Tech & Science UN scientist wants 'population control' to fight climate change

05:05  20 november  2019
05:05  20 november  2019 Source:   skynews.com.au

Climate change talk inappropriate: premier

  Climate change talk inappropriate: premier NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says questions about the links between climate change and the state's unprecedented bushfires are 'inappropriate'.With firefighters continuing the battle to save lives and homes, now is not the time to be talking about the impact of climate change, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian insists.

Climate Change is the defining issue of our time and we are at a defining moment. The report also highlights a number of climate change impacts that could be avoided by limiting global warming to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change . The UN family is at the forefront of the

Switching to a plant-based diet can help fight climate change , UN experts have said. A major report on land use and climate change says the West's high consumption of meat and dairy produce is fuelling global warming. But scientists and officials stopped short of explicitly calling on everyone to become

Jack Houghton, Sky News Digital Editor

The United Nations organisation dictating the world’s climate change policy has been infiltrated by dangerous activists masquerading as scientists.

Authors who wrote the latest IPCC report are using Twitter to advocate for children to skip school and protest anyone who takes issue with handing trillions of dollars to the UN to satisfy wealth redistribution goals.

Other “scientists” are advocating for the government to become involved in “population control” to stem rising climate emissions.

Greens MPs 'have been disgracing themselves' over bushfire comments

  Greens MPs 'have been disgracing themselves' over bushfire comments Sky News host Chris Kenny says Greens politicians “have been disgracing themselves” over climate change comments directed at the Morrison government as bushfires continue to devastate the nation. Greens MP Adam Bandt was criticised by politicians from across the political spectrum after he accused the government of putting people’s “lives at risk” unless it brings the “climate emergency under control”.Mr Kenny described suggestions made by Mr Bandt and Richard Di Natale, directed at the government, as being “macabre, ghoulish and utterly stupid”.

The greatest impact individuals can have in fighting climate change is to have one fewer child “We recognise these are deeply personal choices. But we can’t ignore the climate effect our lifestyle “It is our job as scientists to honestly report the data. Like a doctor who sees the patient is in poor health

Climate change is a proven fact. Global warming has caused serious changes to the planet, such as rising Your actions are needed in the fight against climate change . Can you think of any other things to There are so many environmental organizations and scientist out there doing exactly the same

These radical ideas are not just dangerous they are devoid of scientific research to support the policy conclusions.

Science perverted into policy advice which simply becomes opinion.

Professor Chukwumerije Okereke from the UK’s University of Reading was a consultant on the latest report into climate change.

He is advocating for the government to ban people from having children to fight climate change.

“Some African governments don’t like to talk about population control, but it is absolutely vital that we educate our governments and our men and women on sensible approaches to population control.

“Otherwise it will be hard to achieve many of the sustainable development goals.”

This same IPCC scientist wants the western world to give African countries “trillions of dollars” and has supported mass protests “demanding climate emergency action”.

Barnaby Joyce says sun's magnetic fields cause bushfires. Science says...

  Barnaby Joyce says sun's magnetic fields cause bushfires. Science says... Barnaby Joyce's claim that changes to sun's magnetic fields were linked to bushfires burning out of control across NSW have been rubbished by climate scientists. The former deputy prime minister told Sky News he accepted that the climate crisis was making Australia hotter and drier.But the Nationals member for New England said other factors including changes to magnetic fields were also to blame.“There are a range of things that affect the climate and on a global scale, you should be part of it, and acknowledge it would have an effect and I acknowledge that there are other issues as well,” he said.

The world’s leading climate scientists have warned there is only a dozen years for global The authors of the landmark report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) That is probably necessary if we want to keep shorelines where they are and preserve our coastal cities.”

Population Control . Free Enterprise. It was just a matter of time before Eugenics met Climate Change . Even if it sounds like science fiction and absurd speculation, the This stuff is so disturbing that even the United Nations – the global home of climate - change religion – is warning against it.

“Although climate finance to Africa has grown over the years, the finance gap remains in the order of trillions of dollars,” he wrote earlier this year.

“Finally several governments in Europe are now beginning to make some positive noises about increasing climate action. This shows the power of recent mass protests demanding climate emergency action. Power to the people!!!”

In his mind, climate change is solely the fault of the evil western colonisers who he blames for the rise of technology, and by proxy emissions.

