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Tech & Science NASA’s plan to get to the Moon by 2024 isn’t ready yet

07:07  09 may  2019
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NASA’s plan to get to the Moon by 2024 isn’t ready yet

NASA’s plan to get to the Moon by 2024 isn’t ready yet Congress would like to know why

READ MORE: NASA ' s plan to put humans on the moon by 2024 is taking shape — but will they get the money? But the agency, apparently, still is working out how much money it would need to make this happen. Bridenstine previously told the Chronicle the budget would be ready by early May at the latest.

The plan to get humans to the moon four years earlier than expected is taking shape in NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine' s mind, and he' s pretty Finally, officials will shuffle the government' s rocket manifest to use its last flight in 2024 to send humans to that moon station instead of a probe to

NASA’s plan to get to the Moon by 2024 isn’t ready yet© Image: NASA An artistic rendering of NASA’s future lunar Gateway

Members of Congress grilled representatives from NASA today over the agency’s failure to deliver a plan for getting back to the Moon within five years. The plan was supposed to be ready by mid-April but NASA officials say it’ll probably be a couple more weeks until the details are finalized and delivered.

On March 26th, Vice President Mike Pence challenged NASA to return humans to the surface of the Moon by 2024 during a speech at a meeting of the National Space Council. It marked a significant change in deadlines for NASA, which had been targeting 2028 for its first human landings on the lunar surface.

NASA’s plan to get to the Moon by 2024 isn’t ready yet

NASA’s plan to get to the Moon by 2024 isn’t ready yet Congress would like to know why

The Vice President' s Plans To Land Astronauts On The Moon By 2024 Will Cost Billions. A similar increase for NASA today would shoot its budget above 0 billion a year. A Congressional Budget Office analysis of similar moon landing plans made by the Bush administration in 2004 estimated

Yet , we are just scratching the surface of knowledge about the Moon . Following a recommendation from the National Space Council, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence asked NASA to accelerate lunar exploration plans and put Americans back on the Moon by 2024 , leading

But Pence said that NASA had a plan to accelerate these landings and that NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine had divulged the details five minutes before the speech.

However, Pence did not go into those details, and they’ve remained mostly unknown ever since. On April 2nd, Bridenstine told the House Science Committee that NASA was developing an amendment to the president’s budget request that would include cost estimates and details for meeting the administration’s challenge. When asked if NASA could deliver the amendment by April 15th, Bridenstine said that the agency would “get really close.”

Today, members of the House Science Committee expressed their frustration over the fact that the amendment isn’t ready yet. “The lack of planning evidence so far is no way to run our nation’s human space exploration program,”

NASA’s initiative to put a woman on the Moon is named Artemis, after Apollo’s twin sister

NASA’s initiative to put a woman on the Moon is named Artemis, after Apollo’s twin sister Oh my goddess

Can NASA send people back to the Moon by 2024 ? Credit: NASA ' s Scientific Visualization Studio. There are many details to this, but NASA is long overdue and way overbudget on SLS, so money was shifted around to get the first stage of it built, deferring work on the critical Exploration Upper Stage to

NASA ' s current plans to make all this happen include the construction of a small moon -orbiting space station called the Gateway, which will serve as a jumping-off point for robotic and crewed sorties to the lunar surface. Gateway assembly is scheduled to begin in 2022. The Gateway "enables us to get to

Rep. Kendra Horn (D-OK) said during a hearing of the committee today on NASA’s deep space exploration plans. “The 2024 missive left NASA in a tizzy scrambling to develop a plan and hastening to pull together a budget amendment that still has not been delivered to Congress.”

Horn demanded to know why the amendment isn’t ready yet during today’s hearing. “We recognize that this is a really serious challenge we have to weigh in front of us, and we need a really solid plan,” William Gerstenmaier, NASA’s associate administrator for human exploration and an expert at today’s hearing, responded. He added: “We need to make sure it’s all integrated and all put together in a way that really makes sense.”

