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Russians spotted a polar bear painted with cryptic graffiti. Scientists are searching for answers.

  Russians spotted a polar bear painted with cryptic graffiti. Scientists are searching for answers. The tag appears to be a reference to a famous Soviet tank introduced during World War II.The man-made markings on a wild polar bear thought to be roaming northern or eastern Russia have stumped scientists, alarmed conservationists and spurred speculation in the local media. The writing, apparently spray-painted in black onto the animal’s fur, reads clearly: “T-34.

Total number of bird species , by country . Note, this data from Birdlife International dates to July 2019, but is the most recent available on a global scale. If you are aware of more up-to-date data, please contact us.

A large number of endemic species of this country like the blue-bearded helmetcrest and the Santa Marta wren also face extinction. The United States has its own bird problems with about 93 species enlisted in the Red List of IUCN under the threatened categories.

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Chrome: One of our favourite Chrome extensions, Sprucemarks, is switching to a subscription model—its creator, Kai Nightmode, announced the news this weekend. There’s a silver lining, however: It’ll only cost $10 to score lifetime access to future iterations of Sprucemarks, which is an incredibly powerful tool for automatically sorting your browser’s messy bookmarks. Best of all, you can use a free version of Sprucemarks forever if you act now.

Invasive fungus myrtle rust is pushing Australia's native trees toward extinction

  Invasive fungus myrtle rust is pushing Australia's native trees toward extinction Extinction is the future for many of Australia's native trees if action is not taken to control myrtle rust fungus, which causes disease and death in trees like lilly pillies, paperbarks and tea trees.Scientists warn rapid extinctions of some of our most well-known tree species are on the cards if myrtle rust, an invasive, disease-causing fungus, is not rapidly brought under control.

Though most of the birds listed herein can be found living in abundance in the wild across large portions of the world, the most populated bird is technically the domestic All population figures as estimates as it is hard to determine the exact number of individuals alive for every bird species .

This is a list of bird species by global population, divided by bird classification. While numbers are estimates, they have been made by the experts in their fields. For more information on how these estimates were ascertained, see Wikipedia's articles on population biology and population ecology.

Why is Sprucemarks so great?

You can support Sprucemarks by signing up for its Patreon, with a minimum donation of $1/month. Once you hit $10 in total donations, you unlock access to all future versions of Sprucemarks. It’s worth a Starbucks coffee, I’d say, because this extension is a great way to reduce your browser’s clutter. Enable Sprucemarks, and you can set it to automatically sort your entire bookmarks bar (or the folders within) by name or URL, or even by the date you bookmarked the website.

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Pigeons wearing tiny cowboy hats are flying around Las Vegas and people have questions

  Pigeons wearing tiny cowboy hats are flying around Las Vegas and people have questions A viral Facebook video of the pigeons with tiny cowboy hats apparently glued to their heads in Las Vegas has led to a local rescue operation.In Las Vegas, some wear cowboy hats.

That means more than a quarter of all species are threatened with going the way of the dodo. Broken down by species , the IUCN details 40% of by Alpha Travel Insurance to establish the countries with the highest number of endangered species , as well as those with the most amphibians, birds , fish

The number of species doubled because of wrong counting of species as well as the discovery of more species . Scientists believe that birds are among the comprehensively studied organisms with 95% of species described. Owls are among one of the most confused and understudied birds .

How to use Sprucemarks for free (forever)

I appreciate the fact that Nightmode, Sprucemarks’ creator, isn’t forcing the subscription element on anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to pay. You can use the free version of Sprucemarks as long as you want. You’ll have to download the current version from GitHub, save it to your computer somewhere, enable Developer Mode in your Chrome browser (via chrome://extensions/), and load the extension manually.

Hold on to that .ZIP archive of Sprucemarks, too, because you’ll need to repeat this process for any new systems (or new reinstallations) where you want to use the extension. It’s a slightly cumbersome process, but if that’s what you need to do to save $US7 ($10), that’s on you. I’d rather just purchase the Patreon.

The Reason Why Thanksgiving Is on the Fourth Thursday in November .
Almost 170 years after the pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe feasted together for the first unofficial Thanksgiving in 1621, the U.S. federal government decided to make it official. So on October 3, 1789, President George Washington declared that the nation would celebrate a “Day of Publick Thanksgivin” on November 26 that year.While November 26, 1789, happened to fall on a Thursday, subsequent proclamations didn’t standardize that practice—according to the National Archives, other presidents chose different days and even months for the food-filled harvest holiday.

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