Sport Baumgart satisfied and dissatisfied at the same time after a draw against Heidenheim

01:35  24 february  2021
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Steffen Baumgart comments on Schalke rumors

 Steffen Baumgart comments on Schalke rumors Steffen Baumgart has been doing a good job at SC Paderborn for years, but his contract expires at the end of the season. This is one of the reasons why he is traded as a potential coaching candidate at Schalke - now he commented on the rumors. © Provided by 90min Steffen Baumgart is a candidate for coaching at S04 | Lars Baron / Getty Images Steffen Baumgart has been the head coach of the SC Paderborn since April 2017.

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The participants at SC Paderborn agreed in the end. The draw against Heidenheim was actually too little, but quite happy. Coach Steffen Baumgart also spoke about his future.

Hatte gemischte Gefühle zum Spiel und sprach über seine Zukunft: Paderborns Coach Steffen Baumgart. © imago images Had mixed feelings about the game and talked about his future: Paderborn's coach Steffen Baumgart.

After a turbulent draw in the Benteler Arena at home, double goal scorer Dennis Srbeny was the first to answer questions at the microphone of "Sky". The point saver was not really satisfied after the 2-2 draw against Heidenheim. "If you can see how the game went, it was two lost points," said the striker, who only equalized for Ostwestfalen in stoppage time: "We really wanted to win the game."

The thigh: It's getting tight for Klaus

 The thigh: It's getting tight for Klaus After a strong start and a subsequent weak phase, Felix Klaus was clearly on the upswing again recently. Whether Fortuna's offensive man will be on the ball in Heidenheim on Sunday remains questionable at first. © imago images Düsseldorf's newcomer Felix Klaus is plagued by thigh problems. He had to break off the training on Thursday, on Friday Felix Klaus was absent due to a hardening of the thigh.

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Srbeny annoys the lack of penetration.

This project didn't work out in the end, even though Paderborn was actually the better team for long stretches on Tuesday evening. There were two main reasons for this. For Srbeny, one of them was that the SCP had "struggled very hard" against good Heidenheimers in the last third and hardly produced any compulsory deals. But Srbeny also knew: "If we have such an advantage, we have to improve significantly in the last third."

The lack of manifestation of the game was not the only drawback of the Paderborn team. On both goals, the East Westphalia gave their guests from Heidenheim presents. Only at 0: 1, when keeper Leopold Zingerle made a mistake, then at 1: 2. This time Frederic Ananou made a mistake.

VBL: Playoff race is coming to a head in both divisions

 VBL: Playoff race is coming to a head in both divisions The top positions of the two seasons of the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship seem to have been awarded to VfL Bochum and RB Leipzig, but the battle for playoff participation is intensifying. On the twelfth and penultimate double match day, some exciting duels await. © SpVgg Greuther Fürth Jegor 'JayB_17' Bien and SpVgg Greuther Fürth came under pressure in the playoff fight. Last game day could have been a decisive one in the battle for first place in the North-West Division.

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Two gifts to Heidenheim

The early deficit caused by Heidenheim's returnee Tim Kleindienst, who scored for the fifth time in the fourth game before he had to leave injured, was particularly annoying. In this scene, SCP keeper Zingerle played a crucial role when he failed to clear up after a free kick.

"I'm going out, have the feeling that I can get the ball and also thought 'I've got it'", Zingerle summed up. But he didn't because Patrick Mainka headed the ball and threw the goalkeeper off guard. "Through the contact I lose the ball again. That is of course not ideally solved, very clearly," Zingerle took the goal on his cap. "If I don't go there at all, we can sort it out differently. So we run after a deficit."

The Heidenheimers were able to equalize this shortly before the break with Srbeny's first goal of the evening, but it should not be the only "gift" from the Paderborns. "In the second half, the longer I played, I had the feeling that we could turn it around and then you conceded another goal like that. Similar to the 0: 1 in the first half," said Zingerle, looking back at the creation of the 1: 2, when Ananou unhappily hung up for chill weather.

Survey: Support for Merkel at its lowest level since April

 Survey: Support for Merkel at its lowest level since April Popular support for Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) continues to decline. In the new ARD "Germany trend", 64 percent of the participants said they were satisfied with the work of the Chancellor, five percentage points less than in February, as the WDR announced on Thursday. It is therefore the lowest value since April 2020. © Tobias Schwarz Popular support for Angela Merkel (CDU) continues to decline.

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"I think it's no drama for the club to have a solid season." - Paderborn's goalkeeper Leopold Zingerle

In the end, Zingerle was very happy that "we still got one point". Overall, the counter is too little. Whereby Zingerle does not necessarily regard the tabular midfield position of the SCP as bad. "I think it's no drama for the club to have a solid season - without worries downwards, maybe not with expectations upwards either - that doesn't hurt anyone here," said the keeper, but at the same time added that which "the team because of their ambition" is by no means satisfied.

The last statement should please coach Steffen Baumgart, who summed up the conclusion of all those involved in a "nice soccer game": "I'm not really satisfied, but not really dissatisfied either." After all, Heidenheim had only "had two or three very good actions, it wasn't much more." But: "We're taking the point with us now, especially because that's how it went."

Baumgart and the March 15th

When asked, Baumgart commented on his future. He did not want to comment on the rumors about himself, but announced talks with Paderborn. "I have a clear path that has been discussed, also with Fabian Wolgemuth", Paderborn's sports director. This reads: "I will be holding talks from March 15th. My first point of contact is the SCP, because I think it deserves respect. I've been here for four years, and I am very proud and loving it. The SCP remains my first Contact Person."

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