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always tired in the morning? With these four tricks you start the day wake up - and it is not the coffee

Saturday  09:50,   26 november 2022

"I'm always tired in the morning ...", it says in the well -known song of the band Laing. Do you know that? You are not alone with that. 96 percent of Germans know fatigue and weaknesses of concentration. While 24 percent of the respondents... >>>

countries want energy costs for medium-sized companies

Friday  22:40,   25 november 2022

. According to this, small and medium-sized companies in hardship cases should receive additional support if increasing energy prices endanger their existence despite electricity and gas price brake. © Fabian Sommer/dpa particularly energy... >>>

has been on this flat shoe trend since her youth

Friday  18:20,   25 november 2022

the most pictures that you can see from stars are flawlessly beautiful. However, this is not because the models, actors or singers are superhuman, who are fundamentally spared from pimples, fashion fails and greasy hair, but much more because they... >>>

Less vaccinations against human papilloma viruses

Friday  10:40,   25 november 2022

The Corona crisis has also affected the vaccinations of children and adolescents. Above all, the gap in the vaccination against human papilloma viruses (HPV) worries. After the DAK children's and youth report released on Friday, HPV vaccinations in >>>

France 3: Cyril Féraud shocked by production, his amazing discovery on the Duels set in families

Thursday  18:30,   24 november 2022

© provided by all TV after the first round, where two families arrived ex aequo in a match of the regions, Cyril Féraud made an improbable discovery with "Papi Paul" a retired SVT teacher. In duels in families, offered this Wednesday, November 23,... >>>

2,500 years old, a gigantic Etruscan temple discovered in Italy

Thursday  17:40,   24 november 2022

© Mariachiara Franceschini an aerial view of the new discovered temple, next to Tempio Grande. Archaeologists have uncovered a new temple in the old Etruscan city of Vulci. The religious building, which measures 45 meters by 35, is one of the... >>>

Lament rejected: Controversial climate foundation MV must name companies

Thursday  15:50,   24 november 2022

The controversial climate foundation MV must reveal the names of the companies involved in the construction of the Gaspipeline North Stream 2 . “Unfortunately, the Federal Constitutional Court did not accept our complaint. We very much regret that. >>>

Peskov excludes that Russia and the United States will be in contact to promote a negotiation table with Ukraine

Thursday  00:50,   24 november 2022

supplied by News 360 El Portavoz del Kremlin in Dimitri Peskov - - / Xinhua News / Contactophoto paintings Kremlin spokesperson Dmitri Peskov has excluded that Russia and the United States will be in contact to promote peace negotiations with kyiv, >>>

NASA milestone: James Webb creates chemical profile of exoplanet atmosphere

Wednesday  15:50,   23 november 2022

The James-Webb dumbbell telescope is known for capturing breathtaking images of space. Now the JWST has shown the first molecular and chemical profile of the atmosphere of an exoplanet. © Sadoharu / Shutterstock The Exoplanet Wasp 39b. At the... >>>

A Ciné-Concert on Dragon Ball to discover at the Zenith in Nantes in February 2023

Wednesday  13:20,   23 november 2022

© Dr The music of the saga "Dragon Ball" will be played during a film concert, at the Zénith de Nantes. Sunday, February 26, 2023, fans of "Dragon Ball" have an appointment at the Zénith in Nantes for a film concert on the animation series. Fan of... >>>

Disability of Cloud Gaming and mobile browsers: Investigation against Apple and Google initiated

Wednesday  12:40,   23 november 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows Cloud Gaming Cover The British competitive authority CMA has initiated a formal investigation against Apple and Google. It is about the possible abuse of a dominant position in the topic of cloud gaming and the mobile... >>>

Doctors are increasingly prescribing apps on prescription

Wednesday  11:50,   23 november 2022

33 digital applications are reimbursed by the cash register. In Saxony they are mainly used for a disease. © Annette Riedel/dpa The health training "Hellobetter" is one of the applications that are taken over by the cash register. © Annette... >>>

Antarctic: Researchers discover gigantic living beings

Wednesday  10:40,   23 november 2022

Astonished scientists have discovered that despite the inhospitable climate of the continent, a millions of square kilometers may be lurking under the icy surface of the Antarctic. © ray hems/iStock Antarctic researchers have found that could live... >>>

towards new food shortages at the supermarket in 2023? "This is what we are currently in," alerts the CEO of System U

Tuesday  19:50,   22 november 2022

after mustard or sunflower oil, should the French prepare for next food shortages? Yes, according to the manager of System U, Dominique Schelcher. … Mustard , Sunflower oil , Duck, Foie Gras and now Rice ... It has been decades that France had not... >>>

Thyssenkrupp-share deep red: Cevian reduces participation in Thyssenkrupp to a share of less than 1 percent

Tuesday  14:20,   22 november 2022

The financial investor Cevian has once again separated from shares of the industrial and steel company Thyssenkrupp. © provided by Finance.net Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images According to dealers, the Swedish investor sold around 23.4 million papers at... >>>