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Tech & Science The hearts of men and women work differently, new research shows

03:15  19 june  2019
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Have you ever noticed that men and women typically share and present differently in meetings? Although women and men both have testosterone, it is processed differently when responding to stress. Studies have shown that women ’s cortisol levels are two times higher than men ’s at work .

The cognitive differences between men and women . By Bruce Goldman Illustration by Gérard But over the past 15 years or so, there’s been a sea change as new technologies have generated a Another key variable in the composition of men versus women stems from the sex chromosomes

The hearts of men and women work differently, new research shows© ABC News Images Claudia Keech initially ignored the warning signs that led to a blocked artery, not knowing how serious they were.

Claudia Keech was overcome with pain in her arms that was so severe she couldn't speak. She had no idea her heart was in serious trouble.

"It's that female thing, we're trying to cope when you really shouldn't be," she said.

"I'm a working mum and I just kept going 'it'll be okay'."

Ms Keech didn't know it, but she had a blocked artery. Cardiac imaging specialist Professor Martin Ugander knows her experience is not unique.

"Women present differently to men," Professor Ugander said.

What women are expected to spend on beauty amounts to a house deposit

What women are expected to spend on beauty amounts to a house deposit The cost of "basic" beauty routines is out of control. Regular beauty services – and I asked a bunch of women in their twenties and early thirties what "basic" maintenance means – are costing young women the equivalent of a house deposit. "Standard" treatments, according to those I spoke with, include six to eight-weekly haircuts and colour, regular blow waves, (preventive) Botox, non-fat fillers, professional teeth whitening, eyelash extensions and refills, microdermabrasion, SNS nails, pedicures and laser hair removal.

But do men and women act all that differently ? But as we analyzed our data, we found almost no perceptible differences in the behavior of men and women . Women had the same number of contacts as men , they spent as much time with senior leadership, and they allocated their time similarly to men

But women also metabolize alcohol differently . Heart -related drugs can also affect women differently than men . While low-dose aspirin has long been given to help reduce the risk of heart attack, this New research suggests reduced risk of knee injury for women taking oral contraceptives.

"The classic shooting out the left arm and intense pain is more typical for men but it is more common in women to have diffuse symptoms: maybe nausea, maybe dizziness, maybe shortness of breath."

Male and female hearts function differently

The University of Sydney cardiac imaging specialist and his team have studied how male and female hearts function differently, and will present the findings at the Heart Foundation's Women and Heart Disease Forum tomorrow.

They used advanced MRI imaging techniques to look at the hearts of 20 men and 20 women.

"Females have a little bit more space between their cells and they have a little more blood flow coming to their heart, both at rest, and when they're exerting themselves," Professor Ugander said.

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Men and women are expected to execute their professional duties with the same efficiency, because hawks of political correctness think that difference between genders is strictly physiological. The fact that men and women communicate differently simply reflects the inner workings of their mind.

Men and women work side by side, tackling the same business problems, sitting through the same Data show that men win more promotions, more challenging assignments and more access to top These are the conclusions of a major new study of working women conducted by LeanIn.Org and

"These differences in the function and structure of the normal female heart might also explain in part why they present differently."

The researchers think these differences are because women's hearts have more small blood vessels supplying the heart muscle than men.

"Just knowing men and women differ in the normal state is important if you're going to try and have cut-off values for what is normal and what is not.

"This is something we should be thinking about in how we cater our treatments to men and women."

Ms Keech's episode happened four years ago when she was in her early 50s. The single mum was juggling a busy film and media career in Los Angeles.

"My body had given me a signal the night before and I had pains down my arms. I kind of thought it was odd, but it went away," she said.

The following day she was on her way to have a facial when she was struck with pain in her arms again, so severe she couldn't verbalise what was happening.

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Numerous studies show how men and women are treated differently at work , and how these We publish a lot of articles based on new research (you may have noticed). This year, some of our most viewed The results: No perceptible differences were observed in the behavior of men and women .

Women are also more likely than men to develop small vessel disease, a condition where blockages occur in the tiny vessels within the heart muscle rather Men do, however, have a higher prevalence of hair loss and experience patterns of baldness differently . “Male-pattern hair loss usually begins

Ms Keech's friend took her to a hospital nearby where she was diagnosed with a blocked artery and needed emergency surgery.

"My arms were in agony, worse than labour pains because there's no relief. It was bang, I could not move," she said.

The diagnosis was a shock to Ms Keech.

