Tech & Science Facebook Stealthily Launched A Pinterest-Esque App Called Hobbi

17:55  14 february  2020
17:55  14 february  2020 Source:   gizmodo.com.au

Facebook quietly launches a Pinterest-like competitor for hobbyists

  Facebook quietly launches a Pinterest-like competitor for hobbyists Late last week, The Information reported that a team of Facebook developers creating experimental new apps, products, and experiences launched a Pinterest competitor called Hobbi.A few days ago, Facebook's NPE (New Product Experimentation) team quietly launched a mobile app called Hobbi that looks and sounds suspiciously similar to Pinterest.

Facebook has released a new photo-sharing app called Hobbi that the company says allows users to capture and organize their creative process. Described on social media as a Pinterest clone, the app is reportedly available only on iOS in select markets, including Colombia, Belgium, Spain, and Ukraine.

Facebook has quietly launched a new app called Hobbi under the ‘NPE Team’ developer name it first introduced in summer 2019. The app is similar to Pinterest , enabling users to upload pictures of their crafts, DIY projects, recipes, and other activities. This is the fourth app released by Facebook ’s New

Photo: <a href= © Provided by Gizmodo Australia Photo: App Store, Facebook" out-link" src="https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hobbi-see-your-progress/id1482973345">App Store, Facebook">

Facebook’s at it again. While everybody knows the company for its eponymous app, it also regularly plays around with launching new ones on the down-low. Remember Lasso? How about Whale, Bump, or Aux? Well, the latest experimental app from Facebook is a Pinterest-like app called Hobbi.

The app bills itself as a kind of DIY-project manager. Its description in the App Store says it’s meant to “help you document and remember the things you love to do,” with a focus on cooking, baking, DIY, arts and crafts, fitness, or home decor. Users can take photos of their projects to track progress, and also organise them into albums. So, basically Pinterest.

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The Facebook Hobbi app is now available on the App Store, which describes it as an app where users can capture and organize your creative processes like cooking, baking, arts and crafts, fitness or home décor. A few weeks ago, Google launched a similar Pinterest -inspired app called Tangi.

Facebook is adding another app to its group of experimental projects from the NPE Team, an initiative it announced last year focused on rapidly trying out new ideas in social to see how users react. This week, the team released its fourth app experiment with the launch of Hobbi

There are a few minute differences. Pinterest is more of a social network in that you can friend and follow people and their boards, making it easier to collaborate with others. (Hence, why Pinterest reigns supreme when it comes to planning weddings...) Hobbi is more focused on solo, progress-tracking. So far there’s not really a social or exploratory aspect to it, and you can’t search through other people’s projects. You can create video highlight reels to share with others, but there’s no real way to browse for inspiration.

a screen shot of a social media post: This is basically what adding photos to a project looks like in Hobbi. (Screenshot: Victoria Song, Gizmodo) © Screenshot: Victoria Song, Gizmodo This is basically what adding photos to a project looks like in Hobbi. (Screenshot: Victoria Song, Gizmodo)

So far, it appears the app is only available for iOS. Gizmodo reached out to Facebook to see if there are any plans to bring it to Android but didn’t immediately receive a response. The app is also the brainchild of Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) Team. According to The Information, which initially spotted the Hobbi app, the NPE team is tasked with creating new social services and features that can either function as standalone apps or get cannibalised into Facebook’s existing platforms. Facebook also reportedly has no qualms about abruptly killing these experimental apps if they don’t gain traction—probably a major reason why they don’t get much fanfare. This also tracks with Facebook’s whole MO with regard to testing new features in general. See: Recent news that Facebook is testing a way to display chronological Instagram posts on the sly.

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Facebook has this week launched another new app via its New Product Experimentation - or NPE - team, which is essentially a new version of the Creative Labs development team that Facebook shut down back in 2015. The latest app from the NPE crew is called Hobbi , which is a Pinterest -like app

Facebook has released a new, experimental app called Hobbi . The new app allows you to document and keep tabs on the progress of their hobbies You can easily mistake Hobbi for a Pinterest clone as much of its design is clearly inspired by the photo-sharing social network. But Hobbi is a more

It’s also not surprising to see Facebook try to see if it can clone what made Pinterest popular. After all, it did it to Snapchat with Instagram Stories to great success. (It was less successful, however, with its short-form video platform Lasso when taking on TikTok and Vine.) It’s also not the only platform trying to creep on Pinterest’s turf. Google recently launched Tangi, which is a weird TikTok-Pinterest hybrid for DIY videos.

After playing around with Hobbi, I can say it’s a clean, if derivative, app. It’s hard to say whether Hobbi will stick around for the long haul. Personally, I am not a DIY enthusiast and I already have too many apps that track my progress for various projects. So far, the app has a 2-star rating with about 30 reviews—most of which lambast the app for being a boring copycat. They have a point. The lack of browsing meant I spent maybe 10 minutes futzing around before closing out. Unless you’ve got a ton of projects going, this is not an app that you’d interact with daily. But who knows? Maybe this is the NPE Team app that finally sticks—then again, probably not.

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