Sport Teures Gas, Little Eating: British Fear Sorryful Winter

09:20  24 september  2021
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How does Boris Johnson hope to avoid another winter lockdown?

  How does Boris Johnson hope to avoid another winter lockdown? The prime minister is pinning his hopes on the UK's vaccination programme greatly reducing the threat of COVID-19 this winter.Almost two months on from "freedom day" in England - when most COVID-19 restrictions were scrapped - the government has set out its plan for what scientists fear could be a "bumpy" winter for the NHS.

Brits are facing a barren Christmas with a perfect storm of gas and lorry driver shortages threatening to make festive dinner favourites unavailable - alongside toys, vinyl, books and even Christmas trees. This is more about keeping the wheels turning and the lights on so we can actually get to Christmas.' He said today: "If the food industry was just facing a CO2 crisis we could probably weather it and muddle through, but of course it's compounded by a whole array of other issues, not least the HGV driver shortage.

I fear the coming winter the rise in gas prices, the cut in UC. I fear parents having to chose between eating and heating of the elderly freezing in their homes. Of the coming winter #Covid_19 so let’s.

Higher Gas Rechts and Less Food: Hundreds of thousands of consumers in the United Kingdom threatens an expensive, difficult winter.

Leere Regale in einem Co-op-Supermarkt in Battersea, Südlondon. © Kirsty O'Connor / PA Wire / dpa Blank shelves in a co-op supermarket in Battersea, South London.

«The lights will not go out», economic Minister Kwasi Kwartenung is confident. But it is also clear: millions of people will soon feel the acute energy crisis in the wallet. A "winter of suffering" fears the newspaper «Daily Mail». Already warning commentators before returning to the 1970s with electricity shortages and strikes. Kwarteng admitted a few families soon the choice between heating and food.

Energy crisis: How long will it last and what happens if your supplier goes bust?

  Energy crisis: How long will it last and what happens if your supplier goes bust? Households are facing much higher winter energy bills due to a global surge in wholesale power and gas prices. © Sky News Screen Grab The costs are also putting pressure on the suppliers - particularly smaller companies - who are unable to pass on the increases to their customers. Four firms have already folded and there are fears that more could follow.Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has said "well-rehearsed plans" were in place to ensure consumers were not cut off in the event of further failures.

THIS Morning star Martin Lewis has issued a chilling warning over the fuel crisis engulfing Britain.A rise in global gas prices is pushing up bills wi. A rise in global gas prices is pushing up bills with the money saving expert saying some will feel they're forced to choose "between heating and eating ".

Britain's winter of woe: Millions face energy bill increases of up to £400 - as ministers consider slapping windfall tax on fat-cat firms profiteering from gas price rise crisis. They sent a letter to the Prime Minister last night warning that without a new Covid Recovery Visa regime for foreign workers ‘more shelves will go empty and consumers will panic buy to try and get through the winter ’. British Steel has warned that soaring energy prices are making it ‘impossible’ to manufacture profitably at busy times of day.

Food: The alarm in the industry is great. The largest trading chain Tesco already warns of panic purchases that could be "far worse" than at the beginning of the Corona Pandemic. The food supply of the country is "on Knesser's cutting edge," wrote the boss of the Farmers 'Association National Farmers' Union, Minette Batters, in a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed by several food associations. The industry is already enormous with pressure: because of strict immigration rules after Brexit missing truck driver, the supply is not always guaranteed, nationwide supermarket courses remain empty.

Chain reaction tightens the position

Now reinforce the increased natural gas prices the location - in a chain reaction that allows most consumers to be amazed. The focus: carbon dioxide (CO2). Food and beverage manufacturers need the gas to stun battle cattle and seal packaging vacuum-proof. Now CO2 is a by-product that comes with fertilizer production. But because some producers rested their factories because of the high energy prices, the gas is missing now. Meat producers fear a tremendous backwater, as a result of which they had tens of thousands of animals. The CO2 prices could also increase multiply and food.

