Sport Crackdown questions as Bronco avoids ban

08:15  13 june  2021
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Hong Kong democracy leader detained on Tiananmen anniversary

  Hong Kong democracy leader detained on Tiananmen anniversary Hong Kong police detained a democracy leader on Friday morning as authorities sought to prevent any public commemoration of the anniversary of Beijing's deadly Tiananmen crackdown. Thousands of officers were on standby after the government banned an annual candlelight vigil that has served for decades as a day of pro-democracy people power in the city. The first arrest came early Friday morning when Chow Hang-tung, one of the few remaining prominent democracy activists not already in jail was detained by four officers outside her office.Chow, 37, is one of the vice-chair of the Hong Kong Alliance which organises the annual vigil.

The Broncos board met on Monday to finalise the Tongan international’s future after a show-cause hearing on Friday. Pangai was initially suspended indefinitely by the NRL and fined ,000 in a breach notice for multiple biosecurity breaches. Kennedy: Pangai kind of guy we need. The most notable was his visit to a Logan City barbershop with bikie connections on Saturday, August 8. On Friday the Broncos board was satisfied Pangai was sorry for his actions, which were deemed to be uncharacteristic. Pangai must fulfil the following conditions to play with the Broncos in 2021

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The NRL's crackdown on high tackles is back in the spotlight after Kevin Proctor's shot that landed him on report was graded worse than the one that got Kobe Hetherington sent off.

a man with a football ball: Brisbane's Kobe Hetherington has copped a fine for was the referee deemed was a send-off offence. © Albert Perez/AAP PHOTOS Brisbane's Kobe Hetherington has copped a fine for was the referee deemed was a send-off offence.

Hetherington was marched from the field in Brisbane's loss to Canberra on Saturday night, after Raiders forward Corey Harawira-Naera fell into his shoulder.

The decision to send Hetherington off was met with stern criticism from several former players, while Broncos coach Kevin Walters also questioned the decision.

Tiananmen vigil stifled but HK activists say history ‘not erased’

  Tiananmen vigil stifled but HK activists say history ‘not erased’ Hong Kong police out in force to stop demonstrators marking 32nd anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing.Rosary in hand, the 37-year-old social worker joined a queue that started snaking around St Francis of Assisi’s Church, as early as two hours before the memorial mass.

GEN8 Avoiding bans with hacked switch (self.pokemonrng). submitted 10 months ago by defines_med_terms. Hi, I have a hackable switch (got it on release day) as well as a jig but never really wanted to hack it as I was concerned about my switch getting banned . I'm considering hacking my switch since 1sss and dudu bot methods are pretty inconsistent at best. However, I still want to be able to play online in the future if possible without getting banned . What are the least risky ways to hack my switch to check my raid den seeds and still be able to play online?

[–] subsblighBrisbane Broncos 4 points5 points6 points 4 months ago (0 children). The best question to White was:" if Anthony hadn't of made this decision, would have you kept him on as coach?" ahh um fuck. [–] subsblighBrisbane Broncos 9 points10 points11 points 4 months ago (0 children). False logic. They paid him .5M to avoid a legal liability (supposedly) of M. They had no legal liability to payout those they have stood down . And standing down staff is hardly a Broncos specific folly during COVID

Harawira-Naera had been ankle tapped at the time of the hit and fell forward into Hetherington, lower and quicker than the Broncos forward had expected to meet him.

Despite being sent off, Hetherington was only charged for a grade-one careless high tackle charge by the match review committee on Sunday and can escape with a fine of just $1350 with an early guilty plea.

Proctor, in contrast, stayed on the field and only put on report for a high shot on the Sydney Roosters' Joey Manu earlier on Saturday.

However, the Gold Coast captain was charged with a grade-two careless high tackle by the match review committee on Sunday, resulting in a one-match ban with an early guilty plea.

The NRL has long said it cannot expect the referees or bunker to be the judge, jury and executioner in real time, and would therefore be relied on to grade tackles on the run.

China blocks app's social media after post on Tiananmen anniversary

  China blocks app's social media after post on Tiananmen anniversary A Chinese shopping app has been blocked on social media after a post on the anniversary of the deadly Tiananmen Square crackdown of 1989, as Beijing's censorship kicked into gear around the sensitive date. The Weibo page of Xiaohongshu, a Pinterest-like platform where users share travel and shopping tips, published a post on June 4 saying, "Tell me loudly, today's date is.!" according to screenshots circulating online. The date was the 32ndThe Weibo page of Xiaohongshu, a Pinterest-like platform where users share travel and shopping tips, published a post on June 4 saying, "Tell me loudly, today's date is....!" according to screenshots circulating online.

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China's cryptocurrency crackdown , which crashed markets last month, intensified Wednesday with another province ordering all crypto-mining operations to shut down just hours after popular Internet companies started censoring searches for three of the nation's largest crypto exchanges, but bitcoin prices are skyrocketing after El Salvador's historic adoption measure—in hopes that other countries will follow suit. In its announcement, the province said it would conduct follow-up inspections on randomly selected supercomputing centers to ensure compliance and punish anyone violating the ban .

But the fact a tackle which resulted in a player being sent off was considered not as bad as another that allowed a player to stay on the field will raise eyebrows across the league.

It comes after Roosters coach Trent Robinson claimed on Saturday the decision not to even sin bin Proctor was influenced by Manu not staying down.

Robinson had been one of the biggest proponents of the crackdown when it was first introduced but is concerned over the referee taking into account the reaction of the tackled player.

"A head high would have been sent to the bin two weeks ago but we don't want our players to lie down," Robinson said.

"The commentating around it from referees is 'they have stood up, I'm OK with that'.

"What they are saying is lie down.

"The one on Joey Manu, do you want us to lie down?

"The NRL's put it back on this gamesmanship or the gentleman's agreement, just don't encourage it.

"It's not our game."

Saudi seeks religious reset as clerical power wanes .
Muezzins issuing high-decibel calls to prayer have long been part of Saudi identity, but a crackdown on mosque loudspeakers is among contentious reforms seeking to shake off the Muslim kingdom's austere image. - 'Eliminated rivals' - In another shift, observers say Saudi Arabia appears to be turning its back on global issues affecting fellow Muslims, in what could weaken its image as the leader of the Islamic world. "In the past its foreign policy was driven by the Islamic doctrine that Muslims are like one body -- when one limb suffers the whole body responds to it," another Gulf-based diplomat told AFP.

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