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Electro-truck: Amazon buys the first electrical four-toner from Volvo

Thursday  16:20,   06 october 2022

© provided by Wirtschaftswoche An electric truck is available at the international automotive exhibition IAA Transportation for commercial vehicles at the Hannover trade fair. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = to 2040 wants to be Amazon... >>>

Startup investment: Super Bike8 moves Hertha professional Davie Selke as an investor on land

Thursday  07:10,   06 october 2022

The Hertha professional footballer Davie Selke recently invested in a startup. Among other things, this wants to increase his fame with the well -known investor on board. © provided by Finanzen.net Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty Images Bicycle Marktplatz... >>>

Philippe Bouvard appears weakened but jovial in C to you, the internet users very moved to see him again (ZAPTV)

Thursday  04:20,   06 october 2022

© screen capture France 5 Philippe Bouvard appears weakened but jovial in C to you, the Internet users very moved to see him again (ZAPTV) This Wednesday, October 5, 2022, C to you received a monument on the small screen and the radio. At 92,... >>>

Jean-Luc Reichmann and Lorie in full rapprochement: this Quio video shakes Internet users!

Wednesday  23:00,   05 october 2022

In a video posted from his Twitter account, Jean-Luc Reichmann shares a nice moment of complicity with Lorie. A sequence that has made Internet users react a lot. © Bestimage Jean-Luc Reichmann and Lorie in full rapprochement: this Quio video... >>>

US rocket with Russian cosmonauts started to ISS

Wednesday  22:50,   05 october 2022

Kennedy Space Center. The United States has brought a Russian space driver into space. In the middle of the Russian war of aggression, this has a special symbol value. Also on board was an indigenous one from the USA for the first time. © John... >>>

5 fruits and vegetables to grow at home, without garden

Wednesday  22:20,   05 october 2022

© getty images/istockphoto 5 fruits and vegetables to grow at home, without garden not only it is not compulsory to have a garden to grow certain fruits And vegetables, but in addition, it is not very complicated. The proof by five. Your Browser... >>>

instead of black! In autumn 2022 we wear our boots in this color

Wednesday  20:31,   05 october 2022

in autumn 2022 on classic black boots? Does not come to us at all! Instead, we prefer to rely on a new trend color that brings more lightness and elegance into our fashion trends. What color boots must have to be shoe trend ? This! © Getty Images... >>>

50 percent cheaper: E-bikes at Amazon, Lidl & Co.

Wednesday  18:10,   05 october 2022

© TVMovie/PR Find and buy an e-bike from Lidl, Otto or Amazon Teutoburger Senne Pedelec Citybike: E-bike that Light E-Bike Senne Pedelec Citybike from Teutoburger with a deep start is perfect for everyday life-for men and for women. At Amazon there >>>

NASA discovers UFO debris on Mars

Wednesday  16:32,   05 october 2022

© supplied by Bang Showbiz NASA discovered UFO debris on Mars. Experts from the American space agency identified the mysterious debris hanging from the bottom of his unmanned helicopter as he left the red planet. The "foreign body debris" were... >>>

90 percent of conventional apple juices with pesticides load

Wednesday  11:10,   05 october 2022

The environmental protection organization Greenpeace had 20 different apple juices - both conventional and from biological production - examined in the laboratory for pesticides. The result: 90 percent of the conventionally produced apple juices... >>>

Porcelain Challenge, beware of this false dangerous challenge launched on Tiktok

Tuesday  22:30,   04 october 2022

© Illustration Photo: Jasmin Schreiber / Unsplash in the "Porcelain Challenge", or "Porcelain challenge", nothing is true. It’s a joke, launched by a user. A false challenge allegedly launched on the Tiktok social network, agitated the Anglo-Saxon... >>>

Xbox Game Pass October Update: Four Day One titles go to the Start

Tuesday  18:30,   04 october 2022

© provided by Dr. Windows Xbox Game Pass October 2022 The first wave of new additions for the Xbox Game Pass in October is certain. In total, nine games are new to the catalog, including four "Day One" titles, i.e. games that are included in the... >>>

The forces of evil invade us and no one is talking about it, except CNews: viewers shocked by this lunar program

Tuesday  15:40,   04 october 2022

This Sunday October 2, 2022, CNews broadcast a new number of in search of mind. A program that gave pride of place to religion and which annoyed viewers. In question ? WTF debates on angels, demons and the place of evil in our society, the... >>>

with false vaccination status no cruise

Tuesday  14:40,   04 october 2022

no cruise with faulty vaccination status - the district court Ansbach has rejected a lawsuit by a woman who actually wanted to travel through the Mediterranean with her husband. Because their vaccination status did not meet the requirements of the... >>>

Caution: Experts warn against mushroom determination via app

Tuesday  13:51,   04 october 2022

© Peter Berglund / Gettyimages You should be careful with mushroom determination apps in autumn, many people start looking for mushrooms. The simplest tool for determination: an app. You can find out why these can lead to dangerous confusion here.... >>>