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16:56  22 july  2021
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suspicion of the fraud: penalty on three employees of Daimler

 suspicion of the fraud: penalty on three employees of Daimler In Stuttgart, the prosecutor has requested a penalty order against three Daimler employees. It is about the allegation of manipulation of the emission control system of diesel cars. © dpa penalty command against Daimler employees. The Public Prosecutor's Office Stuttgart has requested a punitive order for suspicion of fraud against three employees of Daimler at the competent district court. This confirmed the authority and Daimler of the Wirtschaftswoche.

of the car maker Daimler significantly increases the beat number for the remodeling towards electric vehicles in its master mark Mercedes-Benz.

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In 2025, the Stuttgart wants to achieve around 50 percent of their sales with fully electric or plug-in cars and thus twice as much as before, like the DAX - Group Daimler announced on Thursday. In 2025 Mercedes introduces three new pure electro-architectures as a technical basis for the cars.

Mercedes-Benz is preparing to be completely fully electric before the end of the decade, where the market is allowed to allocate this. The company invests around 40 billion euros between 2022 and 2030. However, the company's previous margin objectives want to achieve the company, among other things, by a higher proportion of expensive luxury electric cars. According to the Group, investments for combustion and plug-in hybrids are encuffed by 80 percent between 2019 and 2026.

to Vogt election: Daimler representative PORTH hears the re-election of Claus Vogt as the President of the VFB Stuttgart at the VfB on

 to Vogt election: Daimler representative PORTH hears the re-election of Claus Vogt as the President of the VFB Stuttgart at the VfB on at the VfB Stuttgart. Daimler representative Wilfried Porth has explained its immediate resignation as Deputy Supervisory Board of VfB Stuttgart 1893 AG. © Imago Images / Sportfoto Rudel Sendepause: Wilfried Porth (Supervisory Board VfB Stuttgart, Links) and Claus Vogt (President VfB Stuttgart). re-election has other personnel consequences This was announced by the AG anchor investor Daimler, whose personnel council is PORTH on Monday.

Daimler Plans Construction of eight battery cell plants with partners worldwide

The car maker Daimler wants to underpin the faster change to electric cars with the construction of eight battery cell plants worldwide. Together with partners, Mercedes-Benz will install battery cell capacities of more than 200 gigawatt hours, the DAX Group announced on Thursday in Stuttgart. "Electromobility wins ride - especially in the luxury segment where Mercedes-Benz is home," said Daimler boss Ola Källenius.

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"The turning point is approaching, and we will be ready when the markets will completely switch to electric cars until the end of the decade." The planned battery cell factories are intended to complement the already planned network of nine factories, which assemble battery systems from the cell packets. The next battery generation will be highly standardized and suitable for use in more than 90 percent of all future Mercedes-Benz cars and vans, it was said.

Microsoft Teams: New version 2.0 shows up for the first time - comes exclusively for Windows 10 and 11

 Microsoft Teams: New version 2.0 shows up for the first time - comes exclusively for Windows 10 and 11 © Provided by Dr. med. Windows Microsoft Teams that Microsoft Teams gets a new client who will also bring a much better performance, we have already known that since the presentation of Windows 11, in which the new version 2.0 also demonstrated by the corresponding integration into the new operating system became. The new version says goodbye to Electron and, on the other hand, focuses on WebView 2 and pure React. The colleagues of Windows Latest have now gained a first look at the new client.

customers should decide again

"Until recently, we expected a moderate development of the electric car market, now we believe that customers are faster," explained distribution board Britta Seeger. Mercedes is ready to become fully electrical by 2030. "But nobody can foresee when the last internal combustion engine is built, it depends on the customer," she added. From 2025, three electro-vehicle architectures for medium and large cars, high-speed drives of the AMG and Vans brand, Daimler continued to join. With the acquisition of the British electric motor specialist Yasa, ultra high-performance drives are built. From 2025 new platforms would only be purely electrically created, so without combustion technology. Daimler does not settle as well as Volkswagen and Audi, who want to pattern gasoline and diesel engines until the beginning of the 1930s.

Auto production is expected to be in the factories from 2022 CO2-neutral, that is, emissions are still compensated by climate protection measures. Under the pressure of sharper climate protection regulations, all automakers in Europe have accelerated their plans for switching to battery cars in recent months. The EU Commission proposed that CO2 emissions from new cars must decline by 55 percent by 2030, from 2035 no new combustion cars should be more on the market. "Regulation will strict worldwide, but demand will be driven above all that customers will look at the superior technology," said Källenius.

profits should bubble as before 2022 to 2030 Daimler wants to plug more than 40 billion euros investment in battery vehicles. Investments in combustion cars and plug-in hybrids should decrease by 80 percent by 2026 compared to 2019. The return destinations of Autumn 2020 confirmed Källenius despite the faster recirculation at first even more unprofitable electric cars. Accordingly, in normal times, an operational margin in low to medium-sized percentage amount, in good times a two-digit margin will be achieved.

The Daimler share is currently gaining 1.43 percent to 71.85 euros via Xetra. / Men / Stkstuttgart / Frankfurt (DPA-AFX / Reuters)

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