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Adventure close to home. A hike in the light of a full moon

Sunday  12:05,   09 august 2020

© Christel Trinquier In the dark, each rustle gives rise to fear of imminent danger. We leave for a night walk. On the lookout for flora and fauna. In search of new sensations. A night march. The idea is not to go far or go fast, but to soak up our >>>

Towards a takeover of TikTok by Twitter?

Sunday  11:50,   09 august 2020

© Pixabay Towards a takeover of TikTok by Twitter? Discussions have reportedly been initiated by the two companies with a view to a possible merger. Twitter has, according to the Wall Street Journal, started preliminary discussions for a possible... >>>

Art brut: the inner worlds of Massou, hermit transformed into an artist, disappeared in the spring

Sunday  00:25,   09 august 2020

Jean-Marie Massou died on May 28 at the age of 70, in his forest, in Marminiac, in the Lot, where he lived alone . Unclassifiable artist, he had been the subject of a documentary, but also of a record collection. © Provided by Franceinfo For 45... >>>

Solar storms (Arte) Earth in danger?

Saturday  19:50,   08 august 2020

Arte is interested tonight in Solar Storms, and the repercussions of this cosmic phenomenon on Earth, and offers a very informative documentary to follow from 10:25 pm ... © NASA 's Scientific Visualization Studio / J. Hopkins University Applied... >>>

Coronavirus: update on the

Saturday  17:05,   08 august 2020

pandemic © Copyright 2020, L'Obs New reports, new measures and highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. The number of new cases of coronavirus up 30% in one week in France Latin America and the... >>>

The tile for Verratti!

Saturday  16:19,   08 august 2020

© Supplied by Sports.fr Marco Verratti The fear was confirmed this Saturday. Injured in the calf, Marco Verratti will be forfeited Wednesday in the Champions League quarterfinals with PSG. His training injury worried his trainer Thomas Tuchel and... >>>

community event for developers: Diversity and Inclusion Hackathon in Pforzheim

Saturday  12:05,   08 august 2020

© Provided by Dr. Windows Diversity Hackathon Today we would like to draw your attention to an interesting community event for developers. The organizers of "Fashion meets AI" from last year are once again organizing a hackathon this year on... >>>

Tiktok could also move to Ireland because the country interprets tax law and data protection "rather casually", says an expert

Saturday  10:51,   08 august 2020

© Provided by Business Insider Germany Sheldon Cooper / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images While the Chinese video platform Tiktok in the US is under strong pressure, the company wants to intensify its activities in Europe. In an blog post... >>>

Unjustifiably high mobile phone bill - this is how consumers can defend themselves against it

Saturday  04:05,   08 august 2020

For owners of mobile phone contracts, it makes sense to continuously monitor their debited invoice amounts. This is because additional costs can quickly arise, the origin of which the consumer does not even know. In this case you should react... >>>

After Trump decree: Tiktok announces legal action against ban in the USA

Friday  18:25,   07 august 2020

© XanderSt / Shutterstock Tiktok could soon disappear from the app store in the USA In a statement in the company blog, Tiktok was shocked and announced that it would be to want to defend against the decree by all means. Specifically, the ban is an >>>

Climate. The last ice shelf in the Canadian Arctic collapsed

Friday  17:05,   07 august 2020

© NASA / EPA Nasa shot of Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, in the Canadian Arctic, where the last platform was detached intact glacial area. The last intact ice shelf in the Canadian Arctic has just collapsed. It belonged to the Milne Ice Shelf,... >>>

Because Excel messes up: Scientists had to rename human genes

Friday  15:31,   07 august 2020

© PixieMe / Shutterstock.com If Excel doesn't change, science has to do it. Automatic formatting should relieve Excel users of work. But now the program has brought geneticists to even more work. The automatic formatting of Excel is likely to have... >>>

Intel: 20 gigabytes of internal documents leaked

Friday  15:26,   07 august 2020

© Shutterstock / Alexander Tolstykh Intel: 20 gigabytes of internal documents leaked Has the US chip manufacturer been the victim of a hacker attack? The company is currently investigating how internal documents could be made public. 20 gigabytes... >>>

Nick Cave now sells wallpapers with erotic motifs

Friday  15:26,   07 august 2020

The motifs on the wallpaper come from a drawing from 2006 and are said to have been designed by Nick Cave himself © Provided by www.rollingstone.de Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the Glastonbury Festival 2009: Nick Cave (l.) and Conway Savage (r.)... >>>