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Some British steelmakers have had to suspend operations, according to trade group UK Steel. Norway's Yara (YARIY) , a fertilizer company, is cutting production of ammonia in Europe by around 40% because of the record high natural gas price. The fallout could weigh on Europe's economy, while exacerbating fears about inflation at a delicate moment in the pandemic recovery. "To the extent people are worried about the higher cost of energy, they may be inclined to hold back on spending," said Jessica Hinds, Europe economist at Capital Economics.

Boris Johnson rejected fears - voiced by his own Business Secretary among others - that the knock-on effects of soaring gas prices mean families face a choice between 'heating and eating ' this winter . Boris Johnson played down prospect of families choosing between 'heating and eating ' amid gas price crisis. Two fertiliser plants that produce 60 per cent of UK CO2 were temporarily shut down due to high gas prices. The decision meant food industry in the UK faced disaster within days with concerns for NHS and other areas.

heat: At least 1.5 million people suddenly lost their utilities because several small energy companies have gone to their knees. They had committed to their customers extremely favorable contracts, but the financing themselves did not protect themselves. The rising prices now make these constructs collapse. The conservative government that has always relied on market regulation has already made clear that it will not distribute loans. In the new providers, the energy costs are about several hundred pounds a year higher. This is especially true to poorer people hard - because the government now strikes a social benefit introduced because of the pandemic.

Johnson emphasizes Locker

So far, Prime Minister Johnson, who once appointed significantly lower energy prices after the EU exit, was stressed as a Brexit spokesman. It deals with a global problem - the industry is currently breaking away from the consequences of the Corona Pandemic: "It is as if at the end of a TV show everyone does the kettle," Johnson said recently.

Energy price cap will stay, say minister and Ofgem

  Energy price cap will stay, say minister and Ofgem Some 15 million households will be protected from soaring gas prices, the business secretary confirms.Customers on some tariffs are protected from sudden hikes in wholesale gas prices through the energy price cap.

From the British constabulary breaking up illegal picnics, to American law enforcement seeking the power to detain indefinitely without trial, civil liberties have been assaulted in every corner of the free world. Will the trade-off be justified? Relatively little is known about the virus, and some of its characteristics – like the AIDS-like attack on the immune system it causes – have baffled scientists. However, the pathogen seems to pose a greater threat to men than women. Armed with this fact, the New York Times decided on Monday that pumping men full of female sex hormones could be a cure.

We all know, gender inequality has been persisting in the west for the last at least 2000 years. And, while the cost of living has been rising steadily in the first 50 years after WWII in industrialized countries, it has been rather stagnant over the last couple of decades. A clear sign for it, is negative interest rates in many industrialized countries. So, the NYT is trying to make you believe what isn't - all to justify their "prediction" of a massive population reduction; to make you get used to the diabolical covid-plan - and perhaps to sow just a little bit of fear .

But now the government has to grant that the costs should not fall again so soon. Rather, she introduces itself to another, monthly price increase - the worst-case scenario, as Character State Secretary Paul Scully said at the Sky News station. This might mean that inflation, which was last already shot from 2 to 3.2 percent, continues to rise, so the industrial association CBI. According to a recent survey of the market researcher GFK, consumers' confidence in September declined significantly.

Finding the dangers, the government intervened and gripped the most important CO2 manufacturer with tax money under my arms. The industry breathes - and remains skeptical. "This loan is only for three weeks," said Richard Walker from the Supermarket Chain Iceland. "What happens to and what about the next gas price increase?" A wider, more diverse and more sustainable energy mix is ​​necessary, stressed Walker. So far, Great Britain relies almost half on gas. But the stores are clearly empty than in the EU, and fewer deposits are available, and since the Brexit has been missing by the European Energy Market.

China power cuts, UK petrol woes: Why is there an energy crunch? .
Energy shortages in China, the United Kingdom, Europe and Brazil are causing significant disruptions.“Sorry out of use” signs have become ubiquitous at petrol stations in many parts of the United Kingdom this week, while energy firms fold due to skyrocketing natural gas prices.

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