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07:20  02 december  2020
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UK rules to be eased over Christmas - but England's tier system will be strengthened after lockdown

  UK rules to be eased over Christmas - but England's tier system will be strengthened after lockdown Boris Johnson is poised to announce up to a week of freedom from COVID-19 restrictions at Christmas - but tough rules will remain in force in England after the national lockdown ends on 2 December. The aim - subject to agreement from the governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - is for a UK-wide relaxation of rules, reportedly from 22 to 28 December, so that several families can join in one "bubble".It is also likely that, under the "four nations" plan, families will be allowed to attend Christmas church services and that pubs and restaurants may be able to open for a limited period over the holiday period.

They would count as a "substantial meal " under new rules for parts of England , a minister says. Environment Secretary George Eustice told LBC Radio that Scotch eggs would constitute such a meal "if Downing Street has not ruled out tier two drinkers being able to order a Scotch egg , but would

Now Michael Gove says scotch eggs ARE a 'substantial meal ' and CAN be served with alcohol as Tier Two pubs roll out special The history of Scotch eggs is disputed - as is the name itself. The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Local COVID - 19 Alert Level) (Very High) ( England ) Regulations 2020.

S'il est considéré comme un repas et non un snack, la commande d'un scotch egg permettra de commander également de l'alcool. © Astrid Stawiarz / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP If it is considered a meal and not a snack, ordering a scotch egg will also order the alcohol.

Never before has the modest scotch egg received so much attention. Hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat and breadcrumbs, is it a "substantial meal"? This question which currently agitates the English, could condition their possible return to the pub.

Original Tier 3 restrictions not tough enough, Hancock admits

  Original Tier 3 restrictions not tough enough, Hancock admits Tough COVID-19 restrictions imposed before England's second lockdown were not strong enough, the health secretary has told MPs. Matt Hancock said the beefed-up coronavirus tiers unveiled by Boris Johnson are "better-calibrated" than what was in place before the shutdown.He told a joint session of the health and social care and science and technology committees that the original Tier 3 measures in place in September and October were not "strong enough to get the R below one, and therefore cases falling".

Scotch egg classification causes yet more confusion over substantial meal rule. The scotch egg loophole is likely to mean that they will be popping up on almost every pub menu in England Another item considered a bar snack rather than a substantial meal is a pork pie, which is also more filling

As the UK comes out of a second lockdown and different areas enter tier systems confusion has arisen as what will constitute a substantial meal in pubs. Drinkers who want to visit their local pub in the coming month will have to also order a ‘substantial meal ’ as well as their favourite beverage to comply

Does the “scotch egg”, a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat and breadcrumbs constitute an “substantial meal” ? This question agitates the English, and conditions their possible return to the pub.

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  Support a Bar by Giving These Spirited Holiday Gifts There are few holiday traditions more beloved than meeting up with friends and family in a local bar for a celebratory drink. This year is, of course, going to be a bit different for most of us. But you can still support some of your favorite establishments across the country by giving these spirited gifts. Whether you’re in the market for a mug for a friend, a jigsaw puzzle for a sibling or a cozy sweatshirt for yourself, you can find something for everyone at these beloved cocktail bars.

Covid - 19 : Drinkers in tier two 'could order Scotch egg ' as substantial meal . They would count as a The bar snack would count as a substantial meal according to the Environment Secretary. Is a Scotch egg a substantial meal ? Environment Secretary George Eustice thinks so - he's confirmed

substantial meal in pubs and bars – stating that he believes a “a couple of Scotch Eggs … with pickle on the rule, which will be enforced across the majority of England when the nation falls into a system of The chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster responded to a TV host holding aloft a ‘big scotch egg ’

With the end of containment in England , a new system comes into force on Wednesday: restrictions will now be imposed on a regional scale, depending on the incidence of the virus, according to a three-level alert system .

A meal or a snack?

In level 2 regions, which serve 32 million people, pubs will only be able to serve alcohol alongside a "substantial meal" . But pub customers are more used to drinking pints of beer with a packet of crisps than with a real dinner.

So will the "scotch egg" and other snacks popular with the English be enough to give them the right to order alcohol? Called on to allay concerns, Environment Minister George Eustice said on Monday that "scotch eggs" were a meal if served at the table.

But Michael Gove, minister responsible for coordinating government action, seemed to him to relegate this British specialty on Tuesday to entry level.

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 Christophe Michalak unveils his secret dessert recipe to never spoil egg whites and it's very appetizing With three times nothing and a lot of creativity, pastry chef Christophe Michalak works wonders. The proof with this dessert recipe which allows him to never waste egg whites. © iStock Christophe Michalak unveils his secret recipe for never wasting egg whites and it's very appetizing Cooking is all about sharing. Christophe Michalak has made this his philosophy and continues to pass on all his pastry secrets to his Instagram followers.

The COVID - 19 pandemic was first confirmed to have spread to England with two cases among Chinese nationals staying in a hotel in York on 31 January 2020.

Coronavirus ( COVID - 19 ) National restrictions in England from 5 November. Brexit transition Take action now for new rules in 2021. Guidance for schools and local authorities on school meals arrangements during the coronavirus ( COVID - 19 ) outbreak.

Downing Street, busier in maneuvering final Brexit negotiations and dealing with the economic damage of the pandemic, has been asked to explain.

Limit gatherings of alcoholic people

“We have been clear” , Prime Minister Boris Johnson's official spokesman wearily told reporters, just weeks after having to clear up similar confusion around pizza slices and of salted turnovers.

"Snacks taken at the bar do not count" , he added ... without expressly commenting on the dish in question. For lack of clarity, restaurateurs sometimes rely on instructions from local authorities, as the owner of a pub in the north of England confided. According to her, the bill for food must exceed the price of drinks.

"With an average pint of five pounds (€ 5.60), people are going to have to eat a lot of scotch eggs," , she told AFP on condition of anonymity. Never before has the modest "scotch egg" received so much attention.

But behind this seemingly superficial debate lies a real issue for the government, which is keen to avoid gatherings of alcoholic people in order to limit the risk of transmission of the virus which has killed more than 59,000 people in the United Kingdom.

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