Sport Why Niklas Süle opens a bar in Mörfelden-Walldorf - and why it's called Forty Five

09:05  01 december  2020
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Bundesliga: overweight? FCB probably dissatisfied with Süle

 Bundesliga: overweight? FCB probably dissatisfied with Süle FC Bayern Munich waived on Saturday in the draw against Werder Bremen (here are the highlights in the video!) On Niklas Süle, officially due to a lack of training. Allegedly, the central defender is supposed to carry too many kilos with him. Meanwhile, a challenge comes from Leipzig. Here you can find all the news and rumors about FC Bayern Munich. © Provided by SPOX Niklas Süle is said to be overweight. Here you will find further news from FC Bayern.

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Niklas Süle is a fan of rituals. Every year in the run-up to Christmas, Bavaria's central defender is drawn to Bahnhofstrasse No. 6 in his hometown of Mörfelden-Walldorf. For Süle, “Peoples” is roughly what the “Central Perk” is for the series heroes from “Friends”. In what is probably the most successful TV sitcom of all time, the life of the six friends mainly took place in this café.

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When Niklas Süle came to “Peoples”, he was never the Hoffenheim or FC Bayern star, the champion or the champion League winner. He didn't come as a national player or professional footballer, but always as a friend and brother who just wanted to spend a few relaxing hours. He says: “In 2013 my brother Fabian went to New York to study. He was there for four years. Most of the time, of course, we only talked about Facetime. And whenever he came home for Christmas time, we would meet at the 'Peoples' and talk for hours and finally enjoy seeing each other again in person. ”(Read here: What shirt numbers really mean to professionals )

Taskforce Protect: What we know so far about SA authorities' probe into contact tracing 'lie'

  Taskforce Protect: What we know so far about SA authorities' probe into contact tracing 'lie' As the SA Police coronavirus 'lie' taskforce reveals it has scoured 400 hours of CCTV vision — mostly from Peppers medi-hotel — here's a recap of what we know about the probe to date.But the story has changed and evolved several times, as more information has come to light and previous claims have been called into question.

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Niklas Süle: “Back then I didn't really play a part in my brother's life”

Fabian Süle is three years older than Niklas. Also talented in football, during his studies he played in the student league. “But he was never really eager to make it to the top,” says Süle. When the two were still children, Niklas seven and Fabian ten, things were getting hot in Papa Georg's garden at home. “Our father set up a gate. Before we started he watered the lawn and said. 'Now Anfield is ready. Now you can skate ‘”, remembers Niklas Süle. "Those were battles between the two of us." They didn't indulge themselves. Fought until the shins were green and blue. Again and again the brothers dueled - pretending they were playing on the real Anfield Road, in Liverpool.

FC Bayern Munich hesitates to extend the contract with Süle, Lewandowski raves about Henry - all the news and rumors about FCB

 FC Bayern Munich hesitates to extend the contract with Süle, Lewandowski raves about Henry - all the news and rumors about FCB FC Bayern is hesitant to extend the contract with Niklas Süle. Robert Lewandowski raves about Thierry Henry. All the news about FCB. After the 1-1 draw in the Bundesliga against Werder Bremen on Saturday, FC Bayern Munich's fourth day of the Champions League is on the agenda. On Wednesday, FCB will meet RB Salzburg (9 p.m. in LIVE-TICKER ). Bayern coach Hansi Flick does without Niklas Süle again in the premier class, who should get back into shape initially due to a lack of training.

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When Bayern actually had to go to Liverpool in the last 16 of the Champions League in February 2019, Süle invited his whole family. For the first time he plays on the real Anfield Road. And instead of dueling with his brother, he has to face Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané. Both of them fail to score, the game ends goalless.

bayern-muenchen-cl-sieger-sport © Getty Images bayern-muenchen-cl-sieger-sport

In childhood, the relationship between Niklas and Fabian was normal. Niklas had already moved out at the age of 14 to go to the football boarding school in Hoffenheim. “I didn't really have a lot of part in my brother's life back then,” he says. He missed important moments because he always had to train and play. When Fabian was in the USA, Niklas only really realized how much he missed him. He flew over for graduation, that is, to complete his bachelor's degree. “That was his greatest moment. I couldn't miss it. ”(Read here: Social media is so dangerous for soccer professionals )

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Video: Gottschalk about Lanz:" Nerd who wants to do everything right "(ProSieben)

" At some point we said: How cool would it be if this bar belonged to us "

The next time they met again at the“ Peoples. ”" With every drink there, the bar's cult status grew for us, "says Süle." It's closed for five years Our living room. A dream emerged from discussions at the bar. At some point we said to ourselves: How cool it would be if this bar belonged to us one day. ”The two brothers' dream came true in summer 2020. The Süles bought the bar Both - Fabian is no longer in the USA - worked intensively to make the “Peoples” a place where everything is really as they imagined.

In December the bar will be opened, according to the Corona -Pandemic makes it possible to really open nen. From then on it will be called "Forty Five", after a shirt number that Süle once had at Hoffenheim. “It really got going for me at TSG with the number. When I played with her, Fabian went to America. That "Peoples" became more important and more important to us. Hence the name. ”

The two brothers won't find much time this year over the Christmas period to hang out in their new home and chat until late at night. “The last game of the year is on December 19th in Leverkusen. Then it goes on again on January 2nd. But at some point, Fabi and I will find a moment for each other in which we can toast. We still have a lot of time to experience special moments together there. ”

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