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00:43  12 august  2022
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War in Ukraine. Zelensky challenges China, UN investigation on Olfivka ... The point on the night

 War in Ukraine. Zelensky challenges China, UN investigation on Olfivka ... The point on the night © AFP Photo / Ukrainian Presidency Volodymyr Zelensky wishes to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping to ask him to intervene with Russia. The Ukrainian President appealed to his Chinese counterpart to ask him to intervene with Russia to stop the fighting. The United Nations launched an investigation into the massacre in Olenivka prison. Back on the events that marked the night from Wednesday, August 4 to Thursday, August 4.

Une photo d'un baraquement de la prison d'Olenivka détruit par une explosion le 29 juillet 2022. © AP A photo of a hut of Olenivka prison destroyed by an explosion on July 29, 2022.

last week, explosions in prison From Olenivka, in the separatist Republic of Donetsk, left dozens of deaths among Ukrainian soldiers taken prisoner in Marioupol. Moscow accuses kyiv of having bombed them, which kyiv refutes. The Russian army took several journalists on the spot on Wednesday August 10.

We go to Olenivka, about twenty kilometers from the capital of the self -proclaimed republic of Donetsk, by a road that crosses the countryside, small villages crushed in the heat of summer and their cemeteries invaded by crazy herbs. In front of the buildings in clear ocher brick of the penitentiary colony, a large security device and special precautions such as phones prohibited for the press.

Ukraine ‘corrodes’ Russian forces in southern counteroffensive

  Ukraine ‘corrodes’ Russian forces in southern counteroffensive Ukraine started its counteroffensive in Kherson province by cutting off Russian supply lines to its forward positions.Ukraine also scored a diplomatic victory: Russia has agreed to lift its blockade of Black Sea ports to allow Ukrainian grain exports, which Ukraine estimates will bring in $10bn in much-needed revenue.

Video: Moscow accuses Kyiv of having attacked a prison in the Donetsk region (Dailymotion)

from the outside, we only see high walls, rusty barbed wire and windows masked by curtains and wire mesh. Inside, after having crossed a massive blue sliding door, we see in the first courtyard, dominant the visitors, three wooden Christs carved on their cross, and at their feet, a message that invites you to repent. In the second courtyard, after the miradors, on the ground, broken glass and rubble, then the destroyed roof room where the prisoners died. There are hanging sheets, a bible on the ground, heaps of ash, a remnant of coverage that emerges, then ripping carcasses of almost entirely charred beds.

On the spot, Ukraine considered as manager

here, we persist and sign: it is kyiv who is responsible for the death of the dozens of prisoners who were in the room. Why would Ukraine bomb its own soldiers? Denis Pushilin, President of the PRO-RUSSK separatist Republic of Donetsk, made this answer: "Only Ukraine had a reason to do that, and this reason is that the prisoners had started to testify, to make confessions in which they gave names, first names, dates. The identities of which gave them criminal orders following which they committed war crimes against civilians. As soon as these video confessions began to appear, the blow was carried. This strike has been launched from a territory controlled by Ukraine, with Himars missiles, which are now delivered in Ukraine. Besides, here we found the remains of these missiles.

Here, Ukraine is also accused of also targeting major cities and civilians. Last week, Donetsk experienced Ukrainian artillery fire in the city center affecting hotels, theater, with a five dead and several civilians.

Crimea ‘sabotage’ highlights Russia’s woes in Ukraine war .
Attacks in the peninsula may indicate that Ukraine’s operatives are able to penetrate deeply into Russian-occupied land.A statement from British defence intelligence on Wednesday said that: “Russian commanders will highly likely be increasingly concerned with the apparent deterioration in security across Crimea, which functions as rear base area for the occupation.

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