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Tech & Science Did Google Wipe Its Employee's Personal Phone?

01:05  23 november  2019
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Google's Had It Up To Here With The Leaks, Leaked Email Shows

  Google's Had It Up To Here With The Leaks, Leaked Email Shows Google has announced an effort to batten the hatches and dam the leaks in a company-wide email, which has also been leaked to the Verge. In the email, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announces that the company will be scaling back its weekly “TGIF” town halls to a once-monthly, strictly-business meeting, due, in part, to “a coordinated effort to share our conversations outside of the company after every TGIF.” Pichai writes that he knows the coordinated leakage “is new information to many of you.” require(["inlineoutstreamAd", "c.

An employee from another company lost photos of a relative who had died. So what’ s the way forward, as work and personal lives become more intertwined? Even though companies sometimes lay out agreements in contracts or insert “I agree” buttons into work-related apps or programs, a leading

Can we require that employees allow us to remotely wipe their phone in these situations? A: Absolutely. The policy should help employees understand that the convenience of using their own phone , means there will be some tradeoffs in privacy.

a person looking at the camera: Googler Rebecca Rivers (Screenshot: YouTube)© Screenshot: YouTube Googler Rebecca Rivers (Screenshot: YouTube)

Google has found itself at the centre of considerable backlash once again, this time for placing two employees on administrative leave for uncertain reasons, as well as for contracting famous union-busting firm IRI. At a worker-led rally Friday morning on the company’s San Francisco campus, another revelation came to light: the cell phone of one recently disciplined employee was allegedly rendered mysteriously unusable.

“Two weeks ago yesterday, I received an email from my manager telling me that I would have a meeting with the Global Investigations team,” Rebecca Rivers, one of the two employees recently put on leave, said this morning. “At nearly the exact same time, my personal phone was either corrupted or wiped. Everything on my phone that was not backed up to the cloud is gone, including four months of my transition timeline photos, and I will never get those back.”

How To Use Google Search's New Pronunciation Tools

  How To Use Google Search's New Pronunciation Tools Google Search is adding two experimental features to its service to help everyone around the world pronounce things correctly. Here's how to use it.Google's Search Product Manager, Tal Snir, posted many people around the world use Google Search for language-related queries. This means the meanings of words, how to pronounce as well as translate them to another language. Because of this, Google is introducing new features when you search for results and it's using machine learning to make it happen.

Here is how to wipe your personal data from a mobile device the right way before trading up to a new model. Wipe it the right way to reduce the risk of personal data falling into the wrong hands. Remember that no method apart from physically destroying the device and its storage is 100 percent

You must do this before you lose your phone (or before it gets stolen). Open the app drawer and tap the Google settings icon. With the device selected, you might want to test the system and ring the device (if you still have the phone ). Once you are certain you have selected the right device (measure

While Rivers does not go so far as to explictly claim that the incident is more than an unnerving coincidence, the implication appears to be that Google was behind the strange loss of data.

Use Google Assistant To Buy Movie Tickets Quickly

  Use Google Assistant To Buy Movie Tickets Quickly Android users can now have Google Assistant buy movie tickets and reserve seats for them, thanks to a new Google Duplex feature that makes it possible for the AI to access and navigate Chrome webpages on its own—much like how the Duplex AI allows Google Assistant to call restaurants or hotels for reservations on your behalf. At launch, the feature supports more than 70 movie theatre chains like AMC and MJR Theatres, and ticket-buying services such as Fandango or—even if they don’t have an app or if their websites aren’t normally configured for mobile browsers.

If one of your users loses their mobile phone , you can use the Exchange admin center (EAC) or the Exchange Management Shell to wipe their phone clean of all corporate and user This topic also provides instructions for how to use Outlook on the web to perform a remote wipe on a phone .

"Users thought they were doing a clean wipe and factory reinstall," he said, but the factory reinstall is cleaning phones "only at the application layer." Avast noted in the report that its own Android security app comes with a deletion tool that the company said does a better job of wiping personal

Rivers and fellow colleague Lawrence Berland were both subject to internal investigations and discipline, according to an internal memo obtained earlier this week by CNBC’s Jennifer Elias. According to Google, both were engaged in leaking of company information to the press. Both Rivers and Berland have denied leaking internal Google information to the press.

In his speech today, Berland also claims the Global Investigations team were clear that he was not accused of leaking. Instead, Rivers and Berland, as well as many of the company’s activists, feel that company retaliation for prior organising efforts is the true source of these unusual disciplinary measures. During his two-and-a-half hour meeting with Global Investigations, Berland said, “they wanted me to identify my co-workers who are coming together to improve our workplace—and I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.”

Gmail's Smart Compose is coming to Google Docs

  Gmail's Smart Compose is coming to Google Docs The automatic predictive text suggestions which Gmail offers users while they compose emails is launching for Google Docs. In 2018, Google launched Smart Compose in Gmail for G Suite users; now, the feature is coming to Google Docs. Smart Compose is a tool that helps users compose emails by intelligently autocompleting the message based on an individual's writing habits. For example, "it can fill in common phrases and relevant addresses, like that of your home and office." Over time, the feature makes suggestions more and more tailored to each person. © Courtesy of Google Google launches Smart Compose in beta for Google Docs.

Google Apps Device Policy devices—The corporate account is removed. Personal data and apps All corporate and personal data and apps are removed. The device is reset to its factory settings. Personal data and apps remain on the device. Devices that use Google Sync, such as Windows®

Almost a year after tipping its hand at Google I/O 2014, Google announced Android for Work, a way Several solutions already do this in the Android world Admins can remotely wipe just the business data if an employee leaves the company or the phone is lost, preserving the employee ’ s personal

Rivers, according to other Google workers, was involved in crafting a memo urging the company to sever ties with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the agency brutally implementing the Trump administration’s nativist policies through deportations and detention camps. Berland was part of an attempt to have Google removed from the San Fransisco Pride Parade following the ugly battle between Vox journalist Carlos Maza and far-right talking head Steven Crowder which video subsidiary YouTube was exceptionally slow to weigh in on.

According to Berland’s speech at today’s rally, while the news of IRI being hired on only broke this week, Google executives have been meeting with members of the firm since this spring. “You don’t hire consultants like that to help you decide if you’re going to crack down on your employees. You hire consultants like that because you’ve decided to crack down on your employees,” Berland said today. “Unfortunately for them, it isn’t working.”

We’ve reached out to Google to comment on these new details and will update if we hear back.

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