Sport Fit in the New Year: These apps help with the New Year's Sets

16:35  31 december  2021
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Rams at Vikings: Susceptible cousins ​​powerful under pressure

 Rams at Vikings: Susceptible cousins ​​powerful under pressure Munich / Minnesota - Actually, the Injury Report of Minnesota Vikings would have been nothing special on Wednesday. Actually. © Getty Kirk Cousins ​​ because it was an unusual name, the list was given more meaning than usual. So quarterback Kirk cousins ​​were listed with a rib injury, which he had moved to the Chicago Bears in the Monday Night Game. This is so special because the playmaker has never appeared on no injury report for eight years.

every year again occurs at New Year's prerequisites, which will be a little later ad acta. That does not have to be. These app helpers help users implement their intentions.

Damit die guten Vorsätze für 2022 nicht auf der Strecke bleiben: Diese Apps unterstützen User beim Umsetzen. © megaflopp / shutterstock.com So that the good intentions for 2022 will not stay on the track: these apps support users when implementing. sporty into the new year

Sport and fitness apps there are plenty of sporting goods manufacturers as well as independent developers. One of the most famous on the market is "myfitnesSpal" , which links an integrated calorie counter with completed workouts. The free application calculates consumption as well as customs precisely and recommends the matching recipes. The app is available for free for Android and iOS.

Santa Claus Liveefeed: So your kids follow the gift delivery in the network

 Santa Claus Liveefeed: So your kids follow the gift delivery in the network Shortly before the publication of this article, Santa Claus and his helping in the Gulf of California were busy with gift delivery. This shows the Santa-Tracker plus some additional info. © T3N Santa Santa Live: The Shipment Tracking for Gifts. with almost 325,000 kilometers traveled and nearly 7.6 billion gifts is located in Santa Claus in the morning of the first Christmas holiday is good in time. Every stop costs him only minutes - apparently the logistics is perfectly organized.

A calorie counter has the fitness and yoga app "Asana Rebel" (free for Android & iOS ), for the individual program suitable recipes. In addition, meditation exercises, vivid videos and a successful voice output come. "Freeletics" (free for Android & iOS), however, promises to bring its users into the "form of life", for which multi-week training and nutrition plans are used.

conclusion with the smoke

has always been one of the classic intensements for the new year: finally stop smoking! Among other things, the financial component can be a belonging incentive. Particularly clearly represents the Android app "Get Rich Or the Smoking" , how much money you actually saves, if you no longer smoked. Special incentive: The app also shows when a user can afford an article on a wish list from the money saved by non-smoking.

21:10 clock live on P7 Maxx: Davis - the one-man demolition bulb

 21:10 clock live on P7 Maxx: Davis - the one-man demolition bulb Munich - Who at "YouTube" searches for highlights by Jordan Davis, jumping a video titled "Godzilla". A nearly six-minute clip assembly of the defensive tackle of the Georgia Bulldogs. Davis pushes offensive liner such as toy cars, swallowed Running Backs and throws quarterbacks like wet sacks to the ground. © Getty Images Jordan Davis How "Godzilla" leaves Davis's devastation behind.

stronger on the health aspect pays attention to the "Smoke Free" (Android & iOS) app, which is a weakness of English, but also offers mental assistance, if the desire for the glow stemming does not want to tear off .

Better Essen

Less Discounter Meat, More Fruits and Vegetables, Much Water: New Year's Tests In Puncto Health, everyone is likely to know - but only too easily many quickly fall into the old patterns. Especially helpful here are the already mentioned fitness apps, which have integrated nutritional tables and calorie computers. As a supplement, offers the app "EAT SMARTER" (free for Android & iOS): More than 100,000 recipes are stored in the free app, which offers more features. If you have found a recipe, the necessary ingredients can be added with a click of an integrated shopping list. In addition, "Eat Smarter" explains to each of the curated courts, which are his health benefits.

Taiwan sets up $200m Lithuania fund amid China row

  Taiwan sets up $200m Lithuania fund amid China row China downgraded its diplomatic relations with Lithuania after Taiwan opened a de facto embassy there.Taipei said it aims to make its first investment later this year and the money is guaranteed by its national development fund and central bank.

Finance and Time Management

has been made to have a better look at his finances, apps like "Household Book MoneyControl" for Android and iOS are very useful. With the program, all revenue and expenses can be listed in the simplest way. The accessible user guidance makes it possible to keep full control over his bookings - even with a preview of upcoming months.

The topic of time management is becoming increasingly important. Alone for organizational tasks, one consumes in the private environment - and in the profession - often many hours. "Evernote" for Android and iOS helps to organize all projects, manage task lists or write notes. All information is automatically synchronized between PC, smartphone and tablet, which always has everything at hand.

Marko: Stages vs. Hamilton as a fabric for the cinema .
Munich - Hardly a Formula 1 season offered as much tension as the past with the title duel between Max stipen and Lewis Hamilton. So could it be that the fans can once again pursue the events in the future on the screen? © imago stages and Hamilton is believing Helmut Marko, then this is not unlikely.

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