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01:40  03 october  2022
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How Italy could elect its first far-right prime minister in decades

  How Italy could elect its first far-right prime minister in decades Italy’s potential far-right turn is years in the making.Italy will hold snap general elections on Sunday to elect a new parliament, and Meloni’s party is widely considered the favorite to come out on top as the leading partner in a new conservative coalition, with Meloni as prime minister.

In the parliamentary election in Latvia, the Liberal Conservative Party New Unity of Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins has become clearest. However, government formation should be difficult.

Freude über den Wahlausgang bei Krisjanis Karins und Anhängern © Janis Laizans/Reuters Joy about the outcome of the election at Krisjanis Karins and supporters

After counting more than 90 percent of the vote, the new unit (Jauna Vienotiba) is almost 19 percent of the votes, as can be seen from data from the election commission in Riga . The second strongest force will therefore be the opposition alliance of farmers and the Greens (almost 13 percent) - which the Greens have now left. This is followed by the newly formed election alliance United List (about eleven percent) - with the participation of the Greens.

DOJ, White House silent on status of lawsuit against Georgia's 'Jim Crow' voting law as midterms loom

  DOJ, White House silent on status of lawsuit against Georgia's 'Jim Crow' voting law as midterms loom The Biden administration has remained largely silent on a lawsuit alleging racism in Georgia's new election integrity law as the 2022 midterms linger just weeks away.The Department of Justice told Fox News Digital this past week that it does not have an update on its lawsuit against Georgia’s election integrity law other than public court filings as voters are set to head to the polls in Georgia under the jurisdiction of an election law President Biden called "Jim Crow in the 21st Century" and "a blatant attack on the Constitution.

coalition partners punished

from Karins' previous three coalition partners, according to the information, only made the leap into parliament: the national conservative national alliance (around nine percent). While the conservative Pro-Western party Conservative Conservative, which has been protected so far, clearly failed due to the five percent hurdle, the liberal party for the development/for it is! Very close to it.

With the counting of the other votes in the Baltic state, the balance of power could still shift. The social democratic opposition party harmony is particularly useful. The strongest political force in Latvia so far is currently only 4.8 percent, just below the five percent hurdle for a move into parliament. The party, whose nuclear voters come mainly from the strong Russian -born minority and won the most votes in the last elections, is the big loser of the vote. In 2018 she received almost 20 percent of the vote. In total,

Why Giorgia Meloni will fail

  Why Giorgia Meloni will fail Like all populists, Italy's new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, promises simple solutions to complex problems — and is a mess of contradictions.Her support has risen very quickly from nowhere, he explained, and once disillusion sets in, it can fade away just as quickly. He used a simile to describe Italian politics. It’s like a river flowing very strongly along its course, he explained. Once in a while a flow of water diverts to one side or the other, but sooner or later it is drawn back into the mainstream.

, according to the statement of the counting, made eight parties entering the Saeima People's Representation. In addition to the new United List election alliance, there are three more new groups.

government formation is likely to be difficult

Prime Minister Karins was ready to lead the upcoming government after the vote. In view of the majority that emerges, difficult coalition negotiations are expected. The alliance partners of the current coalition can no longer come to a majority in the 100 seats of Riga, so that Karin's additional allies have to win to stay prime minister.

"I am convinced that we will be able to find such a solution," said Karims early Sunday morning. "First and foremost, it is about how we all get through the winter, not only in Latvia, but throughout the EU, and that we are all closed behind Ukraine and that we do not wake up in view of the difficulties," said Karins.

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  How Trump's terrible endorsements could sink his own party's hopes When the Republicans lost the presidency and control of Congress almost two years ago, they could take comfort in knowing they could take power again soon. © Provided by 9News.com.au Trump 'a threat to this country': Biden The Democrats had the most tenuous control in the Senate, holding exactly half the seats with the vice president serving as the tiebreaker.The only thing Republicans needed to do was pick up a single seat in November's midterm election, and they had plenty of good opportunities.

Fear of Russia was the central campaign topic

The election campaign was dominated by the Russian attack war against Ukraine. Similar to Lithuania, Estonia and Poland, many people in Latvia fear that their country could also be attacked despite membership in the EU and NATO. The Baltic States and Poland consistently faced the side of Ukraine.

Pro-ukrainischer Protest mit Luftballons in den Farben der Nationalflagge der Ukraine vor der russischen Botschaft in Riga © Alexander Welscher/DPA/Picture Alliance Pro-Ukrainian protest with balloons in the colors of the National Flag of Ukraine in front of the Russian embassy in Riga

raised the war also other for Latvian questions in dealing with all Russian. These include, for example, the use of the Russian language, the loyalty of ethnic Russians in Latvia and a debate about the national culture of remembrance. With 1.9 million inhabitants, many citizens in the state are also very concerned about the increased increased energy prices and the high inflation.

Karim's party Jauna Vienotiba, like the German Christian Democrats, belongs to the EPP parliamentary group in the European Parliament. He is the first Latvian head of government to complete a full four -year term. Politically, the 57-year-old benefited from his consistent policy towards Moscow, which also includes the restriction of the entry of Russian citizens from Russia and Belarus. In addition, the defense budget was significantly increased.

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'America's elections could turn really nasty' .
Amid warnings of violence, the first vote since the Capitol riot will be a huge test of US democracy.Karen and Steve don't want to take up arms. But if Republicans lose in November this elderly Arizona couple say a civil war is coming and, yes, they will fight. They have discussed it between them, and feel that taking up arms is their best option. It was at this point that our conversation grew a little dark and my faith in the strength of American democracy grew a little shaky.

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