reindl. "We do everything we can to play with viewers."

Compressed finale to Premiership season to start in August

  Compressed finale to Premiership season to start in August Compressed finale to Premiership season to start in AugustLONDON (Reuters) - English rugby's Premiership will resume on Aug. 14 and the remaining nine rounds of matches will be crammed into six weeks, before the playoffs and final on Oct 24 - less than a month before the next season kicks off at the end of November.

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Despite the progress made worldwide in. recent decades in the area of water and sanita which shows that they understand the concept . of seeking medical treatment on infection. gulate the factors leading to poor hygiene prac-. tices in schools and the impact of the disease.

They would have to accept some restrictions. DEB sports director Stefan Schaidnagel predicted precisely specified routes, for example to the toilets or to the bratwurst stand. "Opportunities for fever measurements in the entrance area before entering the stadium must be created," the concept also says. Singing and cheering should only be done if you wear a so-called FFP2 mask. What the choruses of chanting sound like is just one of the questions that remained unanswered on Thursday.

Since everything is designed for playing with spectators, the concept presented by the DEB - in contrast to that of the German Football League for its ghost games - remained largely vague in parts. Because the admission of viewers can be decided differently in each federal state. The regional health authorities can also impose different requirements. In addition, there are other ways to accommodate more fans corona-conform in the modern ISS dome, which holds 13,205 spectators, than in the old ice rink Iserlohn for less than 5,000 spectators.

NHL to resume virus-hit season August 1 in Canada

  NHL to resume virus-hit season August 1 in Canada NHL to resume virus-hit season August 1 in CanadaTORONTO (Reuters) - The National Hockey League will resume its virus-interrupted season next month with a Stanley Cup tournament in Canada after players ratified a return-to-play plan and extension to a labor deal, both sides said on Friday.

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"We cannot offer a complete solution and have excluded local peculiarities," said Schaidnagel and sees his general guidelines for the accommodation and behavior of players and officials in the stadiums as a guide: "But we think that we have provided a workable template to have."

Politicians decide how practical it is. The concept should have been available at crucial points for some time. There is no feedback yet.

The question of future corona tests remains unclear. "The question of testing has not yet been resolved," admitted medical DEB coordinator Lutz Graumann. «We have to find a rhythm in which we regularly test players. Every club decides that on site. » It remains unclear whether the regularity of the tests depends on the financial possibilities of each club and whether it is tested more often at the EHC Red Bull Munich than at the Fischtown Pinguins in Bremerhaven. «This is about the health of the players. Financial things can not play a role here, »said von Ameln. But who is supposed to pay for the tests is still open.

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