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03:21  12 october  2019
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Sydney's T6 train line to close in January 2020

  Sydney's T6 train line to close in January 2020 Transport NSW said while the replacement Westmead to Carlingford via Parramatta's CBD light rail service was built the area would be serviced by a new bus route. require(["inlineoutstreamAd", "c.

A look at some novel designs of transport that could be a reality and commonplace in near future . Flying cars, unmanned delivery drones, hyperfast trains – the future of transportation looks exciting thanks to some breakthrough conveyance concepts devised by startups around the world.

Some future transport concepts have loftier goals that just getting us to the station on time. While space tourism based on more conventional rocket ships While there are a variety of designs , the key component of a working space elevator would be a thin tether made from lightweight material (carbon

earth planet © Provided by Penske Media Corporation earth planet

As technology advances, scientists have become more and more skilled at spotting potentially threatening objects in space. This is great news for the human race, but it also means that when we spot a distant space rock, we may not know just how much of a threat it really is for a long time to come.

That’s the case with asteroid 2019 SU3, a newly-discovered space rock that doesn’t appear dangerous at the moment but may end up being a serious problem several decades down the road. The asteroid, which was just added to the European Space Agency’s Risk List, will make a shockingly close pass of our planet in around 65 years.

Driver caught with sofas strapped to car roof

  Driver caught with sofas strapped to car roof Police have shared a photo of a car they stopped in Glasgow which had sofa chairs strapped to the roof. The furniture was wedged into the vehicle above and below the open boot, secured with only a few straps.Police said the driver was given advice about how to "transport couches in the future". require(["inlineoutstreamAd", "c.

The Future of Transportation is a world-leading conference on the subject of ‘What Next?’. The FoT Conference was one of the first to recognize the potential of ‘Getting Transportation Off the Ground’, and this year we will examine how soon personal airborne transportation systems will become viable

Transport today is mostly powered by fossil fuel. The reason for this is the ease of use and the existence of mature technologies harnessing this fuel source. Fossil fuels represent a concentrated, relatively compact source of energy.

Based on observations of the asteroid’s trajectory, the risk of collision is still relatively small, with even the most pessimistic estimates placing the chances of a strike at less than 1%. Still, the fact that the odds aren’t a nice round 0% means that astronomers will need to keep an eye on it.

Pictures: Biggest meteor craters on earth

When the space rock enters our neck of the woods in 2084 it will pass within 6,000 miles of Earth. That might seem like a nice, comfortable distance, but when you consider that Earth’s moon is a whopping 238,000 miles away you get an idea of just how narrow the window truly is.

Generally speaking, mankind has gotten pretty lucky when it comes to asteroids. Humanity hasn’t had to deal with any devastating objects from space, and if we’re lucky we’ll have the technology to deal with those threats before they become a serious problem.

In the coming years, astronomers will be able to increase the certainty of their predictions, and hopefully rule out the possibility that 2019 SU3 poses a threat to our planet. If it does, however, hopefully we’ll be ready.

Complaints about public transport staff more than double .
Complaints about public transport staff has doubled, as rolling rail shutdowns needed to build the state's ambitious transport projects triggers a wave of commuter backlash.Unprofessional conduct, customer service failings and poor responsiveness to complaints are fuelling the surge in frustration, according to the Public Transport Ombudsman, with public transport staff the top source of commuter complaints.

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