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11:20  25 november  2021
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Alonso: Hamilton SHOULD be sent to back of the grid over engine use

  Alonso: Hamilton SHOULD be sent to back of the grid over engine use The added boost in power from his fifth engine saw the Brit win back-to-back Grand Prixs in Brazil and Qatar earlier this month and blow the title race wide open with just two races to go. And two-time Formula One champion Alonso believes Hamilton should be handed a more severe punishment for changing his engine once again.'Those who have exceeded a certain number of engines per year should be sent to the back of the grid,' Alonso told Spanish outlet AS.

Fernando Alonso gibt zu, dass er merkt, dass er langsam älter wird © Motorsport Images Fernando Alonso admits that he realizes that he is slowly older

Fernando Alonso believes that his in winter bicycle accident has no major impact on the course of his formula 1-season 2021 had. However, the Alpine Routinian acknowledges that the injuries suffered, including a pine break, have led to take a little longer until he could retrieve his performance potential to 100 percent.

Alonso was collided on February 11 while cycling in Lugano with a car. He moved into a pine break, among other things. "The doctor was very quickly said that I will be okay ten, twelve days after surgery. That was in early February, so I did not worry," he tells him in the podcast 'Beyond the Grid' .

Conspiracy Theory about Mercedes? Alonso with bizarre statements

 Conspiracy Theory about Mercedes? Alonso with bizarre statements Mercedes always wins and that will remain so, Fernando Alonso is convinced. By contrast, Max is also powerless. © Provided by sport1.de conspiracy theory about Mercedes? Alonso with bizarre statements of indomitable does not matter. And he does not want to fool all others. His thesis: In Formula 1 you can not win a flowerpot if you do not drive a Mercedes. Even if you like Fernando Alonso (40) as a best Formula 1 pilot of all time.

"In retrospe, if I look at how the season started for me, I would have used more time in the car in the winter, in the simulator, in the factory. I missed a test in Paul Ricard with the 2018 car, The team did, "says Alonso.

Although he was there for all official tests, and at the season opener in Bahrain anyway. But: "I needed five or six races to get to 100 percent. Without the accident, it may have been only two or three," he suspects. "It's already a setback."

with now 40 years Alonso is soon the oldest driver in the starter field of the formula 1. Although Kimi Räikkönen is almost two years older, but he will end his career at the end of 2021. It is quite natural that physically something has changed. For example, Alonso feels more than earlier than before.

"That's something changed in the course of my career was. When I was younger, I could sleep in every country, in every time zone. Jetlag was there no problem. Now it's not a big deal, but I do not notice That I need more days to get used to a new time zone, "he admits.

influence on his performance but not: "If you are sitting in the car, [...] the body turns on and it flows adrenaline. The focus is so high that you forgets the moment you have difficulties physically and mental. This is absorbed by the car. "

"Sometimes I have something in my mind, which burdenes me maybe a personal thing. But if you run the visor and drive out of the box, do you forget everything else," says Alonso.

Bulgaria: A car accident made at least 45 dead .
© Dimitar Kyosemarliev / AFP has u less 45 people, so five children, died in the night from Monday to Tuesday in Bulgaria in a car accident. "Forty-five or forty-six people died" in this drama on the highway 40 km south of Sofia, said Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov, head of the disaster control service that spoke on television public bnt. "Seven passengers could be saved," he added. The cause of the accident could not be determined at this stage.

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