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01:20  06 april  2020
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Europeans on UN Security Council condemn North Korean tests

  Europeans on UN Security Council condemn North Korean tests The European members of the UN Security Council on Tuesday condemned North Korea's latest missile tests, describing the launches as "provocative actions." Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Poland, and the United Kingdom "are deeply concerned by the repeated testing of missiles, using ballistic missile technology," by North Korea on March 2, 9, 21 and 29, read a statement issued after an informal high-level UN videoconference.

During the invasion of Mesoamerica in the early 16th century, Spanish armies may have wielded the more powerful weapons , and yet when push came to "They had to cut deals with the indigenous smelters." Historical and archival material from Portugal and Spain have long suggested this was the

The Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire was a huge event in their colonisation of the Americas. Cortes conquered the Aztecs against the odds. He did so by forming alliances with various indigenous groups, turning groups against each other. Cortes and his fleet are estimated to have killed around

a group of people posing for a photo © traveler1116/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images

During the invasion of Mesoamerica in the early 16th century, Spanish armies may have wielded the more powerful weapons, and yet when push came to shove, their troops had no clue how to actually replenish their armoury.

A new analysis of historical archives, local knowledge, and archeological discoveries in El Manchón, Mexico supports the idea that Spanish invaders, desperate for bronze artillery, bargained, bribed, and subjugated local indigenous peoples, to gain specialised knowledge on metallurgy that the conquerors themselves lacked.

"We know from documents that the Europeans figured out that the only way they could smelt copper was to collaborate with the indigenous people who were already doing it," says archaeologist Dorothy Hosler from MIT.

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Have you ever heard of the Spanish Inquisition and the torture methods they used to convert indigenous people to Catholicism? What truly decimated indigenous people. And, if you decide to ask yourself how so few Spaniards decimated entire indigenous populations, let me correct Fernando

The conqueror ’s martial might is almost unparalleled and they manipulate those fighting around them inspiring allies, demoralizing foes and drawing strength from the fury of battle. Conquerors are capable soldiers but their ability to augment their allies with battle-cries and inspirational auras

"They had to cut deals with the indigenous smelters."

Historical and archival material from Portugal and Spain have long suggested this was the case, and there appears to be ample archaeological evidence to support this, such as hybrid smelting furnaces reflecting a mix of European and indigenous knowledge.

a pile of hay: Mesoamerican Smelting Furnace Hearth © Provided by ScienceAlert Mesoamerican Smelting Furnace Hearth

A hearth from one of the Mesoamerican smelting furnaces. (Dorothy Hosler)

According to the team, archival research reveals the Spaniards who arrived in these new lands in the early 16th century had no knowledge of copper smelting - a practice that had already ended in Spain - and so the invaders were forced to rely heavily on the enemy they were seeking to colonise.

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The Spanish soldiers, explorers and other adventurers who conquered these lands were called 'conquistadors', which means conquerors . Francisco Pizarro was the Spanish conqueror of Peru. They were divided among themselves and their weapons were no match for the guns of the

The Spanish conquest of Peru was one of the most important campaigns in the Spanish colonization of the Americas. Archaeological evidence of the rebellion incident exists. Forensic evidence suggests that the natives were killed by European weapons , probably during the uprising in 1536.[18].

Reports brought back to Spain document novel colonial metallurgical practices that incorporate the use of indigenous iron tools with European bellows and forges.

"Our archaeological evidence at El Manchón provides a singular example," the archaeologists write, "a hand-powered circular bellows furnace design solution that provided one highly successful and long-lasting technical option to increase dramatically the volume of copper production."

It's the only existing archaeological example of this particular design, although an illustration exists in a museum in the area.

Hosler says that's what's so interesting to her: "We were able to use traditional archeological methods and data from materials analysis as well as ethnographic data" from the furnace to support historical and archival material from centuries ago.

For at least one century and likely for two, Spaniards in Mesoamerica appear to have been dependent on indigenous Mexican miners, builders, and furnace operators - forced to negotiate with the enemy to obtain copper metal for their artillery.

Coronavirus: the last Spanish republican to liberate Paris in 1944 is dead

 Coronavirus: the last Spanish republican to liberate Paris in 1944 is dead Rafael Gómez Nieto was the last survivor of the Nueve. He died Tuesday of Covid-19. © Creative commons Le Parisien Part of the history of France has died out. Rafael Gómez Nieto, last survivor of the first column, called the "Nueve" and mainly made up of Spanish Republicans, to have entered occupied Paris on August 24, 1944, died Tuesday of the coronavirus in Strasbourg (Bas -Rhin), we learned on Wednesday from his family.

Some indigenous peoples where able to escape capture and enslavement, however that number is very small. Today in the nation of Mexico Mexico is named after them and the Mexican flag contains a prophecy ( an eagle grasping a snake), whereby the Aztecs would know where to build their home.

Using the auspices of the World Peace Council, they gathered together a number of scientists from around the world, most of whom were sympathetic Needham himself, though pilloried in the Western press for his opinions on the controversy of U.S. use of biological weapons during the Korean War

"The west Mexicans had already developed the technical know-how to smelt these metallic ores," the authors write.

"What changed dramatically was the scale of copper production, made possible by the introduction of European bellows."

Diagram of excavation site at one of the indigenous smelting furnaces. (Dorothy Hosler)

Using four lines of inquiry, including history, engineering analysis, archaeological data, and ethnographic data, the team documented changes in copper production technology in this part of the world across two centuries.

People, of course, have lived in El Manchón for much longer than that, smelting copper ore since at least AD 1630 and probably much earlier, although archaeological evidence is scant.

The new research suggests the region may have practised it for more than 400 years, spanning prehispanic, early colonial, and late colonial periods. It's just that when the Spanish arrived, there were clear changes to smelting practices.

"We can only imagine the shattering consequences to indigenous smelters and others, when suddenly, copper and other metals, divine and powerful materials, materials that represented and evoked the supernatural, were used for artillery and coins – the same artillery used to oppress these west Mexican peoples and others," the authors conclude.

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