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Worrying rise in venomous spiders weaving their way into suburban homes - as experts warn a spike in bites is inevitable

Sunday  02:05,   16 december 2018

Around 310 calls have been made to Victorian Poisons Information Centre this... >>>

If extinct animals could be brought back from the dead, should we do it?

Saturday  23:45,   15 december 2018

Resurrection biology is getting a considerable boost from new technologies. But would the woolly mammoth and Tasmanian tiger be happy living in the 21st... >>>

RANKED: Every Nintendo console and portable system

Saturday  23:05,   15 december 2018

Since the debut of the original Famicom in 1983, Nintendo has released over a dozen video game consoles and handhelds. Each of Nintendo's systems has been focused on innovative technology and family fun, though some have been much more successful... >>>

Martian Satellite Spots NASA's InSight Lander From Space

Saturday  22:45,   15 december 2018

The precise location of NASA’s InSight lander within Elysium Planitia is now known, thanks to images captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The InSight lander touched down on the Martian surface on November 26, with NASA scientists confident... >>>

Exploding Stars Might Have Brought an End to the Prehistoric Megalodon

Saturday  22:06,   15 december 2018

A supernova can really mess you up when you're a giant shark. Our planet saw a lot of action as the Pliocene Period gave way to the Pleistocene 2.6 million years ago. The world cooled off, Africa dried out, the poles froze over lowering global sea... >>>

Made in Vietnam: Vingroup launches first smartphones

Saturday  14:31,   15 december 2018

Vietnam's largest private conglomerate Vingroup unveiled its first made-in-Vietnam mobile phones on Friday in the fast-growing country where it will face tough competition from tech giants like Samsung, Oppo and Apple. The company, run by Vietnam's... >>>

It’s Now Possible to Get DNA From 10,000-Year-Old Chewing Gum

Saturday  14:31,   15 december 2018

No one today quite understands how they did it, but people in the Stone Age could turn ribbons of birch bark into sticky, black tar. They used this tar to make tools, fixing arrowheads onto arrows and blades onto axes. And they chewed it, as... >>>

Virgin Galactic finally made it to space. Here's what that means.

Saturday  14:31,   15 december 2018

It's not just a big deal for future space tourists,... >>>

MIT grads weather out solution to forecast issues

Saturday  12:06,   15 december 2018

This new software could be answer to changeable British... >>>

The inside story behind the All-View Display on the Honor View20

Saturday  12:06,   15 december 2018

Here's how Honor's magic All-View Display... >>>

Bees can wear backpacks now thanks to the University of Washington

Saturday  12:06,   15 december 2018

Wearables are all the rage for us humans, delivering all kinds of useful information about our bodies and surroundings. Now, scientists from the University of Washington have developed a wearable system for a much, much smaller creature. Engineers... >>>

Hyperloop startup Arrivo is shutting down as workers are laid off

Saturday  08:45,   15 december 2018

The company, started by former Hyperloop One executives, furloughed all employees in November while it sought new... >>>

Facebook's scandals and screwups: What you need to know

Saturday  08:45,   15 december 2018

The social media giant's problems just keep... >>>

Amazon's $30 Echo clock puts Alexa timers on your wall

Saturday  08:45,   15 december 2018

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock is finally available. First announced back in September, the analog clock that can sync with timers and display countdowns set through Alexa sells for $30. To get the most of this wall clock, you'll need an Echo speaker to >>>

11 amazing facts about the human brain

Saturday  01:55,   15 december 2018

The brain is the most complex organ in the body. Scientists think that human brains are actually shrinking over... >>>