“Climate justice can provide opportunities for African governments to extract better deals from the industrialised countries who have so far refused to take full responsibility for their contribution to global warming,” he wrote on Twitter, using his smartphone and the internet which were both developed by western capitalistic principles.

But note the phrase “full responsibility”.

Climate change 'didn't cause these bushfires', climate activism 'is making them worse'

  Climate change 'didn't cause these bushfires', climate activism 'is making them worse' Sky News host Peta Credlin says "so-called experts" have been forced to admit "climate change isn't the cause of these bushfires" but argues "two decades of climate change activism is making them worse".Ms Credlin asked, "If you were inclined to believe the activists, what's your explanation for all the other bushfire catastrophes of the past hundred years or more - starting with the Black Thursday bushfire in Victoria way back in 1851?"

UN climate chief : Communism is the best to fight global warming. United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres said that democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. China has adopted a pure capitalist model, combined with state-run market and labour control , to pursue

Preventing climate change in the future is down to the actions and opinions of future generations - meaning now is the time to start educating our children about climate change and its effects. This can be done at school, by parents and every simply through leading by example. If you have children, get

These are the utterances of a revolutionary, not a disciplined scientist we should be relying on.

Mr Okereke has proven he is unable to separate ideology from his science so he should be banned from the IPCC process.

Unfortunately, nearly every scientist working for this fund makes similar claims on their personal social media profiles.

The institution has been compromised and the policy conclusions it draws should simply be ignored.

This is simply a socialist wealth redistribution scheme and has nothing to do with lowering emissions.

Another senior IPCC author involved in the latest report was Michael Grubb from the University College London.

The “climate change” professor tweeted a photo of his son holding a placard at a climate protest with the words “Proud of my son Arthur at the school climate strike today in Cambridge - huge turnout”.

This protest was calling for a complete abandonment of fossil fuels and reforming the global energy market – including Australia’s.

And Mr Grubb used his child as a pawn in that argument before going back to doing his independent “science”.

No climate rift in NSW coalition: minister

  No climate rift in NSW coalition: minister The NSW environment minister has denied a clash within the coalition on the connection between climate change and the state's catastrophic bushfires.NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian this week said it was "inappropriate" to discuss climate change while the bushfires, which since Friday have destroyed more than 250 homes and killed four people, raged.

(AP) -- The U . N .'s top climate scientist cautioned climate negotiators Wednesday that global warming is leading to human dangers and soaring financial Solar panels are used to generate electricity at the Greenpeace exhibit during the climate change conference in Durban, South Africa, Tuesday, Nov 29

scientists from 153 nations said that human population growth adds 80 million humans annually, and "the world population must be stabilized—and, ideally, gradually reduced—within a framework that ensures social integrity" to reduce the impact of " population growth " Want to fight climate change ?

Mr Grubb’s ideology also creeps into his work. He runs an academic climate change website which calls again for wealth redistribution to poorer nations blaming the evil west.

And despite the Chinese government refusing to cut back on emissions – which are expected to increase by 2912 mega tones by 2030 – his researchers continue to defend the dictatorship.

“By pledging to peak its carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, the latest in a series of deals struck with the US a few months before the Paris Agreement was adopted, China asserted itself as a climate diplomatic power,” his researchers wrote in an article.

Grubb is praising China for refusing to reduce emissions, but he is selling it as a win because China has promised to reassess its financial position in 2030.

“China can take pride in these remarkable achievements,” the researchers wrote.

“Yet more obligations and higher expectations come along with the new status of green power China now claims for itself.”

Yes, communist China should be proud. It has simultaneously become the world’s largest polluter and earnt gushing praise from IPCC scientists for doing absolutely nothing. It truly is a political masterstroke.

The fact those who are attempting to dictate Australia’s climate response would make this argument is absurd.

If Mr Grubb had any integrity, he would be seeking to lobby the nation responsible for pumping 13000 megatonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

But then, of course, that would be contrary to his narrative that the evil west is to blame for every problem in existence.

Actress Pamela Anderson is the 'climate change hypocrite of the week' .
Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson has been crowned his "climate change hypocrite of the week".Sky News Digital Editor Jack Houghton said Ms Anderson was a 'Hollywood hypocrite' following the former Baywatch star lecturing Australians about climate change and their diets.

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