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"Goodbye Germany" -Stars Marina and Sascha Thielen: Separation

 Marina (44) and Sascha Thielen (33) Searched in 2013 Her luck to Mallorca and emigrated from Rhineland-Palatinate to Paguera in the southwest of the island. The trained forwarding headman wanted to build a new future together with his wife and daughter Leyla (12) and opened the bar "Red Rubber Duck". But the store did not go as good as he had hoped. Only half a year later Marina then moved back to Germany with the then four-year-old daughter.

Munich - right in advance: Anyone who hopes for the Netflix documentation "Schumacher" new details of the Health Condition Michael Schumacher will be disappointed. Likewise all fans of the first hour who want to get to know completely new pages on their idol.

Michael Schumacher © Ran Michael Schumacher

Instead, the film by the Director Trio Vanessa Nöcker, Michael Wech and Hanns-Bruno Chamberton for Goosebumps: With the biggest moments of a unique career - and with a sensitive insight into a family whose life of a tragedy was shaken.

Memories of Great Formula 1 Moments

The sporty focus creates "Schumacher" on the 90s. From the debut of the Kerpener in Spa over the first race victory Ebenda, the sensational World Cup titles with Benetton or the scandal crashes with Hill and Villeneuve, the Schumachers International Image as a brilliant, but sometimes unfair pilots, all early career highlights in iconic Figures shown.

Jenson Button criticized: Is Nikita Masepin in "False Sport"?

 Jenson Button criticized: Is Nikita Masepin in © Motorsport Images Always good for a controversy: Nikita Masepin is criticized as "too aggressive" Nikita Masepin has once again taken care of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands in Zandvoort for negative lines. First on Saturday, when he suddenly excited about a skirmish with his teammate Mick Schumacher and stood Sebastian Vettel in the way. And then again in the race as he pushed Schumacher at the start and destination towards the box wall.

There are competitors on the track like Damon Hill, Mika Hairkinen or David Coulthard as well as Schumachers longtime companion Flavio Briatatore, Jean Todt and Ross Brawn as well as managers and explorers Willi Weber.

A feast for Schumi fans, but also quiet sounds such as the accident death of Ayrton Senna or Schumacher's heavy crash in Silverstone 1999 are struck. The difficult first year in the initially almost unavailable Ferrari will be discussed in detail, as well as the redeeming first World Cup title with Scuderia in 2000.

no shaking on the myth Michael Schumacher

for fans of the first hour are the new insights over man Behind the racer Schumacher nevertheless within limits. Perfectistic in the requirements of itself and his bolides, warmly in dealing with their own team, relentless in conflicts with competitors on and next to the route - so far, so well known.

mazepin snorts Munich against Schumacher

 mazepin snorts Munich against Schumacher Mick Schumacher against Nikita Mazepin: The Haas Team duel goes to the Next Round at the Italy GP in Monza. The Russian already snaps again. © Provided by sport1.de maepin snorts Munter on Schumacher because smooth the dad comes through! Michael Schumacher (52) once swarmed by the tagliatelle with meat framing, which brought him Mamma Rosella in the Ristorante Montana to the test track in Fiorano, it is for Mick Schumacher (22) Pasta Pomodoro, which he loves to Italy so much.

The most refreshing ones are still the backlacks in Schumacher Kart track with partly wonderfully inclined video material from the 80s, if about the teenager Schumacher explains in the deepest Rhinest dialect, why he goes to the start for Luxembourg.

that Schumacher's four ultra-radominic championships with Ferrari from 2001 to 2004 and the sporty unspectacular comeback at Mercedes from 2010 in the quick-breaking off, the dramaturgy of the almost two-hour documentation only benefits. Because his most impertiest about 20 minutes, the film has anyway in dealing with the momentous ski accident Schumacher in the French Meribel of 29 December 2013.

urgent: the ski accident and life afterwards

here give wife Corinna and the children Mick and Gina -Maria Schumacher insights into the otherwise hermetically sealed privacy without the movie in voyeurism. Accompanied by publicly unknown photos from the family album and video recordings, for example, from SkyDiving in Dubai or on the carriage with a boy, Pausachige Mick, moves the Schumach family and their handling of the tragedy at the center.

Photo Michael Schumacher: His son Mick post a rarissime shot at his side, the fans are upset

 Photo Michael Schumacher: His son Mick post a rarissime shot at his side, the fans are upset © Abaca Photo Michael Schumacher: His son Mick post a rare shot at his side, the fans are upset for the first time, The Schumacher family agreed for a documentary on the pilot, whose exit is scheduled for Wednesday, September 15 on Netflix. This is a great day for Mick, the son of the pilot, who published a moving clicked on his social networks. The long-awaited day has arrived! This Wednesday, September 15, Netflix unveils its unprecedented documentary on Michael Schumacher .

If Son Mick, who has now followed the footsteps of his father in Formula 1, in the film missing his dad as a mentor ("I would give up everything, only for the"), that goes to the kidneys. "I mean, everyone misses Michael, but Michael is there. But he's there and that's there and that gives us all the strength, I think," says wife Corinna. "Michael has always protected us, and now we protect Michael."

Schumi fans stays so on only the uncertainty - and beautiful memories of a unique athlete and people.

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