Tech & Science Nurses reveal the 7 questions you should never be afraid to ask your doctor

23:25  26 november  2019
23:25  26 november  2019 Source:   businessinsider.com.au

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Ask these questions to make the most out of your next appointment. 7 Questions Doctors Really Wish You Would Ask Them. Make the most of your next doctor ’s visit by bringing up In many states, like Iowa, Colorado, and the District of Columbia, nurse practitioners can evaluate patients, diagnose

It’s important to ask your doctor what specific preventative health measures are important to your health. This can range from losing the extra 10 pounds you have been carrying Some are even afraid to reveal skepticism or mistrust with the medical establishment and think they might offend their doctor .

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  • Nurses revealed seven questions to always ask your doctor during a visit.
  • They suggest patients advocate for themselves, as diagnostic errors (or mistakes doctors can make with treatment plans) affect 1 in 20 adults each year.
  • Nurses also say if they suggest getting a second opinion, it can sometimes mean they personally don't trust the doctor and would encourage you get more information.
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Nurses spend all day with doctors, so they know a thing or two about how to deal with them.

Nurses previously revealed to Business Insider facts about hospitals and patients that many people don't know. Now, they have advice on what to ask your doctor during a visit.

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7 questions you should be asking first. Get the latest from TODAY. In an ideal situation, yes — your doctor . Dr . Donnica Moore, a gynecologist and women’s health expert, recommends “Women may not know that, because if you were never interested in being pregnant before that, it may never

We should start asking questions about child-planning desires because fertility does decline.' For example, a doctor could talk to you about freezing your eggs if you 'I always encourage patients to ask questions about sexuality if they're having painful intercourse, if intercourse isn't enjoyable, or if

One of the most important things patients can do is advocate for themselves during treatment, nurses say. Diagnostic errors (or mistakes doctors can make with treatment plans) affect 1 in 20 adults each year, according to research published in the peer-reviewed journal BMJ.

Here are some questions nurses suggest you ask your doctor.

(Some nurses quoted spoke to Business Insider under the condition of anonymity. Business Insider confirmed their identities before publishing this piece.)

If you're a nurse with a story to tell, email aakhtar@businessinsider.com.


Nat, a registered nurse in Massachusetts, said to always ask your doctor "everything and anything," particularly to clearly explain why he or she is taking a course of action.

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Here are several important questions you should ask your doctor during your annual wellness visit. Bring a notepad and pen so you can jot down his Your doctor can tell you how your specific weight can affect your health and risk of disease. If you need to shed some pounds, he or she can also

Don’t be afraid to speak up at your next OBGYN exam. Some problems that are uncomfortable to talk about could be signs of something much more serious. Here are the top seven questions that women are afraid to ask their OB/GYNs, with the answers that all patients should know

Laura Landro, a longtime Wall Street Journal columnist who authored "Informed Patient," said patients can improve their health outcomes with self advocacy. In fact, diagnostic errors affect 1 in 20 adults each year, she writes.

"If there is something you're requesting, advocate for yourself and explain why," Nat told Business Insider.

"Are there alternatives to treating my problem?"

Anne, a registered nurse in North Carolina, said to ask doctors whether there are alternative treatment plans to consider.

Journal columnist Landro said half of adults with high blood pressure aren't on the correct treatment to bring it under control, and half of Americans get prescribed antibiotics for viral - not bacterial - infections.

Educating yourself on each treatment plan available can prevent unwanted side effects, Landro said.

"Could I get my records for a second opinion?"

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Nurses won't openly say anything negative about your doctor, but if they recommend you get a second opinion, "that means I personally wouldn't let that doctor touch me," David, an operating-room nurse in Arizona, told Business Insider.

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2. Weight. Have you ever had a person ask , “How much do you weigh?”. If you have I am sorry because it is a very personal question that can make you feel like your space is being invaded. Of course, it is fine for doctors to ask this, but everyone else should avoid the question .

