Sport A 2-year-old girl miraculously survives a fall from the 12th floor (VIDEO)

23:20  01 march  2021
23:20  01 march  2021 Source:   gentside.com

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Fillette suspendue à un balcon © Provided by Gentside Girl hanging from a balcony

It's a story that seems unreal so incredible it is . A two year old girl survived a fall from the 12th floor of her 16 story building. This scene, filmed by neighbors, took place in Hanoi, Vietnam. Despite some injuries, the child is alive, as is the man who caught her. He has become a real "superhero" in the country.

A video that gives chills

If this incident which almost turned into a tragedy is impressive, it is in particular because the whole scene was filmed . A neighbor who lives in the building opposite recorded everything. Here are the images that have been widely shared and commented on on social networks.

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Heroes without capes. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Manh rescued (catches by hand) a 3-years-old girl's who dropped from the 12th floor of the apartment In Hanoi. #Heroeswithoutcapes #NguyenNgocManh #SaveLife #SaveLives #SaveChildren pic.twitter.com/EzYM2v3nPy

- Luu Minh Triet (@luuminhtriet) March 1, 2021 A hero without a cape. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Manh rescued a 3-year-old girl who fell from the 12th floor of an apartment in Hanoi.

The images make it possible to realize how the scene unfolded, under the piercing cries of the neighbors. The young girl climbed the balcony barrier and held herself in that position for a little while, before bending down and then falling.

The "superhero" is a delivery man aged 31

This scene, very difficult to watch, could be broadcast because it ends "well". Indeed, a 31-year-old delivery man named Nguyen Ngoc Manh was able to catch up with the girl. In comments relayed by the Vietnam Times , he explains how everything went from his point of view.

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"I was sitting in the car and waiting to deliver things to a customer. I heard a baby screaming, I just thought he was scolded by his mother. But I got out. head of the car, I looked around and saw a girl hanging from a balcony. I immediately jumped out of the car and found a way to get into the next building. climbed on a 2 meter high tiled roof to look for a good position to catch the girl. I tried to reach out and did my best to catch the girl. Luckily the baby fell on my knees and we fell onto the tin roof. I kissed her and then saw blood flow from her mouth, I was very scared. "

The child was taken quickly to the hospital and miraculously, his prognosis is not committed, despite a fracture to an arm and a leg . For his part, the Vietnamese "superhero" gets away with a simple sprain . Since this rescue, the whole country has grown fond of the young man.

普 段 か ら 自身 の FB 上 で も 「こ の お 金 を 拾 い ま し た, 持 ち 主 は 名 乗 り 出 て 下 さ い」 な ど, 大 変 実 直 な 言 動 を 示 し て い た こ の Nguyen Ngoc Mạnh さ ん. ハ ノ イ 市 か ら は 表彰 さ れ, ネ ッ ト 上 で は ス ー パ ー マ ンの よ う な 彼 の イ ラ ス ト も 出 回 り 、 一夜 で 時 の 人 に。 # ベ ト ナ ム メ デ ィ ア https://t.co/AvaoT411Ku pic.twitter ノ 人 に。 # ベ ト ナ ム メ デ ィ ア

https://t.co/AvaoT411Ku X1 pic.twitter ノ 淳 X1 --aj今井imB @ March 淳un 1, 2021 X1

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