Sport Healing Homeopathy: The great power of small balls

13:41  18 october  2021
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California beaches near oil spill see 'tar balls': reports

  California beaches near oil spill see 'tar balls': reports California officials say tar balls have been seen on local beaches following the oil spill in Orange County last weekend. The Golden State's Department of Fish and Wildlife describes the tar balls as small, dark and often sticky remnants of oil spills or natural oil seeps in bodies of water. CALIFORNIA OIL PIPELINE LEAK: MYSTERY CONTINUES TO SWIRL AROUND CAUSE The agency explained that as winds and waves break an oil slick into smaller patches, various  physical, chemical and biological processes change the appearance of the oil by a process called "weathering.

Homeopathic remedies can be extremely diluted: So as if you dissolve a drop of medicine throughout the waters of Lake Constance. While critics doubt the effectiveness of such remedies, many doctors and patients have different experiences.

Homoeopathie © iStock PicLeidenschaft Homeopathy Homeopaths use only natural products: herbs, minerals, salts and metals. These substances they put in highly diluted one, sometimes so strong that not a single molecule of the original tincture is gone. For critics, this is proof that homeopathy can not work. But the experience of many physicians and patients shows the opposite. The healing process is old over 200 years. To the classic form of homeopathy new forms today have joined: about the complex remedies homeopathy or Homotoxikologie.Die discovery over 200 years Ender German doctor, pharmacist and chemist Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy. Already over 200 years ago, he formulated its principle that like could be cured by like. The reason: he discovered through self-tests that natural substances that cause symptoms in a healthy person lead in a patient with the same symptoms to healing. In addition, he made the crucial observation that the substances appeared stronger when he diluted them strong. He called this process "exponentiation". But before healing occurred, he first observed a "healing crisis". She showed him that he had found the right drug. But a homeopath not only treats the symptoms of the disease. At the same time he tries to mobilize through the choice of appropriate means of self-healing powers of the patient. Choosing the right drug is therefore of utmost importance. Although Hahnemann felt a single drug would be enough to cure, already began his students to apply multiple drugs simultaneously. But consistently just the great natural healer Pastor Felke was working with so-called homeopathic complex remedies. That was over 100 years. The complex remedies Homeopathy - often referred to in the media as "modern homeopathy " - was erfunden.Das 20th century finally brought another form of homeopathy: homotoxicology. Her father is the German doctor and homeopath Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985). He believed that disease occurs when the toxins in the body are rampant. They "clog" the body. Its cells are not supplied with sufficient oxygen, important biological processes are hindered. Reckeweg the task looked homeopathic combination remedy is to rid the body of toxins and caused him thereby heilen.Wasser with GedächtnisHomöopathische drugs in a special way: First, a machine chops the corresponding medicinal plants. The so-called original tincture obtained when mixing the plant with alcohol and water and then squeezing. The Potent stage D1 - a tenfold dilution - is formed when mixing a drop of the original tincture with nine drops of alcohol and shakes them. Taking out this dilution one drop and mixing it again with nine drops of alcohol creates the potency D2. Already the potency D16 is so strong diluted so that the ratio of the substance to water is about one drop throughout the water of Lake. The latest from a dilution of D24 no molecule exists according to physical laws of the original substance more in the drug. But for homeopaths the most dilute substances are just the wirksamsten.Genau here begins the conflict between science and homeopathy. For scientists such dilutions are nothing but water. For homeopaths, however, it still contains the "Information" of the original tincture. By the shaking will assign this information. True this theory, water would have something like a memory. It "remembers" the starting material. In fact, there are various explanations in this regard, but so far none is scientifically nachgewiesen.Sowohl acute and chronic diseases are treated with homeopathy. Proponents of homeopathy believe especially in acute diseases at a cure in no time. The premise: find the right drug must be found. But a responsible homeopath knows the limits of his treatment methods. These are certainly of major diseases such as cancer or AIDS.

T20 World Cup result: South Africa canter past the West Indies .
South Africa took control with the ball before completing an assured chase.The Proteas limited the West Indies to 143 for eight as Dwaine Pretorious took three wickets late on to put the brakes on an innings which had looked set to reach a far more imposing total after opener Evin Lewis’s blistering 56.

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