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16:15  27 november  2021
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Why France's Zemmour is dredging up World War Two

  Why France's Zemmour is dredging up World War Two The TV pundit is a likely presidential candidate but his views on wartime history are controversial.But there is another subject on which his views are to say the least controversial and unusual, especially for a French Jew. And that is France's collaborationist wartime regime.

marketa davidova © Panoramic Marketa Davidova

Impressive on the skis and perfect shooting (20 out of 20), the Czech Marketa Davidovan World Champion in Title of the specialty, Quoted all its competitors this Saturday on the Individual Ladies of Östersund, first race of the World Cup season. The French have multiplied the faults in shooting and finish very far.

The first great lady of the season is named Marketa Davidova (24 years old). For the recovery of the Biathlon World Cup, this Saturday in Östersund, Czech crushed all the competition on the occasion of the first race, the individual ladies 15km. Only all favorites to succeed in a 20 out of 20 shooting despite the conditions not obvious and in particular a very complex wind, Davidova relegated all its rivals to more than a minute. The Austrian Lisa Theresa Hauser, Second Of This Individual With One Fault With Her Shooting For Her, Thus finishes one minute and 17 seconds of Czech, perfect on the four steps of shooting but also very good on the skis (eighth time ) , she who still confessed this Saturday after her demonstration on the Swedish snow she still had to improve rifle in hand, the heroine of this first appointment even before she still lacks confidence in shooting.

Video reveals horrific 'bastardisation' of recruit at Victoria's Latchford army barracks

  Video reveals horrific 'bastardisation' of recruit at Victoria's Latchford army barracks Lawyers for a young former military recruit are taking the Australian Defence Force to court over his experience at an army barracks in Victoria.Among a host of allegations about how former RAAF aircraftman Alister French was treated at the army base, a video has emerged of fellow soldiers using Mr French for an evening's entertainment in a common room at the barracks.

The French people upside down

its competitors, all stunned one after the other by the only biathlete to have signed an without-mistake on this individual with German Anna Weidel, 9th of the final ranking, Chinese Zhang (16th) And the Estonian Letla (46th) had to laugh given the show successful by the world's champion of the specialty in front of a Swedish public came. He was able to attend the huge group failure of the French. The five Tricolores in Lice Anais Bescond, Justine Braisaz-Bouchet, Chloe Chevalier, Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet and Julia Simon could hardly imagine worst debut. has five, our representatives thus committed the trunking of ... 25 fails to shoot, six for the only Julia Simon, who perfectly materialized the nightmare lived on Saturday by blueberries totally unable to adapt to the wind who blew on the firing step. On arrival, the French who had the best exit on this first race of the season finished 28th, nearly four minutes from Davidova and with a 16 in 20 shooting only. This is Anaïs Bescond. And, of course, she will not rejoice.

Johnson calls for British police patrols along French coast to stop migrant crossings after 27 die in Channel

  Johnson calls for British police patrols along French coast to stop migrant crossings after 27 die in Channel British patrols along the French coast are needed to prevent migrant boats from attempting to cross the Channel, the prime minister has told France after 27 people died near Calais. Five women and a girl were among the victims after their boat capsized in the water. One of the dead women was later reported to have been pregnant.Two people were rescued and four people-smugglers have been arrested, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has said.

Biathlon / Individual Östersund (F)

Final ranking - Saturday, November 26 2021

1- Marketa Davidova (RTC) EN 42'43 "5 (0 Firing fault)

2- Lisa Theresa Hauser (AUT) to 1 '17 "7 (1)

3- Denise Herrmann (ALL) at 1'23 (1)

4- Dzinara Alimbekava (BLR) at 1'46 (2)

5- Uliana Nigmatulina (RUS) at 2'04 ( 1)

6- Emma Londer (Sue) at 2'05 "2 (1)

7- Emilie Kalkenberg (NOR) at 2'25 (1)

8- Kristina Reztsova (RUS) at 2'27" 7 (1 )

9- Anna Weidel (ALL) at 2'28 "6 (0)

10- Marte Olsbu Roeeland (NOR) at 2'38" 01 (3)


28- Anaïs Bescond (FRA) to 3 '49 "7 (4)

38- Justine Braisaz-Bouchet (FRA) at 4'28" 8 (5)

48- Chloé Knight (FRA) at 5'16 "3 (5)

52- Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet (FR) to 5'30 "2 (5)

72- Julia Simon (FRA) at 6'07" 8 (6)


Biathlon - Continuation of Östersund (H): Jacquelin Third behind Christiansen and Samuelson .
© Panoramic Jacquelin 051221 Emilien Jacquelin finished third of the pursuit of Östersund, behind vetle Christiansen and Sebastian Samuelsson. Antonin Guigonnat, Ninth, is the other French of the top 10 This is a six-podium weekend for the France Biathlon team at the second stage of the World Cup in Östersund! Two o'clock after the victory of the Relayers, Emilien Jacquelin is mounted on his 23rd podium, finishing third of the pursuit.

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