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14:30  23 january  2022
14:30  23 january  2022 Source:   ouest-france.fr

Vaccinal scheme: The French expatriate puzzle living in Russia

 Vaccinal scheme: The French expatriate puzzle living in Russia © AFP - Alexander Nemenov Thousands of French live in Russia, especially in Moscow, the Russian capital. French living expatriates in Russia are obviously forced to survive. Indeed, France only authorizes four vaccines in its vaccine scheme and dismissed the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. A real puzzle for our fellow citizens who are established in Russia. Testimony.

La Russie est le pays d’Europe qui compte le plus de victimes du Covid-19. © AFP Russia is the country of Europe with the most victims of CVIV-19.

The most endangered country in Europe by COVID-19, Russia recorded 63 205 new cases on Saturday.

The Russia announced Sunday a new daily record of contaminations at the Coronavirus for the third consecutive day, a propagation due to the variant OMICRON very contagious.

The most endangered country of Europe by COVID-19, Russia recorded 63 205 new cases, after recognizing 57,212 Saturdays and 49,513 Friday, according to the government's figures.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned last week that his country had two weeks to prepare before being struck by this variant, calling for speeding and vaccination.

COVID-19. Omicron wave overlooking South America

 COVID-19. Omicron wave overlooking South America © Mara Sosti / AFP A man is tested for COVID-19 in Mar del Plata, in Argentina, January 11, 2022. South America and the Caribbean undergo an unprecedented rise of the Omicron variant. The region has doubled its record of new daily COVID-19 cases. An average of 304,000 daily cases of Covid-19 was detected between 7 and 13 January 2022 in South America, nearly twice as the record established before the current wave. Between May 28 and June 3, 2021, the region had 155,000 daily cases.

No return to confinement

The capital Moscow, epicenter of the epidemic in the country, also recorded a new record, for the fourth day in a row, with 17,528 new cases.

The contagions are strongly progressing in recent days, leaving a particularly strong wave.

In Russia, which barely comes out of a particularly murderer wave caused by the Variant Delta, the authorities still struggle to convince the Russians to go to be vaccinated.

Even though this country has several vaccines of its own design, including the Sputnik V, less than half of the 144 million Russians are completely immunized to date, according to the website specialty Gogov.

Thursday, Sputnik V designers have claimed strong protection against the Omicron Variant, similarations similar to those of Mr. Putin who stated that the Russian vaccine was "more effective than the other used in the world".

Government figures report 326 112 deaths from COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. But the Rossat Statistical Agency, which relies on a broader definition of virus-related deaths, accounting for the double.

After a strict containment in the spring of 2020, the Russian authorities refused to replace such restrictions, despite new epidemic waves, in order to limit economic losses.

Russia is the fourth country of the world's most endangered by the virus, according to a statement of AFP, after the United States, Brazil and India.

The Battle for the Future of the West .
The real prize in Ukraine is the end of American influence in Europe.For so long, many people in Europe, including the U.K., have comforted themselves with platitudes that “hard power” no longer matters, that spheres of influence are outdated, and, even, that geopolitics itself has become somewhat passé. Then Russia sent 100,000 troops to the Ukrainian border. Suddenly playtime was over and once again the future security of Europe was being decided by someone else, somewhere else.

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