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11:14  08 january  2020
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Airbnb has patented software that digs through social media to root out people who display 'narcissism or psychopathy'

  Airbnb has patented software that digs through social media to root out people who display 'narcissism or psychopathy' Airbnb has software designed to scan someone's online presence, including social media, to predict their behaviour and personality traits. The software, first reported by Evening Standard, is meant to flag people who show signs of "narcissism, Machiavellianism, or psychopathy," among other traits.Airbnb owns the rights to software that's designed to scan people's online presence to predict whether they're trustworthy, according to a patent filed last year. The software digs through people's internet posts, including social media activity, to detect illegal activity and scan for traits including "neuroticism," "narcissism, Machiavellianism, or psychopathy.

Despite its name, the rice cooker is not a single-minded kitchen unitasker. Sure, it is the easiest way to make perfect rice, but it's also a convenient way to cook a wide variety of foods. Here are a few examples that might just convince you to invest in a rice cooker or use yours more often.

It first began as a showcase of hardware and software with the Nexus One, my first ever Android phone, which later evolved stretching the boundaries of design offerings from Samsung, and that later took a step back and defined the flagship killer concept companies like OnePlus are famous for today.

a bicycle parked on the side of the road: Image: Anthony Caruana Image: Anthony Caruana

There are a bunch of things we take for granted each day. We pick up our smartphones to check messages or play games. We get in our cars and drive to work, trusting that our vehicles will work and the building won't collapse. And it's mostly thanks to a single application.

In the past, the design for the things mentioned above - and thousands of other objects and devices - would have been drawn up with the complex calculations undertaken by engineers.

Today much of that legwork is carried out in software. And it turns out many of the things we depend on where designed using an application called Altair.

Qualcomm launches autonomous driving computer, aiming to hit roads by 2023

  Qualcomm launches autonomous driving computer, aiming to hit roads by 2023 Qualcomm launches autonomous driving computer, aiming to hit roads by 2023The system, dubbed Snapdragon Ride, is the company's first foray into a full system to power self-driving cars.

I believe well- designed keyboard interfaces and well- designed GUI interfaces have exactly the same learning The POS software I posted earlier is not opaque. Once you understand the basic language of Sit anyone who hasn't used Wordperfect 5, regardless of age, right in front of it and ask them to

Windows 10 is everything Windows 8 should have been , addressing nearly all of the major problems users had with Microsoft’s previous-generation Some of it is probably in English. We ’ re pretty sure it says you can’t steal Windows or use Windows to send spam, and also that Microsoft retains the right

Altair is a suite of tools designed to help people solve complex problems. While anyone can imagine anything, the challenge is to take that imagined object and turn it into reality.

While 3D-printing has made the problem of creating and prototyping designs simpler and cheaper, you still need to design viable objects and machines. For example, Elon Musk's company uses Altair to design the Tesla and Ford used the software to design the Ranger in Australia. That's a car designed here and sold around the world.

Your Car

When we think about a car, there's the body of the vehicle as well the drive train. With the body of the car, it can be made out of a variety of materials, such as carbon fibre or different alloys. Altair has thousands of different materials pre-set so a designer can experiment and model what will happen under different stresses and through different manufacturing processes. So, if a metal is folded or extruded, the software can assist the designers and engineers work out whether what they have imagined will work in the real world.

How to update your Xbox One console automatically or manually

  How to update your Xbox One console automatically or manually You can easily update your Xbox One by changing your settings so that your console updates automatically whenever a new software update is released. You can also choose to update your console's software manually every time a new update is released.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more.In today's gaming world, frequent console and video game updates are common. These updates allow for better performance and enhance the overall features available on your gaming system.Whether you prefer to manually or automatically update your Xbox One software, here's how to update your Xbox One.

Using Occam’s Razor, we see that we can fade the ranch into the background so that the images are there, but don’t distract. We want to cut out “noise”, which would distract/confuse users. With this in mind, we can pat ourselves on the back for having done it for her. However, let’s look at what we did.

Software development is not a popularity contest, no matter what many folks might have you think, it’s a serious These are designed to be extremely fast and The C language does generally provide the best performance, with just a few exceptions. JavaScript is used in almost everything nowadays.

The software can also be programmed so, if its in-built library of thousands of materials does contain the precise material or alloy you're using, it can be added.

For automotive design, the software has models of different road conditions so different simulations can be conducted before a model or prototype needs to be produced. This is behind the software's design-simulate-produce workflow.

Those simulations aren't just physical. In an engine, there are chemical interactions that are critical. For example, lubricants need to be correctly distributed in order to ensure the performance and protect the longevity of components in the drive train. This is another area where Altair allows designers to experiment and simulate before producing physical components.

As well as working with Ford and Tesla, Altair is used by many other car makers.

The America's Cup Yachts

Brett Ellis has been designing yachts to compete in the America's Cup. During a 2017 Altair user conference in Melbourne, he said he uses the application to try different designs and simulate what will happen in the water without having to create physical models. As well as saving on costs, there is a significant time saving which means they can dedicate more of the approximately $80m it takes to compete in the world's oldest yacht race to other areas where they can make a difference.

Samsung created an invisible keyboard that uses AI to track your finger movements

  Samsung created an invisible keyboard that uses AI to track your finger movements SelfieType is a new software that will use your phone, laptop, or tablet camera to create a virtual keyboard that tracks your movement. SelfieType is a product of Samsung's C-Lab, a special incubation program that supports creative developers at Samsung and emerging startups in South Korea. Samsung will demonstrate SelfieType and dozens more new products during CES 2020, the annual tech festival held in Las Vegas. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Samsung has offered a look a few upcoming projects from its incubation program C-Lab, including an AI software that helps you create a virtual keyboard on an empty surface.

It's inappropriate for almost everything we do. There's no reason for Twitter to use a mouse. There's nothing mousey about this website, not a damn POS software is designed VERY pragmatically. Typically there is no concept of "input focus"; all text goes to one field. In this UI, most likely at any

Unilever produces everything from Dove soap to Klondike bars. Nestle has a big stake in L'Oreal, which features everything from cosmetics to Diesel designer jeans. Despite a wide array of brands to choose from, it all comes back to the big guys.

The other advantage, said Ellis, comes when racing. Even very fine changes can make a significant difference when everyone is racing at the edges of what's possible. By being able to test what may look like very small changes, the race team is able to have a better understanding of how their boat will behave under different conditions.

Consumer Electronics And More

While much of the focus during Altair's conference was on mechanical systems such as marine and automotive there was also some discussion about how the software is used by the likes of Apple to create models that can be quickly produced, using 3D printers or other tools, so designers can test their assumptions.

Other machines such as racing bicycles are now being conceptualised and modelled using software. They are then produced using 3D printers. This allows designers to precisely tune the bike for the athlete.

The Best Disk Space Analyser For Windows .
If your hard drive is starting to fill up, you may be wondering what exactly is taking up all that space. That’s where a disk space analyser comes in: it scans your disk and shows you, in graphical form, where all that space is being wasted, giving you an idea of where to start cleaning. There are plenty of disk space analysers you can pick from nowadays.

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