Sport range of electric cars in winter: don't panic!

09:05  01 december  2020
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DON ' T MISS: Driving electric cars in winter : tips from experienced owner. With the average round-trip commute somewhere around 32 miles, and most of today’s popular electric vehicles now offering an EPA-rated range of more than 100 miles, we see this realization as something that’s useful to know

Electric cars , like cars with internal combustion engines, function less efficiently in the cold. But while we accept and ignore the limitations of traditional vehicles, reports from groups like AAA misrepresent cold weather concerns about electric vehicles , fueling anxiety about vehicle range .

Shorter ranges and longer charging times in winter are common criticisms of electric cars. All you have to do is take a few simple tips into account in order to avoid fear of range even on cold days.

An kalten Tagen sinkt die Reichweite von Elektroautos. © @daiox | Unsplash The range of electric cars decreases on cold days.

About seven years ago I sat behind the wheel of an electric car for the first time - and was thrilled from the first moment. Much has changed since then, but one thing has remained the same: year after year, media coverage in November is devoted to the range of electric cars in winter. Then it says that on cold days you only have half the normal range - and it is best to drive to work with an Antarctic parka and gloves because the heating is consuming too much electricity. A hit for electromobility skeptics.

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Myth: electric cars don ’ t work in the cold. Critics of electric vehicles sometimes mistakenly or misleadingly try to dismiss electric vehicles by claiming that they don ’ t work in cold weather. Adding snow tires in winter turns the Leaf into a monster snow crusher.

This electric car with long range has a similar setup to the upcoming Soul EV due for 2021. Like the box car , the Niro EV has a 64-kW-hr lithium-ion battery and electric motor that makes 201 hp and 291 lb-ft of torque. In a recent review, we praised the Niro EV's handling and readily available power.

The reality, however, is far more complex. It is true that the range of electric cars decreases on cold days. This is quite simply because chemical reactions generally take place more slowly at low temperatures. Put simply, the electrical conductivity of the liquid electrolyte contained in the battery decreases in winter, which is why more energy has to be used to achieve the usual performance.

50 percent loss of range in winter?

This was actually a problem seven years ago, as the energy management systems were nowhere near as sophisticated as they are in modern vehicles. In addition, the range of electric cars was lower overall.

For this reason, it is more than unfortunate that many media and news agencies to this day use a test by ADAC and the Austrian automobile club ÖAMTC when it comes to the range of electric cars in winter. This comes to the conclusion that in city traffic (30 to 50 km / h) with an outside temperature of zero degrees, range losses of up to 50 percent can be expected. A value that has impressed itself on many people's minds.

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The best selling electric car in history, Nissan has stepped up its offering a notch for its second generation. The new LEAF offers a notable (though, less than expected) 150 miles of We don ’ t have a US EPA rating for Renault ZOE range , but the real-world range is reportedly 185 miles for the car .

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There is only one catch: The test was carried out with a Mitsubishi Electric Vehicle, the origins of which go back to 2009 (!). When the test was released, the vehicle wasn't even available. Unfortunately, this (crucial) information is missing from many reports.

electric cars in winter: These tips ensure more range

Video: Heating properly - 3 simple basic rules (glomex)

Of course, this does not mean that modern electric cars do not lose range in winter, but they are much more moderate. With our BMW i3 (model year 2018) I can travel around 240 kilometers in summer with a balanced driving style, in winter it is around 190 to 200 kilometers with ice and snow. I don't have to go without the heating or other comfort functions. Instead, I take into account a few simple rules:

1. Always preheat the electric car

You often read that a garage space is an advantage in winter. That's true, but not everyone has a garage. Our i3 is also outdoors. Almost every modern electric car can now be conveniently preheated using an app. And it is precisely this function that is essential in winter.

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Panel discussion continued: How technology, policy and business can help in overcoming range anxiety with electric cars . Take the course, test yourself, and

Electric vehicles seem to have a lot of advantages over cars that run on gasoline or diesel. There is general consensus that while electric cars may not be truly "zero emission" vehicles Furthermore, the company would like to present a concept for an all- electric car with a range of 500 kilometers.

If you drive off in the morning with a cold battery, it must first come to operating temperature and also provide energy to heat the interior. The energy recovery (recuperation) is also significantly lower during a cold start. However, if you activate the pre-air conditioning 20 minutes before departure, the windows are already defrosted when you get in and the interior and the battery are preheated.

With the BMW i3, this enables consumption in winter to be reduced from just under 20 kWh per 100 kilometers (cold start) to 16 kWh (with preheating). If you have the option, you can leave your electric car connected to the electricity during pre-air conditioning so that this does not affect the battery.

2. A heat pump is a must-have

With some manufacturers it is part of the standard equipment, with others it is on the surcharge list: the heat pump. From my point of view, this is an indispensable feature of the electric car. The principle is very simple: a heat pump draws a large part of the energy required for heating from the ambient air. This significantly relieves the battery . The heat pump generates around two to three kilowatts of heating energy from one kilowatt of electricity.

3. Use eco mode and drive with foresight

Maximum acceleration, strong braking, maximum speed, (seat) heating at the highest level - in winter it makes sense to drive as efficiently as possible, especially on long journeys. In addition, almost all modern electric cars offer an eco mode that regulates the parameters (acceleration, air conditioning performance and much more) so that you can travel efficiently but still comfortably.

Those who follow these “rules” can expect an average of 17 to 19 percent less range in winter with modern electric cars. With an Audi E-tron, for example, that's 300 instead of 375 kilometers.

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