Sport Meetings of the photography of Arles: Hubert Vedrine must set up the presidency

12:55  19 june  2021
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Christian Slater and Joshua Jackson buddy up at premiere of Dr. Death

  Christian Slater and Joshua Jackson buddy up at premiere of Dr. Death The series will recount the gripping true-life tale of Dr. Christopher Duntsch. And Dr. Death costars Christian Slater and Joshua Jackson were seen at the Tribeca premiere of their series in NYC on Tuesday.And Dr. Death costars Christian Slater and Joshua Jackson were seen in attendance at the 2021 Tribeca Festival premiere of their upcoming Peacock series at Pier 76 in New York City on Tuesday evening.

Hubert Védrine lors de l'ouverture des Rencontres de la photographie, en 2017. © Bertrand Langlois Hubert Vedrine during the opening of the photography meetings, in 2017.

International meetings of the photography of Arles open this year on July 4th, when Rwandans commemorate for twenty-seven years the end of the genocide in which a million Tutsis were exterminated in a hundred days, between April and July 1994. the report Duclert on This tragedy has come to confirm the work of many journalists and historians. Yes, France had "heavy and overwhelming" responsibilities in this crime committed in Africa, which the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, recently recognized Kigali: "France has a role, a story and Political responsibility in Rwanda ", it remained " de facto alongside a genocidal regime ". After having long denied the responsibilities of the Elysee, of which he was the Secretary General, Hubert Védrine - today Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Meetings of the Photography of Arles - denounces now in the extreme press Right (1) The intellectuals and the media who did their work on Rwanda: "Ah if the newspapers were kept as before, it would not last a minute." Its remarks, like other previously, are inadmissible. The international meetings of the photography of Arles invite this summer, in a commendable effort, several African photographers after an absence noticed at their fiftieth anniversary (2). On behalf of the memory of the victims of the genocide of the Tutsis of Rwanda, and so that the reputation of this event is not tainted by the presence of a president now disqualified, so also to allow the international meetings of the photography of Arles. Continue for a serene dialogue with the African continent, we ask Mr. Hubert Védrine to set up the presidency of international meetings of Arles.

Macron honours France's last surviving WWII heroes

  Macron honours France's last surviving WWII heroes President Emmanuel Macron bestowed honours Friday on two of France's last surviving World War II resistance heroes, marking the anniversary of Charles de Gaulle's historic call to defy France's Nazi occupiers despite the country's capitulation. The military ceremony was held at Mount Valerien, the hilltop fortress west of Paris where German forces executed more than 1,000 captured fighters and hostages. It has become an annual pilgrimage site for French leaders recalling De Gaulle's dramatic appeal of June 18, 1940 made from BBC studios in London after his escape from a defeated France.

1) Elements, N ° 190, June-July 2021


The world, May 10, 2019

Signatories: Benjamin Abtan (founder of the European anti-racist movement) - Guillaume Ancel (former lieutenant-colonel, veteran of the Turquoise operation) - Fabrice Arfi (Journalist, Mediapart) - Stéphane Audouin-Rouzeau (Historian, Study Director at EHESS) - Laurent Beccaria (Editions les Arenas) - Pierre-Yves Bocquet (former speech and memorial advisor to the presidency of the Republic) - William Bourdon (Lawyer, Founder President of the Sherpa Association) - Damien Lent (Member of Parliament) - Stéphanie Chevrier (Editions de la Découverte) - Bruce Clarke (artist plastic) - Alexis Cordessage (photographer) - Marie Desplerechin (Journalist, Writer, Medical Awards Trial) - Hélène Dumas (Historian, CNRS / EHESS) - Jean-Francois Dapquier (journalist, writer) - Gaël Faye (Author, Composer, Performer, Prices Goncourt of high school students) - Hippolyte (Author, Illustrator, Photographer) - Alain Keler (Photographer, Prize Eugene Smith) - Olivier Legrain (initiator of the project The free media house) - Pierre LePidi (journalist) - Frédéric Martel (journalist, writer) - Jean-Pierre Mignard (lawyer) - Vincent Monadé (former president of the center National Book, CNL) - Scholastic Mukasonga (Writer, Renaudot Award, Femina Prize Member - Jessica Mwiza (Vice-President of the Association of Rescapées Ibuka France) - Atiq Rahimi (Writer, Director, Goncourt Prize) - Olivier Rubinstein (Literary Agent) - Patrick de Saint Exupéry (journalist, writer, price Albert London) - Olivier Sultan (Art-Z gallery) - Louis-Georges Tin (Honorary President of Cran) - Ruth Zylberman (director).

World reacts to election of Iran’s new hardline president Raisi .
While many leaders lined up to congratulate Raisi on his victory, some groups criticised his human rights record.Raisi won 61.95 percent of the vote in Friday’s election on a voter turnout of 48.8 percent.

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