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12:35  27 january  2022
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Construction of charging stations for electric cars in the north accelerates

 Construction of charging stations for electric cars in the north accelerates The construction of charging stations for electric cars in Schleswig-Holstein has quickly accelerated. In 2021, more than 5,000 orders are addressed to connect charging stations for E cars, the network operator Schleswig-Holstein network (SH network) shared on Monday. In the previous year, it had been 1000 orders. All orders have been counted from the wallbox on the private house to the fast charging station on the highway.

Electro-Micra by Nissan On the platform of the Renault 5 confirmed

The Allianz Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi presents a common timetable for electrification by the year 2030. had insiders compared to Reuters already reveal some key points . These include the new electro-micra, the five platforms for electric vehicles and the desired production capacity for batteries of 220 gigawatt hours. But there are some deviations and new announcements.

Nissan EV Technology Vision © Insideevs Germany Nissan eV Technology Vision

According to the plan, the electrical investment should be increased. So far, the threesome Alliance has set 10 billion euros into the electrification. In the coming five years, another 23 billion euros will follow. This will be developed by 2030 no fewer than 35 new electric models.

Stellantis boss weathered EU

 Stellantis boss weathered EU Electric Car Strategy The head of the AutoConzer Stellantis has sharply criticized the EU's electric car strategy. The political specifications had no creative freedom to produce manufacturers to introduce other ideas, Tavares explained in a "Handelsblatt" interview (Wednesday). © Carlos OSORIO / AP / DPA Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares practices criticism of the EU strategy when switching to electric vehicles.

In addition, the Alliance wants to strengthen cooperation. An important role of playing common platforms for the electric cars. Thus, the three partners use shared platforms of today 60 percent want to increase to more than 80 percent in 2026.

90 percent of the 35 models developed by 2030 (so everyone up to about four) are to be based on five alliance platforms:

CMF-AEV: Base for the Dacia Spring Kei-eV: Mini-vehicle platform for Japanese Kei-Cars with Electric drive LCV-EV: Platform for electric commercial vehicles such as Renault Kangoo and Nissan Townstar CMF-Ev: Base for Nissan Ariya and Renault Megane E-Tech Electric etc. CMF-Bev: new small car platform from 2024 for Renault 5 and Electro-Micra

on the CMF-eV platform should create many other models in addition to the previously known models Ariya and Megane. By 2030, over 15 models are to be based on this flexible platform. Every year, up to 1.5 million cars are to be produced based on this platform.

EU: Parliament must vote the Digital Services Act, a regulation on digital content

 EU: Parliament must vote the Digital Services Act, a regulation on digital content © AP - Jenny Kane The EU is first since 2001 adopt legislation on the sector, with the DMA, which concerns the digital markets, and the DSA, which concerns the contents. Regulate the jungle of the digital universe. It is the ambitious project of the European Union. The EU for the first time since 2001 adopt legislation on the sector, with the DMA, which concerns the digital markets, and the DSA, which concerns the contents.

For another 250,000 vehicles, the new Platform CMF-BEV, which starts 2024. It is used for the mentioned new electro-micra, the Renault R5 and also from Alpine (probably for the alpine version of the R5 ). The Elektro-Micra is designed by Nissan and developed by Renault and is to be manufactured in the Electricity, the Alliance's electric stroke in Northern France.

Another pillar in the alliance internal cooperation is the batteries. In advance, the news was already that the partners in 2030 achieve a worldwide production capacity of 220 gigawatt hours. That would be about the same capacity as the VW Group for Europe is planning .

but not self-produced cells should be, but purchased together. For this you want to select a common battery supplier who supplies Renault and Nissan in the core markets. Thus, the battery costs should fall by 50 percent by 2026 and by 65 percent by 2028. That means: The batteries should only be about half as much as today.

Australia must jump on board the e-bus express

  Australia must jump on board the e-bus express Australia can join the green industrial revolution by building electric buses locally. We just need a better road map and some teamwork.NSW hopes for 8000 electric buses by 2030, and wants them made in Australia. It's part of the plan to reach net zero by 2050.

The Nissan solid state battery should come 2028 and lower the battery cost at $ 65 per kWh.

Nissan also wants to develop my own solid-state battery (ASSB), as Nissan announced in November . At that time, a corresponding skateboard platform was the speech, which is now no longer mentioned. In any case, the technology should be available to all Allianz members. The ASSB announced for 2028 is intended to double the energy density over today's batteries, shorten the loading time by two-thirds and also reduce battery costs to $ 65 per kilowatt hour. That would allow equality with combustion vehicles, so the Alliance.

itself you want to develop the battery management. Thus, the partners want to benefit from valuable data that enable the monitoring of the condition of the battery and the improvement of the technology.

More about Renault's electric plans:

Renault Eways Electropop: 10 new electric vehicles up to 2025

Renault wants to sell only electric cars by 2030 in Europe

important is the alliance also the topic of networking and autonomous driving. Already today 3 million vehicles with the cloud of alliance are connected, so the partners. From now on, five million cars will be delivered with this type of networking year after year. So 2026 a total of 25 million cars be networked over the cloud.

Renault also develops an architecture that merges electronics hardware and software. 2025 The Alliance should bring its first "fully software-defined vehicle" on the market. Among them, the manufacturers apparently understand a car in which significantly more functions can be improved or expanded over over-the-air updates.

Source: Renault (by e-mail)

planned luxury resort for the Krypto community failed .
A paradise retreat for Krypto fans on a South sea island: That was the plan of initiators of the "Cryptoland" project. But now the dream seems to be passed over, because the purchase of the Fiji Island provided for this is burst, the responsible councils advised in explanatory notes and are now even under fraud. © Provided by finanzen.net Gualtiero Boffi / Shutterstock.com Cryptoland: Island Paradise for Kryptofans? It works for children and almost a little bizarre: in the animated imagination

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