"I'm very active, I eat very well. It was just not something on my radar."

'Completely horrifying'

The hearts of men and women work differently, new research shows© ABC News Images Professor Martin Ugander and his team used advanced MRI imaging techniques to look at the hearts of 20 men and 20 women.

It turned out Ms Keech had a genetic disorder that gave her raised cholesterol and contributed to the condition.

She'd had her cholesterol checked in the past and been given elevated readings, but her doctor never followed up.

"There was nothing to indicate from a medical professional at the time there was anything wrong from me," she said.

Ms Keech is telling her story to encourage other women to be aware of the signs of a heart condition and to follow up with their doctors.

This Is the Worst Thing You Can Do on a First Date

This Is the Worst Thing You Can Do on a First Date According to a recent YouGov poll, both men and women think that being on your phone is the worst thing to do on a first date.

Women are much more likely than men to give out compliments. For them, it is way a forming a bond and showing The conversations men have are often very fact-based, and may revolve around sports results, work , and finance. Again, men like to get to the heart of the issue straight away, and can

This new research reveals that men think more with their gray matter, and In human brains, gray matter represents information processing centers, whereas white matter works to network these The results from this study may help explain why men and women excel at different types of tasks, said

New figures released from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show heart disease is a leading cause of death among Australian women.

More than half a million Australian women had one or more heart, stroke and vascular diseases in 2017-18, and 22,000 women died of cardiovascular disease in 2016.

"As a parent you're still thinking about your child while you're going through this because you're in hospital with tubes and you've got a young person there," Ms Keech said.

"It's really hard as a parent to know that you've put your child through that. Completely horrifying.

"If a woman's having a mammogram and pap smear why aren't they getting their cholesterol checked and their blood pressure checked?"

Heart Foundation women and heart disease manager Angela Hehir said their forum at the University of New South Wales was one way the foundation was trying to reduce heart disease in women.

"It's an opportunity for us to bring together all the experts to talk about the unique characteristics of heart disease in women," she said.

"What we're understanding about heart disease in women is that it crosses a number of boundaries, it crosses women's reproductive health and their life course with menopause and other conditions — it really impacts on their heart health."

Stroke rates rising in younger women, bucking the gender trend

Stroke rates rising in younger women, bucking the gender trend Fewer Australian women are dying from cardiovascular disease but more younger women are suffering strokes and it's still a leading cause of death among women.

In the study, women scored well on attention, word and face memory, and social cognition, while men performed better on spatial processing and sensori-motor speed. "Detailed connectome maps of the brain will not only help us better understand the differences between how men and women think, but

Men aren't from Mars and women aren't from Venus, but their brains really are wired differently , a new The research , which involved imaging the brains of nearly 1,000 adolescents, found that male brains had But few studies have shown that men 's and women 's brains are connected differently .

She said 22 women died each day of heart disease and it left others with lifelong illnesses.

While overall the new statistics showed rates of serious heart events were falling among women over the past decade, the rates of younger women being hospitalised with the illness were rising.

"Sometimes we think heart disease is mainly a male condition," she said.

"Women need to be aware attacks are not always just chest pain they can be a range of other symptoms: pains in the jaw, the back, the arms, sweatiness and dizziness."

"Go see your doctor for a heart health check and understand the warning signs of a heart attack."

Recovery confronting but there is hope

After open-heart surgery, Ms Keech then faced the challenge of recovery.

"It's quite confronting to be told that you have to use a walking frame when you're this young. It's very confronting to have to sit in something in the shower because you can't stand," she said.

"It's very confronting to have a physio going 'come on you can do it' because you can't, you can't walk three steps.

"You do get over it but I shouldn't have had to go through it."

Women can and do recover, but she said the mind has to be really focused.

"I'm now back to swimming 40 laps, I'm now back to working normally," she said.

"I'm more aware now so that when I get a signal which a lot of mothers ignore, which is 'gee I don't feel well' I listen now.

"If you're not feeling well, listen to your body."

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A transgender golf star has hit out at new guidelines asking junior sport's clubs in Australia to provide uniforms for gender-diverse players as going a 'little bit too far'. Australian professional golfer and transgender woman Mianne Bagger has taken issue with the new 'guidelines for the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people in sport'. Ms Bagger, the world's first known trans golfer playing on the international circuit, told The Daily Telegraph the idea of gender being assigned to people at birth is 'absurd'. 'For 98 per cent of the population it is generally consistent with their gender identity.

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