NASA Takes Groundbreaking Photos of Mars' Weirdest Moon

NASA Takes Groundbreaking Photos of Mars' Weirdest Moon NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter has captured the best view of the planet’s moon Phobos yet. The image, which depicts Phobos in its full moon phase, gives us one of the best views of this strange moon that we've ever seen. Phobos is the biggest moon orbiting Mars, but that isn’t saying much: At only about seven miles across, it's really more of a large asteroid than a proper moon. In fact, many astronomers suspect Phobos was once an asteroid that Mars snatched up and then made its moon. Because of its small stature, scientists have struggled to properly study Phobos.

"Whatever NASA decides for the timetable, we are ready and willing," she said at the company' s booth. Europeans are also here in large numbers and The heads of European space agencies attending the symposium told NASA chief Jim Bridenstine they need a plan to be finalized before the fall because

– NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine knows his agency' s resurgent plans to take Americans to the moon from Kennedy Space Center by 2024 NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine speaks to the media during a briefing at the 35th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

Gerstenmaier noted that the amendment also has to get approval from the White House, which may also be slowing things down. However, he claimed that details will be ready soon. “We’re probably several weeks away, maybe a week to two weeks away from being able to give you a plan,” he said.

Bridenstine did say during a Senate hearing last week that the Moon program will not exceed more than $8 billion extra a year, as some reports have indicated.

But when Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) asked how much money Congress could expect to see in the amendment, NASA’s experts at the hearing wouldn’t budge. “At this point in time it’s still under discussion,” Mark Sirangelo, a special assistant the NASA administrator tasked with getting the agency to the Moon, said at the hearing.

Up until now, NASA officials have only given a broad overview of how this faster lunar return will work. The plan will seemingly incorporate most of the vehicles and hardware that NASA had planned for a 2028 Moon mission, just on an accelerated timeline. NASA hopes to create a station around the Moon called the Gateway, which will serve as platform for astronauts to travel to and from the lunar surface. The agency is also developing a giant rocket called the Space Launch System, and a crew capsule called Orion that will transport astronauts to the Gateway. And NASA will also need new human lunar landers that can take people from the Gateway to the Moon’s surface.

NASA’s initiative to put a woman on the Moon is named Artemis, after Apollo’s twin sister

NASA’s initiative to put a woman on the Moon is named Artemis, after Apollo’s twin sister Oh my goddess

Previous plans aimed to plant another U. S . flag on the moon by 2028, after spending several years visiting a small space station called the Gateway in orbit around Earth’ s closest natural satellite. “We all know that getting back to the moon in five years is very possible,” said Thomas, an engineering

Mr. Pence said Mr. Bridenstine of NASA had developed a plan to get back to the moon . But how this could be accomplished by the end of 2024 was far While the moon landings of the 1960 s and 1970 s were successful, NASA has since been criticized for overlooking risks that led to the loss of two

Administrator Bridenstine has noted that all of this architecture will be needed for a faster lunar return, but that NASA will emphasize getting things done quickly. “The first phase is speed,” Bridenstine said during a speech at the Space Symposium in April. “We want to get those boots on the Moon as soon as possible.”

Details of how NASA plans to meet that need for speed should come in the new budget amendment. In the meantime, some important development is at a stall at NASA while the agency figures out its next steps. When asked by Horn if NASA had appropriate lunar spacesuits for the upcoming Moon mission, Gerstenmaier said that the agency would develop new ones once it had an idea of what the astronauts will be doing on their first mission. “Then, based on that, we’re going to probably develop a suit to move forward in that direction,” he said.

Even once that plan is finalized, there is still uncertainty moving forward. Any budget that NASA and the White House come up with for the 2024 Moon plan must be approved by Congress, and representatives are clearly frustrated already. “At present we have a White House directive to land humans on the Moon in five years, but no plan, and no budget details on how to do so, and no integrated human space exploration roadmap laying out how we can best achieve the horizon goal, Mars,” said Horn. “In essence, we’re flying blind.”

NASA Wants $2 Billion To Send First Woman To The Moon By 2024.
NASA is requesting an additional $2 billion in funding for next year to accelerate its manned mission to the Moon by 2024, which the agency revealed will be titled Artemis, the New York Times reported> on Monday. How To Get A Home Loan With 5% Deposit Find out more on Finder Ad Per CNN, NASA emphasised that the agency plans to have the first female astronaut to set foot on the lunar surface on the Artemis crew.

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