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Mexican start-up fights air pollution with artificial trees

Thursday  10:07,   22 august 2019

Trees are one of the best things we have to clean the Earth's air, but they have certain drawbacks: they need time and space to... >>>

South Australia Announces $300,000 Fund For Video Games

Thursday  08:25,   22 august 2019

The Australian states might be several years behind the 8-ball when it comes to how video games are classified, but the good news is that they're getting more and more on the front foot when it comes to funding their development. Enter South... >>>

Scientists Reveal Brain Structure Of 20-Million-Year-Old Monkey

Thursday  08:15,   22 august 2019

Paleontologists operating CT scanners have revealed the structure of a 20-million-year-old primate brain, thanks to an extremely well-preserved fossil skull. Credit Cards Are Now Offering 0% Interest Until 2020 Find out more on Finder Ad... >>>

The WHO Has No Idea if Microplastics in Our Water Are Harmful or Not

Thursday  07:41,   22 august 2019

It took us a while to notice, but now it's clear that plastic pollution is everywhere: in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, and the water we... >>>

Experts say wisdom teeth removal is leading to opioid addition

Thursday  07:26,   22 august 2019

If you've ever had your wisdom teeth removed you know how painful the days immediately following the surgery can... >>>

Facebook’s Clear History privacy tool finally begins rolling out in three countries

Thursday  07:09,   22 august 2019

It was nearly a year and a half ago that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, standing onstage at the company’s annual developer conference, announced that the company would begin letting users sever the connection between their web browsing history and... >>>

Google to launch the Nest Mini, report says

Thursday  07:08,   22 august 2019

The follow-up to the Google Home Mini could be unveiled this... >>>

Russia to send 'Fedor' its first humanoid robot into space

Thursday  07:07,   22 august 2019

Russia was set to launch on Thursday an unmanned rocket carrying a life-size humanoid robot that will spend 10 days learning to assist astronauts on the International Space... >>>

Workspace data collection and analysis is revolutionising the office, employee well-being and attracting the best staff

Thursday  06:55,   22 august 2019

Employee well-being, attracting a diverse workforce and productive agile workplaces are critical for winning companies. To address the challenges of today’s competitive commercial office landscape, it’s incredibly useful to collect and analyse... >>>

Can DNA solve the mystery of Europe’s pointy skulls?

Thursday  06:25,   22 august 2019

A new genomic study tries to see if there’s a correlation between artificial cranial deformation and migration following the collapse of the Roman Empire. Could ancient DNA help archaeologists pinpoint what exactly those cultural alliances were? At... >>>

Opinions | China is copying Russia’s Internet attacks. It’s good that Twitter and Facebook responded.

Thursday  05:30,   22 august 2019

Other services, including Google, ought to quickly follow their... >>>

Everything That Will Get Your Game Banned In Australia

Thursday  05:11,   22 august 2019

With the rise in high-profile video games running into the wall of Australia's classification system, it's high time we revisited an old chestnut: Australia might have an R18 rating for video games, but we also have some hugely strict limits on what >>>

Instagram Doesn't Own Your Photos, But They Can Still Use Them Forever

Thursday  05:00,   22 august 2019

Earlier this week, Judd Apatow, Debra Messing, and Rick Perry⁠ — the U.S. Secretary of Energy and guy in control of America's nuclear weapons⁠ — fell for a lie that’s been circulating on Instagram: that Instagram changed its policies so that they... >>>

Facebook Privately Admitted Failure In Vetting The Author Of Its 'Anti-Conservative' Audit

Thursday  04:58,   22 august 2019

Facebook on Tuesday released the initial report prepared by its external auditor concerning the rampant speculation about anti-conservative bias at the company.... >>>

The video game championing women's basketball

Thursday  04:00,   22 august 2019

Women's sport is finally getting the recognition and appreciation it deserves, and now also in the virtual... >>>