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13:26  09 december  2019
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China introduces mandatory face scans for phone users

  China introduces mandatory face scans for phone users China will require telecom operators to collect face scans when registering new phone users at offline outlets starting Sunday. In September, China's industry and information technology ministry issued a notice on "safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of citizens online", which laid out rules for enforcing real-name registration.

That’s why in 2012, ComEd launched its full-service mobile app , long before many energy companies offered the service. And today, more than one million users have downloaded the app and conducted more than 4.9 million transactions. Here are the top 5 reasons to love the ComEd mobile app

The apps are same to same in functionality , then why the difference? Yes, if your app can make user fell good, they will stick to the app longer.. and as the DAU will grow, the earning will also So try to keep the interstitials to a maximum of three per session. I have a app with 1 million downloads.

a flag hanging on a cloudy day: Carrot Rewards Canada© Provided by Smart Company Carrot Rewards Canada

Carrot Rewards, a mobile app that spruiked its use of behavioural economics to engage 1.1 million users, filed for bankruptcy this year after failing to find an investor.

This got me thinking: are businesses embedding behavioural economics in product design but overlooking its use to influence those who pay the bills?

Behavioural economics on the inside

With loyalty points for petrol, travel and groceries as their prize, the Carrot Rewards app encouraged Canadians to walk more, get flu shots and complete health questionnaires. According to a media release, it was an “AI-driven wellness app that leverages behavioural economics and nudge theory to motivate and reward users for making better lifestyle choices”.

'Disconnected very soon': Optus hit with $6.4m fine for misleading NBN claims

  'Disconnected very soon': Optus hit with $6.4m fine for misleading NBN claims The telco has apologised for an email it sent last year claiming users' broadband services would be shut off if they didn't switch to Optus.In June, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) took Optus to court claiming the company had been deceptive when it emailed 139,000 of its mobile internet customers last May telling them that their existing broadband services, which were supplied by Optus competitors, would be "disconnected very soon" as part of the transition to the national broadband network.

Why mobile apps fail ? You don't want to learn it the hard way. Let's explore why others didn’t make it, learn their mistakes, ensure you won’t repeat them. To start, analyze your user preferences by looking at the most popular apps in your category on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Your application is for your users . Failing to recognize what they think about your app can be suicidal. Having listed some of these most common yet devastating mistakes, it’s plain to see why so many millions of apps fail . Apart from striving to make an app that stands out, it is also important to

The behavioural economics component seems largely to have been the immediacy of reward, tapping into short-term bias, with small rewards promptly transferred upon the completion of a task. User friction was also reduced, with easy ways to track tasks and transact points.

Did it work to improve health behaviours? A studydetermined the app increased average daily step count by 5% and as much as 21% amongst physically inactive users. So yes. Early signs were good. Using behavioural economics inside the app was working.

Behavioural economics on the outside

Here’s where I broaden my point though, because I don’t know the details of how the Carrot Rewards team sought to influence investors, I just know they clearly failed.

What I have noticed among businesses that talk about using behavioural economics, including advertising and market research agencies, is they seem to limit their use to the mechanics of the product to be consumed.

Builder of Sydney's cracked Opal Tower blames design engineer

  Builder of Sydney's cracked Opal Tower blames design engineer Icon is seeking to recoup more than $30 million in costs it has forked out to fix the building and accommodate owners who were evacuated.The construction company that built the cracked Opal Tower in Sydney's west is blaming "shortcomings" by the building's structural design engineer for the damage and wants it to cover a bill of more than $30 million it has footed to fix the problems.

The verdict on why mobile apps fail . Poorly researched market & audience. It’s easy to think that users will love your app , but can you validate that There can be multiple groups of users for an app , so during the early planning and discovery stage of a project, you have to identify the product’s central

The app has not only received a lot of criticism from the media but also from users . These are some of the main concerns why many users find it a little inconvenience to use the app . Before working on giving more benefits and discounts, if they could just take care of the following problems, then they

In other words, the app’s usability but not the task of getting people to download it. The ad campaign but not getting the clients to agree to it. The research but not getting the clients to use what’s discovered.

It’s a blinkered, siloed use of behavioural techniques and means great behavioural economics-powered initiatives are failing for lack of a behavioural economics-powered influencing approach. They haven’t incorporated behavioural economics into the external positioning.

It’s like having the world’s greatest chef in the kitchen but failing to think about how you will get people to the restaurant. What a waste!

Driving behaviour

Behavioural techniques are a 360-degree skills-set. By that I mean you can use the same techniques on:

  • Your customer (the consumer or user);
  • Your stakeholders (investors and/or leaders); and
  • Yourself.

In the case of an app, for example, that means within-app usability and functionality to drive the behaviour of user. It means anticipating and overcoming resistance to downloading the app in the first place, and trying to get users to prioritise its placement on their home screen.

Instagram to collect ages in push for youth safety, alcohol ad dollars

  Instagram to collect ages in push for youth safety, alcohol ad dollars Instagram to collect ages in push for youth safety, alcohol ad dollarsUntil now, Instagram except for limited circumstances has required its 1 billion users only to say they are at least 13 years old.

One million 'appy users . Posted by: Bill Pope, Posted on: 20 January 2017 - Categories: Content We recently reached a big milestone with our official DVSA apps , with one million downloads. You are able to test your self after every topic and go back to questions that you have failed .

Another example of an app that reached one million users quickly is the file storing and sharing app Dropbox, which reached this number within seven That’s why you need to optimize your creatives. These include the icons, descriptions, screenshots, etc. of your app . These features are the user ’s

Further, it means securing investment to develop the app by influencing stakeholder perception of value. Ask yourself why they should bother and how you can minimise risk. Use short-term bias to emphasis short-term advantages, nullify loss aversion by providing assurances in favour of the investment, and amplify the downside of missing out on the opportunity.

In terms of using behavioural economics on yourself, it gives you a roadmap of how to adjust your behavioural patterns. You can use environmental primes to change the course of your behaviour for example, like setting a motivational phrase as your morning login, the size of the plate you eat from and what music you play at what time.

The lesson from the failure of some behavioural economics-infused products is that it may not be the products at all, but rather how they are sold in.

Behavioural economics on the inside isn’t enough, it needs to be on the outside too.

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