Sport new study: How movement can protect against heavy corona scores - already 30 minutes go to help the day

19:10  14 april  2021
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who moves regularly, rarely heavily crankes Covid-19. To this result comes a study of American researchers: inside. It does not even have to be sports - even swift go.

Regelmäßige Bewegung verringert das Risiko, schwer an Covid-19 zu erkranken © Getty Images / Dmitry BelyAev Regular exercise reduces the risk, difficult to develop COVID-19

Since the beginning of the pandemic, science has identified some risk factors that can lead to a serious course for infection with the coronavirus - up to Treatment in the intensive care unit or even the death . This primarily belongs to age and pre-existing conditions. Apparently, however, people who move too little have a higher risk, difficult to ill.

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This is the result of a new study published in the medical journal "British Journal of Sports Medicine". Conversely, this means: The more sports people do, the lower the likelihood that they are difficult to illuminate Corona .

COVID-19: Greater risk in people with little movement

The author: Inside the study around the sports physician Robert Sallis had analyzed the health data of more than 48,000 adults with a corona infection. This patient: inside had stated in the years before in the context of health investigations, how often they had moved. As a reference quantity, the researchers set: inside the mark of 150 minutes of movement per week - a recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO). The respondents were classified according to their answers in the categories "continuously active" (more than 150 minutes per week), "incosistent active" (eleven to 149 minutes) or "continuously inactive" (ten minutes and less).

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If you were consistently inactive, compared to people who are moving regularly, had a twice as high risk, with COVID-19 in the hospital. The results showed that already people who only move from time to time suffer less often at a severe course, as those that are not physically active. Robert Sallis called the results a "wake-up call", which again underlines the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise is "a medicine that everyone should take" - already 30 minutes walk on five days a week would help.

also athletes: Indoor can hardly under Corona suffering

His co-author Deborah Rohm Young ordered the results like this: "Even after we had involved variables such as obesity and smoking in the analysis, we still saw that inactivity with a lot Higher likelihood of hospital stays, intensive care footage and death was associated, compared to moderate physical activity or no activity at all. "

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, however, are also people who have a lot of sporty, not before strong symptoms and after-effects - not even competitive athletes. Thus, the Ringer Frank Stäbler, European champion reported in the weight class up to 72 kilograms, in the Star of "Extremely strong pain in the chest" as a result of Corona infection. His performance was then reduced by 20 percent: "When I started with light training, I felt totally broken at first - as killing."

Sources: PR Newswire / "British Journal of Sports Medicine"

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