Tech & Science Elon Musk's BiPAP Machines May Be Better Than Nothing, At Least

07:05  03 april  2020
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Elon Musk is certain that robots will be able to do your job better than you. Artificial intelligence experts thought that it would be at least 20 years before a computer could beat "You can see robots that can learn to walk from nothing within hours, way faster than any biological being ," Musk says.

Elon Musk has high ambitions for Tesla. Mr. Musk ’ s new compensation plan is similar to the previous one put in place when the company was worth .2 billion in 2012. Mr. Musk does not take a salary, although under California State law, Tesla is required to pay him at least minimum wage.

Photo: Brendan Smialowski, Getty Images © Photo: Brendan Smialowski, Getty Images Photo: Brendan Smialowski, Getty Images

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said he’d be sending desperately needed “FDA-approved ventilators” to hard-hit hospitals across the nation dealing with the coronavirus crisis—but they haven’t been the high-grade kind needed to keep intensive care patients alive. Instead, those sent off so far appear to be Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) machines of the kind used to treat sleep apnea, according to a Thursday report by the Financial Times’ Alphaville.

BiPAP machines are similar to CPAP machines but have two pressure settings instead of just one. They cost around $US800 ($AU1,322), according to Alphaville, while ICU-grade ventilators useful for severe cases generally retail for up to $US50,000 ($AU82,656) on the open market. Musk has said he secured around “1,255 FDA-approved ResMed, Philips & Medtronic ventilators” from suppliers in China for distribution, but Tesla-branded boxes in a photo tweeted by NYC Hospitals appear to show at least 40 of them are ResMed S9 Elite BiPAP machines, which appear to be discontinued. (It’s not clear how many of the 1,255 respirators touted by Musk are these BiPAP machines.)

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  Why ventilators are so crucial in Australia's COVID-19 fight The Australian Medical Association hopes the federal government has "their ducks lined up" as the demand for life-saving ventilators in Australia becomes increasingly urgent. Like other governments around the world battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Canberra is rushing to double the number of Australian ventilator units, from 2000 to 4000.But the South Australian AMA president, Dr Chris Moy, has warned ventilators are "just one part of the puzzle" and "it will be a major problem" if Australia is not prepared with robust plans and supplies.

Musk pointed to machine intelligence playing the ancient Chinese strategy game Go to demonstrate rapid It will result in dislocation, in lost jobs,and better weaponry and that kind of thing, but it Elon Musk responds to Harvard professor Steven Pinker' s comments on A.I.: 'Humanity is in deep trouble'.

In five hundred years, we may look back and say, " Elon Musk was the single most influential person of our entire century." That includes employees investors and the public at large and Elon Musk is unique here because on this channel, we can normally point to a leader' s ability to nail a public speech.

a group of people standing in front of a store: Screenshot: NYC Hospitals, Twitter © Screenshot: NYC Hospitals, Twitter Screenshot: NYC Hospitals, Twitter

It’s tempting to view this as déjà vu of that time Musk promised to save a Thai soccer team trapped in a cave with a useless “submarine,” and it’s not exactly a great look for a billionaire to promise “FDA-approved ventilators” and then delivering cheap devices that aren’t really ventilators, aren’t in short supply, and are far from desirable alternatives to ICU-grade gear. But that does not mean BiPAP machines are totally useless given the crisis situation the US is now in.

UK receives 300 ventilators from China to fight coronavirus as Michael Gove says we'll be producing 1,000 a day by next week but experts claimed NHS will have 'nowhere near enough' in time for Easter Sunday peak just eight days away

  UK receives 300 ventilators from China to fight coronavirus as Michael Gove says we'll be producing 1,000 a day by next week but experts claimed NHS will have 'nowhere near enough' in time for Easter Sunday peak just eight days away A team from University College London working with Mercedes Benz has produced a new non-invasive respirator that has been clinically approved, Mr Gove said today.The ventilators arrived at MoD Donnington, a British military base situated in Shropshire, on Saturday.

