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Disney+ Will Launch On Fire TV Now That Amazon And Disney Are Playing Nice

  Disney+ Will Launch On Fire TV Now That Amazon And Disney Are Playing Nice Looks like folks with Fire TV devices will be able to watch Disney+ after all. Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed the news on CNBC Thursday, announcing that the company had finally reached a distribution deal with Amazon. In October, rumour had it that unsettled advertising disputes would keep Disney’s upcoming streaming service off Fire TV, and Disney’s other apps like ABC, ESPN and Disney Channel might be getting the boot soon too.

Thousands of Disney customers say they have been hacked after signing up to its online streaming service. Since Disney+ went live, hackers have stolen thousands of customers' People waited on telephone and online chat lines for hours, and many still say that Disney has yet to sort their problems .

Hackers began hijacking accounts hours after Disney+ launched earlier this week. Many of these accounts are now being offered for free on hacking forums, or available for sale for prices varying from to , a ZDNet investigation has discovered.

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Disney+ had a rocky launch last week, with technical issues and customer service complaints galore. Now, it looks as though Disney+ has a hacking problem as well.

An investigation by ZDNet found that hacked usernames and passwords for Disney+ accounts are being offered up for sale on dark web marketplaces, and users on socialmedia reported getting locked out of their accounts immediately after the service launched November 12. Two individuals who spoke with ZDNet reported that they reused passwords associated with other accounts. If those other accounts have been compromised in the past, the Disney+ hackers could have gained access by trying those resued passwords. But other users claimed their passwords were unique to the account, which could mean a number of other factors were at play.

Disney employees, former assistant school principal arrested in child pornography sting in Florida

  Disney employees, former assistant school principal arrested in child pornography sting in Florida Police in Florida arrest 17 men on child pornography charges, with two of them being Disney employees and one a former assistant school principal.Brett Kinney, 40, and Donald Durr Junior, 52, who both worked at Disney World Florida, were among 17 people charged in the Polk County sheriff's office undercover sting.

has a pay wall or steals content. covers an already-submitted story. violates reddit's site-wide rules, especially regarding personal info. However, other users said online that they did not, and had used passwords unique for their Disney+ accounts.

The launch of Disney+ thus far has been something of a mixed bag. On one hand, Disney was able to get 10 million users to sign up for its fledgling service, an impressive figure no matter how you look at it. On the other hand, the service’s debut was not without its share of frustrations as users experienced a

David O’Brien, a senior researcher and assistant research director for privacy and security at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Centre for Internet & Society, told Gizmodo by phone that the easiest answer is the reused passwords problem.

“People very commonly reuse passwords between sites because it’s convenient,” O’Brien said. “The reason there is, of course, it’s hard to memorise long passwords to begin with, and it’s hard to memorise a long list of long passwords. So people often take the shortcut of just using the same password between sites and they might not know when it’s been compromised or not.”

As ZDNet noted, it’s possible that the credentials were swiped with malware. It’s also possible the stolen passwords were unique but similar to previously compromised passwords, or simply common and easy to guess, such as “123456,” “abc123,” or “princess.” For its part, Disney told Gizmodo that there’s been no sign of a security breach that would put user credentials at risk.

Disney+ launch marred by glitches as demand overwhelms

  Disney+ launch marred by glitches as demand overwhelms Disney+ launch marred by glitches as demand overwhelms(Reuters) - Walt Disney Co said demand for its much-anticipated streaming service, Disney+, was well above its expectations in a launch on Tuesday marred by complaints from users about glitches and connection problems.

Disney says it takes the privacy and security of users’ data very seriously "and there is no indication of a security breach on Disney+ .” Try telling that to the crowd on Twitter. What appears to be happening is that some people are using their same passwords for other Disney accounts on Disney+

Hackers have already put up thousands of Disney+ accounts for sale since the streaming service's big launch this week. Reddit and other online forums have been filled with hackers giving Disney+ account information away for free or selling someone else's account, ZDNet found.

“Disney takes the privacy and security of our users’ data very seriously and there is no indication of a security breach on Disney+,” the company said in a statement. The company advised users who believe their accounts have been compromised to contact its customer service, though wait times are still excessive more than a week out from its launch. When Gizmodo attempted to call today, an automated message said the expected wait time was “greater than 60 minutes.”

Because Disney+ lacks multi-factor authentication, the best thing users can do to protect their logins against bad actors is using randomly generated passwords for all of their accounts, O’Brien said. And because memorising 200 randomly generated passwords is nearly impossible for most people, a password manager is one of the best ways to ensure that those unique logins remain secure.

Another thing Disney+ users—or anyone, really—should do is check Have I Been Pwned, a resource for cross-checking whether your credentials have been jeopardized in a data breach. If they haven’t, well, consider yourself lucky. But if they have, update your logins as soon as possible—with new, unique, and randomly generated passwords. And immediately change any other accounts for which you used the same password as the breached accounts. Nobody wants to get booted from their account with all of these The Mandalorian spoilers spreading like wildfire.

Disney Is Basically Just Trying To Make Real X-Wings For Galaxy's Edge Now .
Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is at the cutting edge (heh) of reality imitating fiction, with Disney spending massive sums of money on converting a little pocket of its park to looking, feeling, tasting, and smelling like it’s really a part of the Star Wars universe, only with many more opportunities to give Disney your money. But this next endeavour, as reported by TheForce.net, is taking things to a whole ‘nother level. What is Disney doing? They are currently testing two X-Wing drones the size of cars to, (emphasis mine), “fly over the land during a one-time media event scheduled for December.

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