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04:30  02 december  2022
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EU Council President Michel, China has asked Moscow to end up with an end to the war in Ukraine. Another topic was trade stresses such as the inadequate market access criticized by Europe in China.

Begrüßung in Peking: Charles Michel (links) und Xi Jinping © Ding Lin/Xinhua/picture Alliance Welcome in Beijing: Charles Michel (left) and Xi Jinping

The European Union is based on China, Charles Michel said after a conversation with China's state and party leader XI Jinping in Beijing. As a constant member of the UN Security Council and Veto power, China is "special", the EU Council President emphasized before journalists in Beijing. "We are turning to China to influence Russia and try to convince Russia to respect the UN Charter and the sovereignty of Ukraine." He very much hoped that the international community, "including China", could convince Russia to end the war, said Michel after his three -hour talks with the Chinese president in front of the press. Xi had assured him that the People's Republic did not deliver weapons to Russia and reject atomic threats.

Putin Trip Goes Awry With Angry Protests and Awkward Photo Ops

  Putin Trip Goes Awry With Angry Protests and Awkward Photo Ops The European Parliament has voted a non-binding resolution to designate Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” on Wednesday, just as Vladimir Putin arrived in Yerevan, Armenia, for a meeting of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Russia’s collective military alliance. “The deliberate attacks and atrocities carried out by the Russian Federation against the civilian population of Ukraine, the destruction of civilian infrastructure and other serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law amount to acts of terror against the Ukrainian population and constitute war crimes,” the members of parliament said.

To date, China has not criticized the Russian invasion in Ukraine, but rather gave the Russian President Vladimir Putin back. With the condemnation of Russian threats to the use of nuclear weapons that XI Jinping first expressed when visiting Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Beijing in early November, China seemed to distance herself from his support.

XI Jinping warns Europeans of "New Cold War"

at the same time Michel insisted on more equality and fairness in the economic relationships with China. There must be equal access for European companies in China as well as for Chinese companies in the EU internal market. The background is complaints from European companies about restrictions in China. "We don't want excessive dependency," emphasized Michel. With a view to the strict corona policy of Beijings, he emphasized that European companies were willing to deliver vaccines to China if they were approved there.

Russian atrocities bring Nato closer than ever

  Russian atrocities bring Nato closer than ever Despite fears of fatigue, Nato allies are closer than ever after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.Of course when you chat to officials in the soulless, concrete monolith that is Nato HQ here in Brussels, no-one expresses pleasure at the current situation in Europe after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But they are quick to tell you how surprised, amazed or encouraged they are, and that the alliance is so "very" united.

Gespräche zwischen EU und China, nicht nur wegen Corona mit Abstand © Zhang Ling/Xinhua/AP/Picture Alliance Talks between the EU and China, not only because of Corona by far

XI, warned the Europeans with a view to deteriorating relationships of "all forms of a new cold war". Such ways of thinking and ideological confrontation would have to be overcome. Both sides should also "not interfere with internal affairs". Because of the different history, it is only normal for differences. However, both sides would have to deal with it "appropriately" and respect their respective core interests.

Because of the strict zero-Covid policy in China, Michel, like Chancellor Scholz in early November, only stays a one-day visit to Beijing and moves with his delegation in a "closed cycle". It was the first visit of an EU top politician in Beijing since the beginning of pandemic.

from resentment about Lockdowns, compulsory quartan, mass tests and control had demonstrated thousands in several cities of million cities. Since then, a large contingent of security forces Protests has largely prevented. In Beijing, the EU Council President generally spoke out for the right to freedom of assembly.

Qu/Kle (dpa, RTR)

Putin says any country that attacks Russia with nukes will be wiped off the face of the earth .
Putin said Russia had no mandate to launch a preventative first strike, but that his hypersonic weapons would ensure Moscow could respond with great force should it come under attack (Russian test launch of Sarmat ICBM) Putin spoke at length with reporters in Bishkek in today's press conference, covering a range of subjects regarding the war in Ukraine.

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