But while Musk may have been flirting with bankruptcy and calamity for years, his projects continue to Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk wants to fundamentally change the way we live. But his path to success He said he was bracing for “ at least a few months of extreme torture from the short-sellers

576 quotes from Elon Musk : Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future: ‘I’m not sure why I’d want to talk about extremely sad events. It should be at least neutral. But if each successive generation of smart people has fewer kids, that’ s probably bad, too. I mean, Europe, Japan, Russia

The FDA has indeed released guidance indicating that non-invasive respiratory devices can be used to treat covid-19 patients—though they are unlikely to provide sufficient oxygen to patients doing poorly enough to end up in the ICU. Their use has also been questioned by the American Society of Anesthesiologists, which has noted that the BiPAP and CPAP machines “may increase the risk of infectious transmission.” The issue is that high-grade ventilators are closed systems that use breathing tubes to deliver oxygen to the lungs and filter the air supply, whereas the sleep apnea machines generally use face masks that can leak air and help aerosolize the virus.

According to Kaiser Health News, CPAP machines are suspected of contributing to the major outbreak at Life Care Centre of Kirkland in Washington state, one of the early U.S. epicenters of coronavirus infection. There, 129 residents, staff, and visitors were infected with the virus, with at least 40 associated deaths.

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Edit of Jack Ma and Elon Musk at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference. Elon Musk Might Be A Super Villain - Продолжительность: 2:48 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 6 762 192 просмотра.

Billionaire Elon Musk ' s latest futuristic idea might be the key to saving humans from becoming useless when artificial intelligence grows more prominent. That is going to happen much faster than people realize and it' s going to be a great convenience," Musk said. "But there are many people whose jobs

However, UCHealth critical care specialist Dr. Jeff Sippel told Kaiser that BiPAPs could be jury-rigged to work with breathing tubes, as “the hardware actually fits.” They wouldn’t necessarily make a lifesaving difference in truly at-risk patients, but could be used to aid breathing in less intense cases or for patients low on the list for ventilators (such as in anticipated triage situations as covid-19 patients flood hospitals). North Shore University Hospital medical director for respiratory therapy services Dr. Hugh Cassiere told Gothamist that medical personnel at his hospital have been doing just that: attaching breathing tubes and a filter to BiPAP machines. They’ve also been 3D printing connectors to make the conversions, which are reportedly running low.

“We’ve started using them in emergency cases,” Cassiere said. “We’re not recommending ventilating the world with it. We’re saying you have two choices, no ventilator and the patient dies, or use this method, and that’s the approach we’re taking.”

It’s not clear whether all the ResMed S9 machines in question are ones that could be effectively modified to support patients. According to a working protocol published by Dr. David Reich and other Mt. Sinai Health Systems doctors, they were able to convert ResMed S9 VPAP ST devices delivered by Musk to critical care capable systems. But the protocol notes that “the repurposed non-invasive ventilators should be discontinued as soon as a sufficient supply of ventilators becomes available.”

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SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave the ventures a less than 10 percent chance of succeeding And Musk ' s career shows that he is nothing if not a risk-taker. Musk has said that a "crazy" "One good friend of mine collected a whole series of videos of rockets blowing up and made me watch those.

Elon Reeve Musk FRS (/ˈiːlɒn/; born June 28, 1971) is an engineer, industrial designer, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur. He is a citizen of South Africa, the United States

Similarly, some medical personnel have weighed modifications to ICU-grade ventilators so that they can be used to support multiple patients—although some experts are concerned that doing so could further endanger patients already at low odds of survival. Studies have shown that few covid-19 patients on ventilators survive, and those that do often have to remain on the machines for weeks, raising the risks of fatal complications.

“We think it’s great that Tesla purchased bilevel non-invasive ventilators from a platform of ours that we developed five years ago in Asia and sent them to New York,” the CEO of ResMed, Mick Farrell, told Alphaville. “... The bilevels featured in Tesla’s tweet are built on the same platform as our S9 CPAP machines for sleep apnea but deliver non-invasive ventilation that can be beneficial to many COVID-19 patients struggling to breathe while trying to fight off this virus.”

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Farrell told CNBC that similar devices have seen extensive use in Europe and China, but conceded that Musk’s efforts might be better directed towards building batteries for use with invasive respirators.

Kaiser noted that some doctors are sceptical, especially about the use of the CPAP and BiPAP machines in the field.

“In general, we’re just telling them not to use it,” University of Colorado School of Medicine associate professor of clinical medicine Comilla Sasson told the site. “Because we are concerned about community spread, and we have to assume that anybody with respiratory distress is a COVID patient.”

In tweets on Thursday, Musk defended the donations and said that hospitals selected to receive the devices were given “exact specifications,” with all confirming they would be of “critical” help. Musk also said that Tesla was in possession of Medtronic intratracheal ventilators, which can be used in critical cases, and would begin delivering them to healthcare providers in New York City on Thursday night.

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