Remembering to ask the questions below will help you stay on top of your health; after all, if you don't bring Don't assume that you 're in the clear just because your doctor doesn't say anything about your What to Ask Your Doctor About Your Cancer Risk. 5 Questions You Should Definitely Ask

Bad doctors are more common than patients might think. Outdated, incomplete federal databases allowed at least 500 physicians who have been barred from practicing medicine in one state continue to work in other ones, according to a 2018 investigation in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Author and physician Jerome Groopman wrote to WebMD that you should tell your current doctor you want a second opinion so that he or she can hand over your lab tests and medical records.

"Can I get your undivided attention for a moment?"

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"Now that medical records are computerised, a lot of nurses or doctors read the screen while you're trying to talk to them," Kristin Baird, a registered nurse, told Business Insider. "If you feel like you're not being heard, say, 'I need your undivided attention for a moment.'"

About 80.5% of hospitals use electronic health record systems, or EHRs, as of 2017, according to a study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. The use of these electronic systems rose after Barack Obama signed a law in 2009 to accelerate the digitization of medical records.

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I was wrong. Being gainfully employed comes with surprising complications — like figuring out what questions you shouldn't be afraid to ask at work versus which ones you should save for a phone call to your mom that night. But those are just a few examples of what you shouldn't be afraid to ask .

Below, find suggested questions to ask your doctor . They may or may not relate to you , depending upon the disease or condition. Know what medications you are taking, why you are taking them, and potential side effects. Let the doctor and nurse know of any allergies and type of reaction or side

Yet electronic health records have caused a host of problems. Time spent using EHRs is correlated with physician burnout, according to a survey of 1,792 practicing physicians published in JAMIA, and a recent investigation found EHR-caused software glitches and user errors led to death and serious injury to patients.

"Is this a teaching hospital?"

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While you may want to find this out before getting admitted, many nurses told Business Insider that patient care differs depending on the type of hospital you're at.

Teaching hospitals, for instance, are more up-to-date on leading research, according to Susan, a nurse from Ohio. A 2017 report found mortality rates are lower at teaching hospitals.

Similarly, nonprofit and for-profit hospitals can offer different patient care.

For-profit hospitals tend to look at financial incentives when determining patient care. Sometimes, care in psychiatric emergencies isn't offered because it doesn't bring in enough money, according to an analysis by Jill R. Horwitz, a professor at the University of California-Los Angeles.

"Can I have some control over my treatment plan?"

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Patients in the hospital for an extended period of time can get aggravated, writes Elizabeth Binsfield, a registered nurse in Virginia. Patients can feel helpless in the face of longterm illnesses, sometimes due to the fact they can no longer bathe or eat without a nurse present.

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Is your child afraid of going to the doctor ? While some parents need to have a grandparent or other care provider take kids to doctor 's appointments, they should try to make the first visit or two, says Doctors and nurses generally have no problem checking vitals and doing most of the exam while a

If you're in the hospital, ask your doctor if there are any tasks you can perform yourself to get autonomy back, Binsfield said.

"Restoring some of [a patient's] autonomy can go a long way to returning a sense of control," Binsfield wrote to the popular blog Minority Nurse.

"Should I make a follow-up appointment?"

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Find out whether or not you need to follow up, and then make sure you go to your follow-up appointment, says a nurse on Reddit that goes by the name alex_subo.

"So many conditions like hypertension (high blood pressure) can pose such huge health implications without you ever feeling a thing," the nurse wrote. "If your health care provider says follow up, follow up."

Barron H. Lerner, a physician, wrote in the New York Times about how he scheduled a follow-up appointment with a hypertension patient who never came for a follow-up appointment. Her condition was potentially dangerous and not showing up put her at risk for a stroke.

"Even when a clinic staff member calls patients in advance, my no-show rate still hovers from 10 to 20 per cent," Lerner wrote. "Some of my patients have received delayed care because of missed visits, although thankfully there have been no serious outcomes (that I know of). But the chance is always there."

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