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15:40  10 august  2022
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Legend Sohn before Schalke change!

 Legend Sohn before Schalke change! Schalke 04 is about to commit a prominent name. Jordan Larsson-the son of Celtic legend Henrik-probably changes to the royal blue. © provided by Sport1.de Legende son Before Schalke change! This transfer would have 04 radiance for Schalke! Sport1 can confirm a report by the transfer expert Fabrizio Romano: The shortcomings are before Jordan Larsson's obligation. There is already a fundamental agreement between the clubs, but the obligation is not yet in dry cloths.

with new statements by Peter Knäbel and Sebastian Polter increases the criticism of the VAR decisions at Schalke's start against Cologne. The time for changes has now come.

© provided by Sport1.de "Lauter department store detectives": Schalke Sauer on Var

at FC Schalke 04 you don't seem to be over the bitter opening bankruptcy in Cologne.

After the VAR decided several situations of the Schalke , according to sports director Rouven Schröder, sports director Peter Knäbel has now practiced significant criticism and challenged changes. (News: All current information about the Bundesliga)

"If there is a loud department store detectives in the basement and search for a picture in which one can prove any guilt, then the values ​​of the game are not respected," complained Knäbel.

Var-Rot! Trouble after a bitter premiere at Schalke

 Var-Rot! Trouble after a bitter premiere at Schalke Dominik Drexler flies off the square at Schalke's Bundesliga return in the first half. The offensive player is the first player of the new season to see the smooth red card. © provided by Sport1.de Var-Rot! Trouble after a bitter premiere at Schalke first game, first red card! Schalke 04 has returned to the Bundesliga stage after one year. Dominik Drexler saw the first smooth red card of the season in the 35th minute at the away game in Cologne.

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in Cologne recognized referee Robert Schröder the supposed Schalke lead from Rodrigo Zalazar due to sidelines and Dominick Drexler showed a controversial red card after the campaign had looked several times afterwards. (News: lock for Draxler has been determined)

Raetel: "Context of the game more important than individual image"

, especially when there is a disputed displacement, the referee's influence.

"If the referee explains that he cannot avoid the picture, it is a technical hearty hearty that harms football," said the 55-year-old, for whom the situation is more decisive than the snapshot: "The course and the The context of the game is more important than the individual image that reproduces a certain moment. ”

Schalke Sauer on Var: "Do not need a chief referee"

 Schalke Sauer on Var: Munich/Cologne - Rouven Schröder briefly and briefly got to the point: "We were disadvantaged." © Images Images Schalke Trouble Var The sports director of FC Schalke was eaten and sour after the 1: 3 defeat of his royal blue. Not necessarily on the referee. His anger was the var. and the meaning put Schröder on the A in Var, assistant. "We need an referee assistant, no chief referee," the former player rumbled towards "DAZN" towards Cologne Keller.

should assess this context instead of relying on the“ department store detectives ”in the Cologne basement. Finally, according to Knäbel's assessment, referees will be decided to decide.

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Schalke sports director recognizes a basic problem in which he does not see the Schröder used in Cologne as the cause. The 36-year-old is even one of the particularly hopeful referees. (Data: The Bundesliga table)

Polter: "Video evidence must not intervene"

with Sebastian Polter, a player was also clearly positioned. “For me this is not a red card because there was no intensity in it. At first it was not a clear wrong decision, so the video evidence should not intervene, ”said the striker in the podcast Kicker meets DAZN about the red card of teammate Drexler. (Overview: The fixed transfers of all Bundesliga clubs)

LOL: Schalke 04 qualifies with a clear victory for European Masters

 LOL: Schalke 04 qualifies with a clear victory for European Masters The FC Schalke 04 qualified for the European Masters with another victory in the League of Legends (LOL) Strauss Prime League. © Schalke 04 is again the euro fighter-the Schalke League of Legends team. Strauss Prime League On the evening of August 9, the second round game in the Lower Bracket of the first division was due. Opponent Big had previously bowled Mouz with a 3-2 from the play-offs. But it was also tight at the Schalke game against Eintracht Spandau.

He is aware that you should actually look ahead from Schalke's point of view. Nevertheless, the time to initiate changes is now: "You have to send a clear signal to the referee that we players are even more involved in such situations."

for the ex-Bochumer is primarily decisive for the drexler foul, the speed, the speed, the speed, above all, the speed, Their impression can be falsified by the images in slow motion: “Especially in such slow and uncontrolled actions with no intention, you have to be careful that you give a red card. This is something different than when someone arrives at 300 km/h. ”

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as a measure. The 31-year-old supports the integration of former professionals: “If you add the opinion of an ex-professional Already help. ”

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Schalke hopes for premiere victory after return .
Schalke 04 strives for the first victory after returning to the Bundesliga. © provided by Sport1.de Schalke hopes for premiere victory after return Schalke 04 strives for the first victory after returning to the Bundesliga. Coach Frank Kramer sees a need for improvement before the game at VfL Wolfsburg on Saturday (3:30 p.m./Sky): "We recently did it really well in all areas for 60 minutes, fitness and athletic level," he said on Thursday: " But still have to remain compact and duels that we ha

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