Sport Sale of OM: McCourt sets things straight

08:55  02 march  2021
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McCourt, ads that spoil everything!

 McCourt, ads that spoil everything! © Supplied by Sports.fr Frank McCourt hoped upon his arrival to make OM the rival of PSG in France. The supporters believed in a misunderstanding. But no. Marseille Mayor Benoît Payan said Monday that OM owner Frank McCourt told him about his ambition to win the Champions League. The American businessman doesn't just want to play European competition, he really wants to lift the big-eared cup! He is counting on Pablo Longoria, the new president of the Marseille club, to "build a plan".

Posted Wednesday 10 February 2021 at 12:20 Dance: OM . In recent days, supporters of Olympique de Marseille have had the opportunity to read everything and its opposite about a sale of the Marseille club. Some journalists did not hesitate to come forward without using the conditional, saying that the “I was surprised by the media which started to relay this. Canal + on Infosport which started to throw out the announcement at 5:00 pm, a colleague, Thibaud Vézirian who said that it will be done … I started to contact the people around me who follow OM . Mohammed Bouhafsi and Florent Germain were insulted!

set (something) straight . To straighten something out or make something properly arranged; to fix, correct, or make amends for something. Bela Padilla has set things straight on whispers dragging her into the Bea Alonzo-Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto-Joshua Garcia issue of alleged cheating on partners.

Et ce alors qu'il avait déboursé 45 M€ en 2016. © Supplied by Sports.fr And this while he had paid 45 M € in 2016. Arrived, Monday morning, in Marseille, Frank McCourt had a busy day to say the least. Mayor, supporters, journalists: the owner of Olympique de Marseille has stepped up meetings, three days after the announcement of the departure of Jacques-Henri Eyraud and his replacement by Pablo Longoria. The opportunity for American businessmen to hammer home their attachment to Heaven and Whites and repeat their desire to look to the future. Read also: OM sale: Prince Al-Walid bel is very interested Because the Bostonian has kept repeating it to his various interlocutors: despite the incessant rumors on the subject, OM is not for sale. “The club was never for sale, it is not today and it will not be tomorrow. I don't want there to be any misunderstanding on this point. This club will be accompanied by my children and grandchildren after me. It’s a generational project, ”he said in the columns of La Provence. I'm not lying, I never wanted to sell OM The message is clear. And if that weren't enough, Frank McCourt added a layer to the rumors circulating on the subject. “They've come to me. This is the reason why I formally dismiss them. I would like to find a way to prevent people from continuing to spread them, he added. I'll always be transparent about it, I'm not lying, I never wanted to sell OM. OM is not for sale. The American businessman also denied having taken out a loan of $ 150 million on behalf of OM from the HPS fund in Los Angeles, which gives credence to the idea of ​​a willingness to sell. “Each year since the acquisition, I have invested substantial resources in the club in the form of advances to OM. This mechanism allows funds to be injected very quickly whenever the club needs it, especially to invest in its infrastructure or its players, he said. Regularly, these advances are capitalized as part of capital increases. At the end of last year, we effectively converted a considerable number of advances into equity, thus helping to strengthen the equity of the company. "It remains to be seen whether these clarifications will be enough to put an end to the rumors ... Read also: Eyraud, McCourt settles his account McCourt not tender with Eyraud McCourt ready to" put the package "at OM?

Marseille name Sampaoli as new head coach .
Marseille name Sampaoli as new head coachThe 60-year-old replaces Andre-Villas Boas, who was suspended on Feb. 2, hours after the Portuguese coach had offered to resign over disagreements with the club's board.

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