Sport In Benin, President Patrice Heel re-elevated without surprise with 86% of the Voices

01:30  14 april  2021
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Top Benin judge says flees country denouncing pressure

  Top Benin judge says flees country denouncing pressure A top Benin judge on Monday said he had quit and fled the West African country, condemning political pressure that he alleged included a demand to detain an opposition figure in the runup to presidential elections. Sunday's presidential election promises few surprises, with Talon facing two little-known opposition candidates. Benin has long been seen as a vibrant multi-party democracy, but Talon's critics say the country has veered into authoritarianism under his rule.Opponents say the vote is already rigged to favour Talon, a cotton magnate first elected in 2016.

Benin ’s President Patrice Talon won re -election Tuesday with 86 % of votes, according to provisional results, and is expected to lead the West African nation for another five years. Talon got 1.98 millions of ballots cast, according to the Autonomous National Electoral Commission, known by its French acronym, Cena. Benin , once a regional exemplar of multiparty democracy, sidelined the political opposition under Talon’s presidency . Its parliament, controlled by parties that back Talon, passed electoral laws in 2019 that effectively made it more difficult for opposition candidates to run.

The early results of the first round of Benin ’s presidential election are expected Tuesday, with President Patrice Talon set to win a second five-year term amid accusations of election fraud. Emmanuel Tiando, president of the country’s electoral commission the Autonomous National Electoral Commission or CENA, said voting could not take place in 16 of the country’s 546 boroughs, without an explanation. An association of civil society groups said there were incidents of voters being threatened, harassed and intimated based on reports from hundreds of elections observers who spoke to Agence

Image d'archive du président du Bénin, Patrice Talon, lors d’une visite à Paris, le 5 mars 2018. © Etienne Laurent, AFP archive image of the President of Benin, Patrice Talon, during a visit to Paris, March 5, 2018.

With 86% of the votes, Patrice Talon, the outgoing Beninese President, was very comfortably re-elected in the first round of the presidential election organized Sunday in Benin, according to the provisional results announced Tuesday evening by the electoral commission of the country, in a ballot. where the head of state was facing almost unknown opposition candidates.

Protests break out in Benin before election

  Protests break out in Benin before election Protests broke out across Benin on Monday night and Tuesday as opposition leaders called for demonstrations days before President Patrice Talon faces an election. Several opposition leaders took to social media to call for demonstrations. Former finance minister Komi Koutche, in exile like many of Benin's opposition figures, called on people to take to the streets to "mark the end of the Republican mandate handed over to Talon".

"We' re tipping over into violence," the Beninese analyst said. "It damages the image of the country, where political dialogue meant violence was avoided in the past. "With high numbers of people not turning out to vote, the National Assembly will lack legitimacy." It is also likely to see the government "ruling without checks and balances," Ms Van Houtte of the Economist Intelligence Unit said, "opening the way for further weakening of Benin 's democratic credentials". Former President Thomas Boni Yayi and President Patrice Talon are old friends, said the BBC's reporter in Benin .

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No surprise, e outgoing President Patrice Talon was re-elected without surprise, with a little over 86% of the votes, according to the provisional results announced on Tuesday night by the election commission of the Benin , in a ballot where the head of state Faced with almost unknown opposition candidates.

presidential in Benin: anger against the "confiscation" of the

 presidential in Benin: anger against the votes © Yanick Folly protesters block a road in Toui, a bastion of the opposition in northern Benin, April 7, 2021 The army intervened Thursday In the center of Benin to disperse protest protestants against the "confiscation" by the President Patrice Talon of the Sunday presidential election whose real opposition has been eliminated. Soldiers made use of tear gas to disperse protesters who since blocked the main road of Savè, in the center of Benin.

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"The Duo Patrice Talon and Mariam Tlata (candidate for the vice-presidency at his side) obtained in the first round the majority of the votes cast," said Geneviève Boko Nadjo, the Vice-Chair of the National Autonomous Electoral Commission (CENA) .

A bark marked by low participation, as observed by ECOWAS observers (Economic Community of West African States) as well as those of the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF), confirmed the Vice -President of the Commission stated that the participation rate amounted to 50.17%.

Patrice Talon was opposed to two almost unknown opposition candidates: Alassane Soumanou, who was Minister of President Thomas Boni Yayi, and Kohoué Corentin, a Beninese politician who had launched for the first time in the race. President.

Benin's Talon vows 'KO' win in Sunday election

  Benin's Talon vows 'KO' win in Sunday election Benin President Patrice Talon on Friday promised a "KO" first-round victory in Sunday's election that opponents say is already rigged after his main rivals were disqualified from running. He said he expected a "KO" -- a knockout victory for which there would be no need for a runoff vote. Benin was long praised as a thriving multi-party democracy in often troubled West Africa, but critics say Talon has steered the country into authoritarianism with a steady crackdown on his opponents.

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According to the Benin Electoral Commission, the outgoing President obtained 86.36% of the votes cast, score that allows him to avoid a second round.

The poll was held after a week of sometimes violent events of opponents to Patrice Talon , a businessman elected a first time in 2016 and who had promised to solicit only one mandate.

In addition to its desire to stay in power, the opposition blames him for having amended the Constitution to ensure full control of Parliament and exclude his main opponents of the president race.

The Freedom House Democracy Defense NGO, funded by the US Government, downgraded the Benin last year into annual report on "freedom in the world" of the "free" category to "partially free" on in Three categories: "free", "partially free" and "non-free".

Benin's Talon takes tough line after re-election win .
Benin's President Patrice Talon took a tough stance on Wednesday vowing to track down those responsible for violence in opposition protests after he was re-elected in a vote critics say was stacked in his favour. "Opposition supporters shunned the ballot, either out of fear or lack of motivation following a call to boycott the vote, or disgusted by a government that inspires neither confidence nor enthusiasm," said Corentin Kohoue, one of the two rivals in the election, acknowledging defeat on Wednesday.Songhai Advisory, an Africa risk analysis group, said the election victory leaves Talon unhindered to pursue his economic and other policies.

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