Sport Key: Formula 1 rules 2022 allow "no big innovations"

18:45  19 october  2021
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Williams: "No problems" in the development for 2022

 Williams: © Motorsport Images With Williams you are in view of 2022 hopefully The development of the current Formula 1 bolides is completely set for most teams. The basic focus is already a while on the new regulations for 2022. Even with Williams, you can dedicate yourself to the new project, because that you will reach something other than the eighth place this season will be unlikely.

even if six races are still in this formula 1 season, the teams have the development of their current cars as good as set. The works now almost exclusively focus on being prepared for the coming year when a new rule era begins to be prepared for the best possible way.

Motorsport photo © Motorsport.com Motorsport Photo

Each manufacturer is empowered to exploit all potential gray zones and to achieve the type of performance advantage, the Brawn GP 2009 had the double diffuser.

, however, today's teams can not be so innovative in many areas as well as then. Because the Formula 1 responsible have worked hard to make the rules for 2022 very much waterproof when it comes to loopholes.

Vettel does not want Formula 1 reporter

 Vettel does not want Formula 1 reporter ex-world champion Sebastian Vettel is thinking about his future after the career in the formula 1. © Florion Goga / Pool Reuters / ap / dpa already thinks about his time After the Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel. "I'm not sure if politics would be right for me. Look at my age, I will not drive ten years more. Of course, I think about what comes after Formula 1, "said fourfold world champions in the interview of the" New Osnabrücker Zeitung ".

Key: No room for obvious tricks

from the point of view of McLaren technical chief James Key means that there is no obvious tricks that will provide headlines. But that does not mean that there is not a lot of smaller concepts that can still be implemented.

"I think there are many subtleties that you can exploit," explains the British engineer. "This will be the trip in 2022. With these rules, we will not see any double diffuser and these types of great innovations. They are too restrictive. But there will be other clever ideas and approaches."

One of the declared goals of the Formula 1 owner Liberty Media is to compensate for the field with its new era of Grand Prix racing and thus give the teams from the midfield hope, occasionally to fight victory.

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Why slow teams have an advantage

Key expects some elements of the new rules, such as the restrictions for the AERO development that gives the slowest teams more time for wind tunnel and CFD tests, could prove to be important to to help the team behind.

"It's really hard to say how everything will develop," says Key. "If you have new rules like this, the most terrible part of the year is the first qualifying, where everyone shows how fast he is. I think we will not know exactly when the qualifying in Bahrain next year, where people are standing. "

"But I think it has some advantages when you stand further in the championship, with the CFD and wind channel advantages that can be obtained," adds the engineer.

top teams will continue to specify the sound

had been great in the previous year to become with McLaren's third parties in the constructor's rating. "But it had a small effect on how much development we can do with our funds compared to a team in place, nine or ten. So you definitely have a small advantage." However,

Vettel and Aston Martin: "The next big thing"

 Vettel and Aston Martin: Aston Martin is currently fighting Alphatauri and Alpine in midfield. But in the future Lawrence wants more - with Vettel as a driving force, © Provided by Sport1.de Vettel and Aston Martin: "The next big thing" Since the disqualification of Sebastian Vettel after his second place at the GP Hungary, the success of success is missing Aston Martin. (Data: The Driver's Development of Formula 1) Last in Turkey Sebastian Vettel (34) Place 18th Ranked.

Key still believes that the quality of staff will be sufficient in the top teams to give them a lead when the cars go 2022 on the route: "The infrastructures, the heritage, the methods, the knowledge and The culture that one has in a winning team are a small advantage. "

Even if the larger teams have to cut their budgets further, they still have a buffer - "through all the investments they (in the past) have made (in the past), and all the research that It allows you to be successful ".

Key: "Hopefully Field Become tighter"

"I suspect that the chopping order will be quite similar. But hopefully it will be narrower," says the McLaren technical chief. "I suspect that in the beginning it will be a little confused, because I'm sure everyone is still a bit immature, as far as your knowledge about these cars are concerned."

"But with the time and the more restrictive rules, it will hopefully become narrower," looks ahead, "and then we will see how the chopping order is."

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