Tech & Science Elon Musk thinks it would take 1,000 rockets 20 years to set up a self-sustaining city on Mars

14:15  08 november  2019
14:15  08 november  2019 Source:   businessinsider.com.au

Tiny, mysterious asteroid is likely the solar system's smallest dwarf planet

  Tiny, mysterious asteroid is likely the solar system's smallest dwarf planet (10) Hygiea is classified as an asteroid but maybe not for much longer.The study, published in the journal Nature on Oct. 28, observed (10) Hygiea with the SPHERE (Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet REsearch) instrument attached to the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (VLT) in 2017 and 2018. Combining the observations with advanced numerical computations and modelling, the team was able to see the shape of Hygiea better than ever before.

Elon Musk posing for the camera: SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.
  • SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted some maths for how long he thinks it would take SpaceX to transport the necessary materials to Mars to build a self-sustaining city.
  • Musk said it would take 1,000 of SpaceX's Starship rockets 20 years to transport the cargo.
  • Musk has a history of bombastic claims about his hopes to colonise Mars, once outlining a plan to nuke the planet's atmosphere
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Elon Musk has made another grand claim about his plans to colonise the red planet with his space exploration company SpaceX.

Speaking at the US Air Force Space Pitch Day on Tuesday, Musk estimated that Starship, SpaceX's 100-passenger reusable rocket design, will cost $US2 million to launch.

Elon Musk called the lawyer who interviewed him for a Tesla shareholder lawsuit 'a bad human being' and other insults during a bizarre deposition

  Elon Musk called the lawyer who interviewed him for a Tesla shareholder lawsuit 'a bad human being' and other insults during a bizarre deposition Tesla CEOElon Musk repeatedly expressed his frustration with a lawyer interviewing him during a June 1 deposition, calling him "a shameful person" and other insults."You seem like a very, very bad person. Just a bad human being," Musk said to Randall Baron. "And I hope you come to regret your actions in the future, but you probably won't. And that's sad.

In a series of follow up tweets, Musk threw out a few more figures about how many rockets will have to bring the necessary amount of cargo to properly set up base on Mars.

5 Books Elon Musk Thinks Everyone Should Read

  5 Books Elon Musk Thinks Everyone Should Read SpaceX founder Elon Musk reminds us of Marvin from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. In addition to being a perpetually miserable robot from outer space (citation needed), he also has a brain the size of a planet. But how did he get so gosh-darned smart? DNA and upbringing probably had a lot to do with it - but so did reading the right books at the right age. Here are five books that Musk reckons everybody should read; from weighty science-fiction to breezy business tomes. Best of all, they're all mentally accessible to the average person. require(["inlineoutstreamAd", "c.

"A thousand ships will be needed to create a sustainable Mars city... As the planets align only once every two years," he said. This led him to conclude it would take 20 years to transport one million tons of cargo which would "hopefully" allow for building a self-sustaining Mars base.

By Musk's mathematics, that would mean a total $US2 billion spent on launching the rockets - although over 20 years the cost could fluctuate.

Musk has a history of making alarming predictions about his plans to colonise Mars. Notably he has espoused the idea of targeting nuclear weapons to detonate just above the planet's ice caps, thereby causing the frozen water to evaporate releasing CO2 into the air and warming the planet's surface - rendering it more habitable for humans.

The theory has little scientific grounding however. A study published in Nature found there is unlikely to be enough CO2 in Mars' icecaps to engineer the desired greenhouse effect and, even if there were, Mars' atmosphere is constantly leaking into deep space so the gas would gradually disappear.

Elon Musk claims his brain chip company can get rid of autism and Alzheimer's .
© Provided by Business Insider Inc Tesla and SpaceX chief Elon Musk was on Lex Fridman's Artifical Intelligence podcast . They talked about Musk's neurotechnology company Neuralink, which plans to implant chips in the human brain. Musk said he believed Neuralink would “solve many brain-related diseases,” citing schizophrenia and autism as examples.

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