Sport Opinion: Undignified game on Croatia's EU external border

23:30  23 november  2020
23:30  23 november  2020 Source:   dw.com

Inter and Croatia star Brozovic tests positive for COVID-19

  Inter and Croatia star Brozovic tests positive for COVID-19 The Croatian Football Federation announced Marcelo Brozovic's positive test result for COVID-19 on Friday.The Croatian Football Federation (HNS) announced Brozovic's COVID-19 result on Friday, along with a member of staff, and confirmed he is in self-isolation.

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Croatia is going its own way on the EU travel ban and has opened its borders to American tourists, business travelers and others with a negative Covid test. It is the first EU member to defy the recommendation on keeping travel restrictions on several countries outside of the bloc including the

The EU ignores the numerous reports of violent pushbacks by the Croatian police on the border with Bosnia. In this way she supports the illegal behavior of her member country, says Zoran Arbutina.

Migranten aus Pakistan zeigen in bosnischen Bihac Beinverletzungen, die ihnen kroatische Grenzpolizisten zugefügt haben sollen © picture-alliance / dpa / G. Mayer Migrants from Pakistan show leg injuries in Bosnian Bihac that Croatian border police allegedly inflicted on them.

It is not that there is a lack of information. For years, has been reporting in the international media about the sometimes brutal actions of the Croatian police against the migrants during the illegal pushbacks on the Croatian-Bosnian border. The subject has long been on the agenda in the European Parliament.

Bosnia: 25 years since Dayton accord, divisive politics live on

  Bosnia: 25 years since Dayton accord, divisive politics live on Bosnia’s Serb-run entity Republika Srpska could ‘very possibly attempt to secede’ sometime in the future, analysts say.From April 1992 until December 1995, Bosnia was under attack by Serb and Croat forces aiming to carve the country up into a Greater Serbia and a Greater Croatia, respectively.

Croatia is not stinting on the superlatives when describing the country' s upcoming presidency of the EU Council. Media and politicians are agreed that their In the past two years, Croatia has proved an extremely reliable guardian of the bloc' s external border , especially along what is referred to as the

The EU ’ s external border control apparatus is now a patchwork of irregular approaches engineered to avoid EU and international external border rules. This September, Europeans have a fleeting opportunity to do something better as the European commission considers whether to institute an

has not changed anything. Croatian officials routinely deny all allegations. The police are doing nothing illegal, the allegations are untenable claims and "fake news". The latest defense strategy: The reports on the violence at the border are part of an "anti-Croatian conspiracy" - why and by whom it should have been started.

A reliable guardian of the external border

Just deny everything, shrug your shoulders, carry on - yes, the Croatian government can afford it. Because she knows she is not alone. She is certain that the EU will tolerate this approach, probably even expects it from it. And not just the usual suspects, such as the notoriously anti-immigrant "Visegrad countries" Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but actually all of them. Because meanwhile - regardless of humanity or right of asylum - everyone is happy when as few refugees as possible come to the EU.

Sweden beat Croatia 2-1 to stave off Nations League relegation

  Sweden beat Croatia 2-1 to stave off Nations League relegation Sweden beat Croatia 2-1 to stave off Nations League relegationSTOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Goals from Dejan Kulusevski and Marcus Danielsson snapped Sweden's four-game losing streak in the Nations League as they beat Croatia 2-1 in Stockholm on Saturday.

Now the European Commission is urging members of the Schengen visa-free travel area to coordinate on how external borders are opened. "International travel is key to tourism and business, and for family and friends reconnecting," EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, said.

European officials said the ban "is an exercise of self-responsibility" amid global surges. The EU has kept a travel ban in place at its external borders since mid-March. The ban was extended to non- EU Schengen area member states, including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

DW-Redakteur Zoran Arbutina © Provided by Deutsche Welle DW editor Zoran Arbutina

Croatia's primary foreign policy goal is rapid admission to the Schengen area. To recommend itself for this, the country presents itself as a strict and reliable guardian of the European external border - especially when it comes to migrants and refugees. That is what is expected of Croatia - and the country delivers. Against this background, the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights, the Geneva Refugee Convention or the European Asylum Procedure Act tend to play a minor role.

Of course this is illegal. The valid asylum law states that everyone must have the chance to apply for asylum in an EU country, as well as the right to a fair legal review of this application. Whether someone is granted protection because of political persecution or the threat of torture or whether this is denied to the so-called "economic refugee" must be decided in a transparent and regulated process by the asylum authorities or the courts - but not border police.

The NSW-Victoria border opens today after being closed for more than four months due to COVID-19

  The NSW-Victoria border opens today after being closed for more than four months due to COVID-19 There was a party-like atmosphere, complete with DJ and pumping music, as the border ban was lifted at Albury-Wodonga this morning and residents of New South Wales and Victoria could again move freely between the states.The border officially opened this morning at 12.01am, meaning people are now able to travel freely between both states without needing to quarantine.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has published maps to support a coordinated approach across the bloc. It' s updated every Thursday. For countries outside of the bloc, the EU has recommended opening external borders to a select group, based on their coronavirus numbers.

Croatia , which currently holds the EU ’ s rotating presidency, requested that countries offer feedback by Saturday at 1600 GMT, with hopes the matter could then be put to a vote among the 27 member states. “There are still ongoing consultations, which will continue until Monday,” an EU source told AFP.

The scandal is the EU's stance

There is good reason to be outraged by this approach by the Croatian government. But shameful and the real scandal is the attitude of the EU. Against better knowledge, the Croatian pushbacks are kept secret or played down. The criticism should therefore not only be brutal border officials, but also those who tolerate their actions or even encourage them must come into focus.

The Croats were already convinced on previous occasions that if they were not acting on behalf of them, then at least in the interests of the other Europeans. Years of booming silence in Brussels confirmed her assumption. After Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron emphasized after the recent attacks that it was absolutely necessary to better protect Europe's external borders in the fight against terror, the Croatians now have even more certainty: They could not understand these words otherwise than an invitation to "Keep it up". And of course - Croatia is ready.

The events on the Croatian-Bosnian border violate the law, the principles of humanity and the self-image of the EU as an open, liberal and social society. Years of tolerance on the part of the EU Commission and the EU member states are an expression of cynicism, hypocrisy and ignorance. What do you want to build on that? At least nothing that would last - and certainly not a community of values ​​that the EU claims to be.

Author: Zoran Arbutina

Preparations begin for reopening of NSW-Vic border after 137-day COVID closure .
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian praises the NSW-Victorian communities for their resilience on the eve of border restrictions being lifted after more than four months. It comes as NSW records its 15th day of no community transmission.Speaking from the key border town of Albury, NSW, Ms Berejiklian said she understood what people had been through over the 137 days the border had been closed.

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