Sport "We have to bake small breads this year": From the Favorite Hertha BSC a challenger has become

12:55  04 april  2021
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Football today live: Union Berlin vs. Hertha BSC - The transfer of the Bundesliga

 Football today live: Union Berlin vs. Hertha BSC - The transfer of the Bundesliga capital-of-Cyon on the 27th matchday: Union Berlin receives Hertha BSC. Goal explains where football is broadcast live today on TV and live stream. At the end of the 27th match of the Bundesliga, Union Berlin meets Hertha BSC. The encounter will spoke at 6 pm in the stadium on the old forester.

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The current table shows: For Hertha it becomes difficult to stand in front of Union. However, looking at Derby statistics Both clubs a bit in it.

Hertha BSC muss sich am Sonntag ohne Fans durchsetzen. Die letzten zwei Derbys gewannen sie. © Photo: DPA / Odd Andersen Hertha BSC has to prevail on Sunday without fans. The last two Derby won you.

football can be so easy. For example, when it comes to table. This presses in Normally very clear, which currently is in a league. For the Bundesliga after 26 match days, Hertha BSC has received 14 points less than the 1st FC Union. To awarded are still 24 counters.

"We know that it is complicated for us , to be in the end in front of Union, "says Herthas sport director Arne Friedrich in the run-up of the game at Union. Where the word" complicated "in the context is a pretty optimistic transcription.

"Wunschlung" Kiraly says Hertha from

 after the release of Zsolt Petry as a goalkeeper coach at Hertha BSC, Gabor Kiraly should succeed. But the former cult keeper has no time and said sport director Arne Friedrich. © imago images No time for Hertha BSC: Ex-Keeper Gabor Kiraly. According to Petry's inglorary finish, Friedrich quickly turned on the search for a new goalkeeper for the Berliner. "Our cunning solution unfortunately did not work," he gave unpunded on Thursday at the press conference.

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at the first SE Chs meet the clubs - four of them in the second league - Hermtha always in front of Union. Sometimes very clear, sometimes wafer thin. In the previous December, Union went to the game for the first time as the team listed in the classification, at that time already with a lead. And lost.

But the projection has since grown significantly since then, the condition has manifested itself. He does not suit the claims in Charlottenburg. You do not accept him but at Hertha, there is currently nothing else left. "We have to bake small breads this year. We can not walk through the city and say we are the number one here, "CO trainer Andreas Neuendorf arrested during the week. "We are currently working with the back to the wall and have to score."

Corona Infection: Hertha im Derby without goalkeeper Jarstein

 Corona Infection: Hertha im Derby without goalkeeper Jarstein goalkeeper Rune Jarstein lacks the Football Bundesliga club Hertha BSC for a short term in the capital Derby because of a positive coronate test. © Provided by sport1.de Corona infection: Hertha im Derby without goalkeeper Jarstein goalkeeper Rune Jarstein lacks the football Bundesliga club Hertha BSC because of a positive coronate test in the capital Derby. This was announced by the club in front of the batch of the game at Union Berlin on Easter Sunday.

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The respect before the competitor is accordingly large. "Union plays a great season and very good football, there is a real board waiting for us," says sport director Frederick. In addition, the tabular pressure is undoubtedly at Hertha. Hope makes the person responsible for the most recently. Against the FC Augsburg, a competitor in the fight for the leaflet, succeeded in a 2-1 victory. When kicking against Bayer Leverkusen, Hertha was penulty, but then showed one of the best achievements for months and won highly deserved 3: 0.

when looking at the Derby statistics is something for the pendants of both clubs: The last two games went to Hertha, in the Bundesliga has always won the home team in three games. What's for Union . Ultimately it is like Friedrich with help An old wisdom says: "Many talking is beautiful, at the weekend lies the truth in the square." Also in this regard, football is simple.

Dardai attracts the reins: Medicine ball training at Hertha .
Cologne (SID) - Hertha BSC is deeply in the relegation champion, on Sunday, the important away game at the direct competitor Mainz 05 is waiting: "We have to fighter and run, there are no excuses More, "Hertha coach Pal Dardai said on Monday in a press. In doing so, the Berliner belongs to the reins at the beginning of the important week: Dardai let a medical balls exercise on Monday.

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