Sport Chaos Training! Not only Vettel and Schumacher fly from

15:00  18 june  2021
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The first training to the Grand Prix of France goes for Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel badly. Both solve yellow flags.

Chaos-Training! Nicht nur Vettel und Schumacher fliegen ab © Provided by sport1.de Chaos training! Not only Vettel and Schumacher fly from

Chaotic start to the first training to the Grand Prix of France!

In the morning session, which was affected by strong wind, there were various departures - including the German pilots Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel ( everything about Formula 1 ).

Schumacher and Vettel lose the control

Schumacher lost control of his Haas in the first sector of his first round, it raised him from curve 3 and he touched the wall.

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Vettel then met it in curve 11, he crashed into the wall with his Aston Martin. He could restart the Boli, but had to go back to the box immediately.

In a first statement on Twitter, his team led the accident back to the weather: "Strong wind today outside. Vettel has contact with the wall. He goes back to the box so that the team looks closer to the box." ( Formula 1, Grand Prix of France: The race on Sunday 3 pm in the Sport1 -Liveticker )

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Bottas in front of Hamilton and stages

next to Schumacher and Vettel also had various other drivers problems: Valtteri Bottas damaged the front wing of his Mercedes in a ride over the margins, also Carlos Sainz and Yuki Tsunoda involuntarily left the slopes.

Vettel's search for Konstanz - Le Castellet as a limit knife

 Vettel's search for Konstanz - Le Castellet as a limit knife to the fight for the front places could get used to Sebastian Vettel. © James Gasperotti / Zuma Wire / DPA wants to continue the positive development from Baku in France: Sebastian Vettel. «I hope we can now drive in the points more regularly," said the four-time formula 1 world champion before the Grand Prix of France. After the ranks five (Monaco) and two (Baku) it is to be enough at the race in Le Castellet on Sunday (15.00 o'clock / sky) at least for World Cup points.

The most recently criticized and supposedly threatened from the exhausting Bottas ended the training with a lap time of 1: 33,448 at the end, nevertheless as the fastest before the world champion and teammate Lewis Hamilton and World Cup Leader Max stages in the Red Bull.

Vettel was in the Times at the end in Rank 17 (1: 35,665), Schumacher in 19th place (1: 37.329), this time a place behind teammate Nikita maepin.

Haas team boss Günther Steiner also pointed out at Servus TV that Schumacher was also handicapped by a technical problem, there would have been "a problem with the programming of the rear brake": "We have not quite understood it and had to go again enter. Hopefully we got out the little Gremlin now. " ( therefore became Günther Steiner at Netflix to the Kultfar )

beats Mercedes back against Red Bull?

It has to show if the best time of Mercedes harbinger on a counterintaker in the title duel with Red Bull. What the silver stores should help: Magny-Cours is a conventional course and no city track that is more responding to Red Bull.

and: In France, the of the FIA ​​announced sharper tests with the "Flexi-Wings" , which Red Bull has previously gave a controversial benefit.


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Günther Steiner: Only by Mama Corinna by Mick's Sitzproemlem Learn .
© Motorsport Images Mick Schumacher did not tell Günther Steiner from his seat the story of Leaning Mick Schumacher , who can not sit properly in his hair, had on Friday In Spielberg the round made. The theme had emerged after the German Landsmann Sebastian Vettel was seated in France after the race and explained his problem. a new seat will get Schumacher but only after the summer break, because very urgent and disturbing it does not seem to be.

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